How I used dual forms with poly gel to make a set of nails. To make these nails I used gelish polygel from cosmoprof (you need to be a licensed tech to get this- I am a Nail student and get it through my school) and forms purchased fro AliExpress about a year ago. I think they're even sold on eBay and at Sally's here in Canada. I bought my file off of amazon - as well as my lamp

I used polygel inside a duel form to make a nail tip on my non-dominant hand.

From Ali Express seller: Gel Len Nail Beauty Store. Shipping time to Canada- within 60 days

How to stick the landing on your Ubermat nail decals without messing up your mani.

This video was made for my nail instructors to see my removal process up close. Originally This was just going to be a fill but then I changed my mind and took everything off. Typically there is a layer of gel on my nails at all times so that I don’t damage my nails w efiling practice. In this case, I removed about 90% w file then soaked off the remaining product. I then re-covered nail-beds w more hard gel to keep my nail beds protected. I’ve speeded everything up but the full removal time w soak off was closer to an hour. righthandmani

Using water marbling trick - tip glass and dip finger into polish to crest the perfect smile line for your French Manicure.

How to deal with snow on your windshield in Port Alberni

I recently ordered nail goodies from - here's the haul along with goodies from born pretty store. They both arrived the same day!

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With colour changing gel 83 from

Encapsulated chunky glitter in acrylic

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