you know it more fun 4 me to make pmv videos i might change my goal 4 this channel

hey well session 6 started i made one 4 u guys right away hope u like it

hi guys this was my 1st time working with adobe after affects so thats why it took me 2 months to finish but if you like this and don't mind waiting so long i may do it again if dose good i hope you enjoy the video!

Hear are some cool free sample squshies from 4 imprint Sorry the pmv vid is taking so long probly have it don a cople month after brony con this is my frist time working with affer effects and i want it to be good

this is a roblox contests challenge! i needed to hide from it in the backyard but i thought that i would try to see how blind it was she might of saw me at the end but she got confused lol!

this is the fully animated pilot ending to dora the explorer it was found on im posting this to make sure it dose not go missing again also the story board sketches for this pilot that where found on that site i will also be posted on my deviant art found hear

sorry i have not been uploading in a long time i was hit by a big wave of fun and more to come my b-day july 7 is coming up well the hiatus is upon us so ill catch up on vids i hope enjoy!!

so this is a vid that show you what that button was for it a mazing nentendo said we might have a new ds some time in the future so we should secretly program this just incase.

THEIS are so rare theses are the only known vids on them on u tube

hey hears another pmv thees are vary fun to make

luna art - evil cadence art - celesta death art - twilight art- back drop art -

hey so i know we are ALL HYPED 4 the second half of season 5 for ur streaming pesuares please use this 4 ur stream starts the video is 3:24 so make sure it fits hope all u ponies enjoy!!!!

apple bloom lmv sorry my sound low just turn it up

Unfortunately my phone went dead during actual closing ceremonies but it was a fun little sweet send-off and a very sad note next year will be the last year of BronyCon it will be a four-day event instead of a three-day event and will be in August 1st Thru the 4th 2019 and I sure will be there to celebrate BronyCon last send off

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