*This is not something we do often, and we do believe in saving water. This video was made on the terrace of our building which is actually a refuge area. (We've just moved here.) Once a month the society hoses down the refuge area to clean it, so they let the babies play on that day. Since then, we've requested them to let us clean the area on our floor with a bucket of water instead.

You know valentine's week will be full of love, cuddles and kisses when your babies miss you so much that they start crying. Such selfless deep love. Babies can be such great teachers. This Valentine's, do something for your loved one, do something for a stranger, but do it without expecting anything in return. :) • @twinbabydiaries @boraboratwins daddysgirls

When bagtalk became the bagwalk for my little angels.the best walker ever for @twinbabydiaries! 😄

It's like we've come full circle - Bella and Vienna were conceived in Goa and that's where my daughters connected with each other too. :) Seeing them hold each other's hands for the first time was such a heartfelt moment as a dad. I know now, the bond between two sisters is not only strong but it is eternal. daddysgirls twins babylove @twinbabydiaries @boraboratwins @novotel @criessepr @accorhotels

Babies find the smallest things so funny - like this game where you pretend the farm animals are lost - and you find them on your baby's hand! Vienna twins

I don't know if it's more frustrating or funny when a baby won't sleep! 😄 This time Bella found it very funny! Must admit, I didn't mind that she wouldn't sleep - I do love hearing this baby laugh. Touches my heart. ❤️

The twins turn 19 on the 19th of May, they had a great time with their friend Reyansh on a play date. music: wander musician: ikson

Bella and Vienna dancing on their favorite hindi bollywood song. Badrinath ki dulhaniya (courtesy T-Series)

now my walls are no longer walls. they are called canvas

Just received our Masi Aashka Goradia's wedding card! We're celebrating with a dance. The wedding is in December - we'll be there - and we'll make more videos while we're there! :)

The babies have been around rain before in Vancouver, but this was the first time they were actually aware of rain, of water falling from the sky. :). music: Rain musician: Ikson

and their fav word is Appi which means on my own

This is always the best part of a father's day - spending quality time with his children! :)

With Vivek ( Ananya & Ariya's dad )

Love can't be inculcated, it comes from within.my children show me how. ❤️

After eighteen months, finally these twin sisters are starting to show each other affection! :) It is the sweetest sight for any parent, isn't it? :)

Baby Vienna tries to play with a kitten, but the kitty's mother becomes a little possessive and wants everyone to leave her child alone. :)

They are given only 10min per day to watch nursery rhymes.. Since the other phone was being charged,  they had to share. which didn't go down too well.

If this is what gibberish sounds like.i so want to learn this language, its always been a mystery what goes on in the mind of the babies, what are they trying to communicate? i can't wait for these rabbits to start talking @twinbabydiaries

we finally getting a singer as an artist in our family

Okay, she can't exactly say apple, but 'appa' is close enough! She was so happy that she learned that word, she wouldn't stop saying it! And to her credit, it's still her favourite fruit! :)

no better place than to run In the lap of God. our Sunday's with the kids waheguru

Finally these twin babies are behaving like sisters! They hugged so warmly, they both fell over!! Haha! If being on vacation makes them more loving, we must take them on more trips! 😄

The babies had a great time on their first vacation in India. :) Turns out they loved taking a trip and also loved meeting so many new people. :)

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