How to solve systems of equations. If a complex solution occurs put a c in front of solve csolve example solve(x^2+y=0 and x=0, x,y )

This shows how to use the Logic Converter on Multisim 11

A few tricks that come in handy when at the home screen of the ti-89

How to solve simple algebra equations on the ti-89 solve(expression here don't forget to set it equal to something even if it is 0,variable you are solving for) example solve(x^2=4,x)

This video shows where the function generator are and the basics for using it in Multisim 11

How to store variables on a ti89

How to do a transient analysis in multisim

How to graph and use the table function on the ti-89

This shows you how to use the common denominator function of the ti-89

This shows you haw to factor on the ti-89

The basics of components after placing them into your workspace

Camera Car: 2015 Dodge Charger. A Miata spun out in front of me for a Track Day at TWS December 2016

How to find and select components in multisim

How to use the simple calculus functions on the ti-89. Great for checking homework of even problems

How to use the multimeter in multisim

This shows you how to expand equations on the ti-89

This shows you what all the icons are on Multisim 11 with a few helpful hints thrown into it.

The Driver's Edge December 0216 Track Event at Texas World Speedway Ignore the G Force meter, I forgot to zero it out. The second lap was one of the best lines I had for my 2015 Dodge Charger.

This is a video of what to do once you quite literally open the box of your ti89 (For the literal people, as soon as you open the plastic)

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