Looking for some powerful MLM recruiting tips? Well awesome because you came to the right place. When you are doing MLM recruiting a lot of people go wrong when it comes to handling objections and end up losing their power when it comes to recruiting new people into your team. It is crucial to keep your power and all objections are is your prospects trying to take away your power. So here is an article to show you how to keep your power when your qualifying prospects for your business. I don't usually get objections when I do sponsoring when I'm talking to people who I have attracted through my lead capture pages but I do have some who test my leadership and want to see if I am truly a leader who can help them. So what prospects do is they test me by giving me an objection and also give excuses to why the can't join my team. A lot of people will go wrong when it comes to this point because they been taught to handle objections by arguing their point on why they are right. This is exactly how you lose your power when you have to start selling and answering questions. Most network marketers don't know how to answer people when they ask how much money they are making or if they say is this a pyramid thing? These are simple examples of your prospect taking away your power and putting you in a lower position. It's your job to throw that right back at them and start taking control of the mlm recruiting process. To do this you simply challenge them with a question right back. By challenging your prospects with their statements and throwing a question right back at them you will always remain in control and get to see how serious your prospect really is about their success. So when someone asks you if this is a pyramid thing you can challenge them with a question like: Really? Are you serious? Are you even someone who is even open to making more money? Challenge your prospect.learn more about mastering sponsoring here: mlmrecruiting mlmsponsoring

This is a person who adopted me as a son who taught me about perseverance and tenacity and that any situation you have you can overcome. His ability to stay positive and deal with tough things in his life are incredible. His story can help a lot of people going to through struggle and living in tough situations to overcome.

when you learn how awakening the giant within yourself which is basically unleashing the powers that you already have, it will give you the power to truly change your life for the good. One of the things we do to sabotage ourselves from success is from our very own language we use everyday. More specifically the metaphors we use to explain situations. example) success is a upward climb of a mountain or - happiness is only in fairy tale books We are basically programming our minds to believe that life is tough and success is hard to get. To change.change your language and give yourself new metaphors like success is a ride down a hill on a winter day.its fun, fast and exciting. :) use this technique to change your life. God Bless, visit me at

After reading the book by Robert Maltz Psycho Cybernetics I saw a great similarity from Frank kern's Core Influence DVD presentation he did at Rich's Seminar. This is powerful stuff in term of really creating happiness in your life and actually living in the image of YOUR TRUE self. You have two identities in yourself, the one you carry around everyday and the image you day dream about how you really want your life to be, If you can operate from your true core identity you will experience true satisfaction and also attract people who are like YOU in tern making you even more happy. Learn more about it here:

The power by Rhonda Byrne is a book spin off of The Secret and how you use images, thoughts, and emotions, to help change your life for a better life. This power helped me generate my first 5 figure per month business and get me into my first nice vehicle that doesn't break down on me anymore lol. Using the power of the brain to make you into the TRUE powerful YOU will help you become more successful in life and you should always feed your brain positivity at all times. visit my site for more cool stuff and training:

Click here: Did you get the error hresult 0xc8000222 for installing Network Framework? Shit me too. Here is what I did to finally get it going. 1.) open cmd 2.) type in command net stop WuAuServ (disable windows update) 3.) Head over to Run ( Win+R ) and type in %windir% (this command line enable you to head over to your microsoft windows system folder) 4.) Find the folder SoftwareDistribution and rename it as SDold 5.) Then, go back the previous command prompt and also run the command line net start WuAuServ 6.) At this point, try to install. NET Framework again. Basically if you follow these steps you will be able to install the Net Framwork software that you need to get other programs on your computer. 7) Click here

I love reading. They say leaders are readers and it helps you grow as a person. It is also an easy way to surround yourself with the people you want to be like. So if you don't have that by circumstance you can kind of get away mentally by reading and learning from leaders and champions in life.

Looking into the Donald Trump Network Marketing? Great you came to the right place. In this article I am going to show you how I attracted over 145,000 entrepreneur minded people to my simple blog, generated over 4,000 leads and recruited over 111 people so you can do it with the Trump Network which is now acquired by bioceutica. Here is the cool part is that I can show you how to do it from your bedroom without cold calling, without buying leads, without chasing friends and family. Now I want to be real with you because I think more than anything people want authenticity. I am not the most successful marketer out there or living the dream yet but what I am doing is working and it does require hard work. What is Hard Work With The Trump Network Now Bioceutica But let's get into what hard work is. I went to work in the oil rigs and we worked 16 hours days grinding. We were doing much heavy lifting of very heavy mechanical parts, we worked with oil splashing all over us. We worked in the extreme cold where I could barely feel my hands and when we had a break to eat it was very hard not to get our food dirty from the oil. I don't mean working hard like that for the Trump Network bioceutica. Years ago I trained for track and field and three months leading up to it I would break a 20 year old record. I would wake up in the morning to train and go for runs and push myself. After school I would train again and do weights and practice some more jumps. At night I would sneak into the university and run and train again. I did this for three months straight and trained my ass off. The Three C's Of Online Marketing Leverage Those three months paid off because I would go to destroy a 20 year old record. Do you have to work as hard as I did for that with the Trump Network bioceutica? No you don't at all. When I say you have to work hard is that you have to really have extreme focus on money making opportunities. The money making activities are focusing on the three C's. Create,Capture,Convert With the Trump Network you have to realize that a lot of people are searching for you. So to have them find you, you want to create content so people can see that you are here and that you can offer them the Trump Network or help to assist in people's success. After you create the content this will give you traffic. For me it started out at 79 visitors my first month creating content back in 2009. With this new platform I got over 1,000 visitors my first month. I will show you how to do this. But getting traffic will help you with the second C which is to capture that traffic and turn them into leads. After you have captured leads for the Trump Network bioceutica you want to convert those leads into sales which is the last C. So you Create, Capture and Convert. This all may seem complicated but it really is very simple and I am going to show you why and how you can earn 100% commissions to do it. The Hardest Part of The Trump Network Bioceutica Here is the hardest part of doing this. Most don't realize that results are time based. And this is where the hard work comes into play. It is 100% mentality. We as a society are programmed with money that if we put in a certain amount of hours that we will get paid based on those hours. In this industry we get paid on productivity. The thing with really getting the best marketing with the Trump Network bioceutica is that you have stored energy. Meaning you work your ass off for 100 days straight the real fruits of all your work will come after the 100 days. Yes you will get results during this time but you want to put as much energy as you could within those 100 days and it's like fuel for your rocket ship. A rocket ship uses like 90% of it's fuel during take off then when it's in the air you can rocket up to space. Blogging for instance you do this for 100 days that is your take off but you have to stay consistent. Not as hard as working in the oil patch but simply 1-2 blog posts per day. By 100 days Google will finally index all your blog posts and guess what they start ranking in the search engines, you start getting traffic and leads and sales come while you sleep. The tough part is getting pass those first 100 days with little results until take off. Let's get into the marketing secrets now and exactly what it is you need to do. Click here to see the three secrets to building a six figure income quicker

Click here: Are you looking to learn how to increase website traffic? Great then you came to the right place, in this article I am going to show you how to increase website traffic to generate 2.9 million hits to your website. Traffic is like the key to unlocking riches in your business. When you have traffic you have the opportunity to generate tons of leads for you business, you have the opportunity to make a lot of sales and truly live the life of your dreams. For me it was a dream to finally break through and generate traffic to where I am now making sales weekly sometimes even daily all for free. I am going to go over my daily routine with you to show you exactly how I get my traffic to my website so you too can enjoy more visitors and more success in your life. How to Increase Website Traffic -- My Daily Routine Revealed So the biggest thing to learn how to increase website traffic is to know how important keyword research is. When I first started out I didn't have a clue on keyword research and would just blindly pick keywords thinking that is what my market searched about. This is like putting up a McDonalds franchise on a gravel road that no one ever travels on. Sure I got top rankings in Google for my keywords but no body was searching for the keywords I ranked for. It was not until I did proper keyword research that I started to learn how to increase website traffic. See more here

I recently read the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership as I continue on this leadership journey and wanted to give you the 21 irrefutable laws of leadership chapter summary so know what areas you need to being a better leader. Everything rises and falls on leadership. Especially if you are in the home business industry and your are leading people on how to be successful. It is very important to be able to develop your own leadership, display leadership, and help others become leaders as well. So I wrote the 21 irrefutable laws of leadership chapter summary and decided to put it in video format for you. Please note that this is just a summary and full reading of the book or listening to the audiobook should be done to develop your understanding as a leader. As well as continued learning on the area of leadership is important. Yet the most important for developing leadership is to actually go and do what you learned. This means to take action. The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership Chapter Summary Here is what I did for you. I recorded this for you on video and explain each one specifically for a home business owner leading people in the network marketing, home business, affiliate marketing industry. So here is the The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership Chapter Summary

Looking for good info on Youngevity Canada? Great you came to the right place How to Generate 3,657 Leads For Your Youngevity Canada Business A few days ago I just got back from Chicago. I was there for a company event and it was the best money I ever spent to go get some education and belief in myself. Before the trip I had no idea how we were going to go but just knew that I was going to make it. A few magical events came together and I manifested the vehicle to use, the people to go with, and the money we needed. I don't know how it happen but everything just kind of fell into place at the right time like it was meant to be. I drive my Jeep about 5 hours to meet up with the person we're going with and leave my jeep there. The weekend in Chicago was pretty awesome. We got to hang out in this mansion with our team, I got so many breakthroughs in my life that I want to share with you with your Youngevity Canada business so you can breakthrough. On the way back we are exhausted from the 23 hour drive but glad to be home. We pick up our Jeep and we head home. About 3 hours into our trip home our Jeep starts to nudge and lose power. The engine starts overheating and we barely have enough power to make it up a hill. Vehicles are passing us and I pull over to the side of the road. Luckily we are close to a decent size town with a repair shop. I take the Jeep over there and they take a look at it. After a good look through of the vehicle they find out that pretty much my engine is toast. I knew the day was coming because I put the Jeep through a lot of stress pulling a concession stand 50,000km every summer. But now the Jeep couldn't go unless I get a new engine. Here's why this is important for your Youngevity Canada Business. Youngevity Canada - A Great Vehicle for Success Right now your with Youngevity Canada because you want something. You may want freedom like me or to have peace of mind by making more money. Well Youngevity is your vehicle to make it happen. Youngevity Canada is a great vehicle to have with great products, services, leadership, and people who are making a difference. The problem only lies on your engine. Leads for your Youngevity Canada business are your engine. With your engine you can't go anywhere. You need a steady stream of leads coming in to create momentum for your business. Without leads your vehicle is dead and you will be stranded kicking up dirt walking home. Over the past few years I have been able to generate over 3,657 leads for my business and I do it without chasing people down. I learned how to do this from learning off of other successful people. I modeled what they were doing and it was the first time I ever had success in home business. Youngevity Canada - Chasing vs Attracting Before I knew this concept I was chasing people down. What happens when you chase people? Well they run. It's like trying to jump in the lake to catch fish, the fish get spooked and they end up swimming away fast. You don't want to do this with your Youngevity Canada business. I love my family so much, my lady, my two sons and one on the way. I needed to make sure I was successful in home business because I want to give them the life they deserve and give myself the life I deserve. I also believe everyone deserves the life they dream of. So I studied and found a simple 3 step process to attracting leads to me. Attracting leads for your Youngevity Canada business is a lot better than chasing leads. From using this simple 3 step process I was able to attract over 135,000+ people to me and generate over 3,657 F-REE MLM leads for my business. My vehicle has it's engine and it is running better than ever. I want to give you that exact process I used to generate all these leads and to finally start getting success with my business so you can get success with your Youngevity Canada business. You have the right vehicle you just need to have the leads to run your business. The Next Step is Easy - Click here to watch the video now

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Looking for Advocare International? Great you came to the right place. Over the past months I been getting some cool results in network marketing that I want to share with you for your Advocare International business. I have generated over 4,000 leads, attracted over 145,000 business minded people to my little ol' website and personally recruited over 111 members into my program. I had to think back to how I did it. What was the one thing that changed everything that is starting to give me momentum now to generate 13 leads a day? I think back to when I was at the BBQ cooking food for my family not to long ago. It's not what you think. I was on the BBQ trying to make all our food because I couldn't pay for out power bill. They put a limiter on our power so we couldn't use the stove. I didn't have enough money to pay for rent, food, and bills at the same time. I remember standing there cooking and crying at the same time. When You Simply Had Enough and Have to Make Advocare International Work I had simply had enough. I did continue to have struggles for months later. I was about ready to quit this industry. It wasn't until 3 companies later and finally finding something that I would just plant my stake down in. I decided to go to the company event and figure out what I was missing. How are all these other people getting success while I kept kicking rocks. I left that place a changed man. I made a decision. I was just sick of struggling so much that I couldn't handle it anymore. I knew the J-O-B world was not for me and that this was going to be my source of income for my family, for my sons and for my new baby on the way. I deleted my plan B and there was nothing else for me but to be successful in this industry. I don't know if you felt that way with your Advocare International business. For me it was now or never. I stopped worrying about what anyone said. I stopped worrying about what others would think of me and started to take massive action. I knew the money making activities was to get traffic, get leads, and make sales. I started to get laser focused on two sales per day. I started to focus on getting traffic and increasing traffic. When I think back on the past success I had in anything in my life such as breaking a 20 year old long jump record in high school and becoming a champion pow-wow dancer world wide was simply because I focused and had focused energy. The Cause of Success When I broke the record for long jump, three months prior I put in work. I woke up early to run, after school I ran and at night I would train. I did this consistently. I would never stop, I was hungry for success. The year before that I tore my hamstring really bad and it wasn't as strong as it used to be. In my mind though I saw myself dominating. I saw myself winning and being a champion. By the time the city championship came I leaped like an eagle and not only did I win first place, but I put my name in the record books. I did this not from luck, not by chance or having someone do the work for me. I did it because I had laser focus, belief, a vision, and I did everything I could each day to make it possible. I forgot about this passion. I forgot this is what is needed for success in Advocare International or any other business. I did the same thing for pow-wow dancing. I would practice three months prior to the dance season. Practice day and night, I would run and watch videos on YouTube to study. I became a champion this way. Now a good thing about network marketing is that you do need to work hard but it's not as hard as training for track and field, not as hard as training for pow-wow but you need the same attitude. You need to have that same drive for you Advocare International business and make shit happen. You have to take what is yours and what you deserve by realizing you are your greatest asset and it is 100% up to you for your own success. Let me show you the exact three steps I do each day that finally made me break through so you can too with your Advocare International business. Click here for the three secrets now

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Looking for vseo video search engine optimization secrets? Great you came to the right place. In the world of marketing online you need an audience and you need to be found. One of the best ways to do this is by video marketing and learning a little bit of vseo video search engine optimization secrets will help dramatically to be found online. I recommend doing video marketing with Youtube because it is in the top 5 sites of all the planet when it comes to website traffic. Let me ask you a question, would you take advice from a complete stranger you never met on personal development or Tony Robbins who is standing right beside the stranger? Would you take advice from a broke person about money or from Donald Trump? Well the reason why marketing on Youtube works so well is because it is an authority site. Google will rank videos on Google because of it's authority online just as you would much rather listen or take advice from an authority figure. Knowing you will use YouTube the first step to vseo video search engine optimization secrets is to find keywords. You will want to start with a root word of what it is you are promoting. For instance if you have a weight loss product your main root keyword could simply be weight loss. Take that main keyword and start writing it in the Google search bar or Youtube Search bar and it will start giving you keyword suggestions which is how you can create long tail keywords. After you have found your keyword make a short video at least 3-5 minutes about that keyword and offer a solution at the end of video with a call of action like for me I would ask my reader or video viewer to join empower network because it teaches you how to find lots of customers online even while you sleep. Also make sure you say the keyword in the first part of your video. Fiverr is an outsourcing site where you can find people to do things for you for $5. Here you will want to pay for video views and I say keep it at only 1000 views. This give your video social proof and influence people to show your video is popular for the keyword you are going after. The next fiverr you will want to get is backlinks. I specifically get.edu and.gov backlinks which Google sees as important backlinks to have and it works very well for vseo video search engine optimization secrets. Become a pro at vseo video search engine optimization secrets. This is just a small piece of what we teach with Empower Network. In fact there is so much secrets I could share with you. For instance click the link below to learn the 3 hugest secrets when it comes to making more money in a quicker amount of time using a blog with your videos. Click here now to learn secrets that online marketers will never know

What would it be worth to you have success come quicker and easier? How would you handle the ability to understand where your success comes from and the reason why you are successful. Would it be of value to not only help yourself to be more successful but anyone who comes across your path to be able to deliver value at all moments? Look my friend we all have rules and values that we have within ourselves that have an order of importance. Meaning some of us value freedom more than they do security. Some of us value love more than we value respect. Some us value fun more than we value responsibility. Knowing our values and their hierarchy is so crucial to know and understand especially if you have been spinning your wheels when it comes to your success. When you know and understand your values in order of importance from 1-10+ you will understand why you do what you do and what conflict is there that is actually stopping your from getting the success you want. Imagine Being Able to Attract Results in Your Business Quicker Now we can go into this in every area but let's go into specifically with making you more money in your business. Ask yourself right now what is important to you when it comes to building a successful business? There is so many values when it comes to you and your business such as independence, success, money, recognition, challenge, growth, team work, fame, lifestyle, etc. It is a great time right now to go through this list and start writing down from 1-10 which is more important to you when it comes to building your business. The reason why it is so important for you to know this is because it will give you critical knowledge to understanding why you do what you do. For example if you value freedom more than respect, you will do the things that give you freedom more than anything that will give you respect. If you value fame more than money, you will love the attention and getting people to know who you are more than making a certain amount of income. You will be influenced more by being able to walk on stage at your company event than getting paid. Why You Can't Find Traction in Your Business and How to Overcome it Sometimes we have internal conflicts from our values because of our beliefs in those values. For example I have a friend who wants to be successful and make a lot of money but is afraid that once he gets a lot of money that all his friends and family will be bugging and begging for money once he reaches that success. This situation kind of frightens him to be successful. He says that he doesn't know what he would do to that situation so he actually has a fear of success. At the same time he values having respect and integrity with his family and values supporting his loved ones when he can. So now there is an inner conflict that as much as he wants success which will make him a lot of money, he fears being in a situation where he would have to take care of his whole family or maybe turn them down to help. This goes against his values of respect and support when it comes to his loved ones. The thing he has to do is actually re-frame his perspective on success and know that he will be an example of what is possible when you take action and do whatever it takes to accomplish your goal. He also needs to rearrange his values a bit that supports everything that is truly important to him which will stop the wheel spinning and finally give him traction in his business. It's hard to value freedom when the next value you have is stability. The way your values are organized truly give you a unique perspective on how you see the world and how you feel about what is going on right now. Your values govern every decision you make and it's at the moment of your decision that your destiny is shaped. Take the time to go over what you value most and see if the order of your values or your values in general support who you are growing to become and that they support your path to success. If you want to know how to do this step by step and grow faster into success, this is the only company that I know that can teach you this powerful stuff and put you in a position to live the life that you design. Click here to find out more right now before it's to late tonyrobbins personaldevelopment unlimitedpower

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Click here now: Can you really make money online for free in canada? Well truth is you can but without proper education and mentorship you will probably be smashing your head against the wall trying to make it work. In this article I will show you the best way I found to do it. First of all you need to understand that the online market realm is huge and in the billions of dollars. People are making money online, companies are making money online and there is no reason why you couldn't learn to make money online for free in canada. Everyday people are buying products, services and information. The internet has changed a whole lot of things in terms of shopping. Now you can get about almost anything online and since we are living busy lives it is easy for people to just buy what they need at the comfort of their own homes with their smart phone, tablet or laptop. Not to many people know that you can literally be the middle man to all of these transactions going on every single second of the day. For instance if you wanted to make money online for free in canada, you want to be a problem solver. People buy things to solve a problem, need, or want. For instance let's say you had bad acne and you used a product called proactive in the past to get rid of your acne. Well right now there are millions of people looking to solve their acne problem and have nice skin to maybe start feeling better about themselves. Well you can be the middleman and direct that person to the right products to help them get rid of their acne problem. Now it doesn't have to acne, there are millions of products, services, information and ideas you can do. This is the first part in make money online for free in canada. Then next thing to do is basically look for free programs to be apart of where you can promote other people's products so you can get a commission. There are a lot of programs and one of them is a site called clickbank. You can sign up for free and start promoting other people's products. Other sites are sites like Amazon. Almost every site that sells things will have an affiliate program. You have to pick one if you want to make money online for free in canada. Now that you have an idea of what it is you want to do this is where the tricky part will come in to play. You need to know marketing. The best free way to promote things is through video such as YouTube and an even more powerful way is through a blog. With YouTube you can upload free videos at anytime. There is certain things you need to know how to do though when doing youtube and that is stuff we teach in our training program. For basics remember to put the main keyword in the title, talk about the problem in the video and that you have a solution and have a call of action. Be sure to put your affiliate link in the description box so you can make money online for free in canada. After that you will need to promote your video and the best and easy way to do this as a beginner and advanced marketer is through a site called Fiverr. It is five dollars to promote and this is if you were really wanting to promote your video to create results faster. The secret is consistency. Become the expert in the field you are trying to make money in. For instance if you want to help people over 50 lose weight, than start studying the topic and give good advice on your Blog or Youtube. Than send all your viewers to your product, service, or information you are providing and this is how you can make money online for free in canada. There is a learning experience involved and the best way to make money online for free in canada is to learn. It really isn't much to start learning how to create a living online so you don't have to work a job all your life and even retire earlier like a lot of my friends and I. The best way I found to make money online is through blogging. It is fun and it is easy way to make money from being yourself. We provide all the training and the investment is minimal. If you are ready to become empowered and really learn how to make money than this will be the most important video you will ever watch. Click on the link below and I will show you the best way I have found to make money online and be able to take care of your family and do the things you want to do without depending on a job. Once you watch the video what you want to do is pull out your credit card and buy. It is a small investment and along with this is the most powerful training on how to make money online with products to sell and all the personal development you will need to hit all of your goals. Do it now. Click here to get started. Click here now: makemoneycanada makemoneyonlineincanada earnmoneyfromhomecanada

Unlimited Power Tony Robbins -- Re-framing For Success How do we take situations that may have the potential to limit our power and turn it into resources and empowerment to create the results we want. Every single day we go through things and in life things come up. It is through our perspective and our belief patterns that determine how we take that information and it can literally mean the difference between success and failure for your business. For home business owners most of us are starting from scratch and have to start from the bottom. Starting from scratch at the bottom on your journey for success means that there will be a learning curve to overcome which often means that you have to go through feedback periods. Feedback periods are to me what other people would call failures. Let's say you try to do online marketing for a while and start with YouTube video marketing. You make 3 videos and no results? unlimited power tony robbins Some may take that as failure while others will take that as feedback like myself. It is through our perspective of the situation good or bad that we give meaning to. A lot of things that others can take as negative can be positive to another person. One of the toughest things I had to go through was losing a best friend who died of suicide. It was really weighing me down until I decided to change the perspective of the situation. I looked at it as a lesson where I was to cherish life and live life to the fullest knowing that life can be taking from you at anytime. I also saw it as a lesson that the mind can either work for you or against you. From that lesson I knew I had to work on my mindset and make it a useful resourceful tool for my success by investing in my knowledge. Here is what we have to do when we reach negative times. When something not to great comes along in your life it is a time to use your power or work on this new skill. You have the chance to re-frame a situation and look at it from a positive angle. It may be hard to do at first but doing this over and over again you will notice that you can do it without even thinking. If you look at success stories from a lot of the wonderful people that graced our earth we can find a trail of failure or feedback throughout their lives. For instance Thomas Edison who is one of the greatest inventors to ever live attempted to create the light bulb. After a thousand times he couldn't get it to work. Most people would have stopped already but for Thomas he kept going and attempted 9,000 more variations. After 10,000 times of trying to figure out how to get this light bulb to work he finally got it. Thomas Edison because of his re-framing said he didn't fail 10,000 times but found 10,000 ways it doesn't work so he adjusted until he got his desired result. Another cool story is of this ambitious man who wanted success and here is his resume. Failed at business at age 21 Was defeated in a legislative race at age 22. Failed again in business at age 24 Overcame the death of his sweetheart at age 26. Had a nervous breakdown at age 27 Lost a congressional race at age 34 Lost a congressional race at age 36 Lost a senatorial race at age 45 Failed in an effort to become vice-president at age 47 Lost a senatorial race at age 49 Was elected president of the United States at age 52. The man I talk about above is Abraham Lincoln. He was a master re-framer. If you look at all the tough times he went through you would notice a lot of people would have long gave up before reaching their own true potential. Instead he saw it as an opportunity for growth and used it to reach the top of any political position. Next time you go through any tough time re-frame your situation for a more resourceful tool for your own success. If you enjoy all the empowerment stuff be sure to comment below and share this blog post with your friends by clicking on the share buttons below. For those of you leaders who are to take it a step further and learn how to make a cool retirement style income by empowering yourself and others, click here now and I'll send you a powerful video that shows you the 3 steps to changing the world with me. See more at:

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Are you looking for Geniune ways to make money online? If you are you came to the right place. I've been studying wealth and success for the past few 5 years wondering what it really takes to make money no matter what situation you are in. This lead me to find geniune ways to make money online. My journey lead me across the continent. My studies lead me Las Vegas, Chicago, Denver and Orlando Florida where I did anything to be around people who were really making good money online in a geniune way. What I found astonished me because I never learned any of these things in school or college. What I found was really geniune ways to make money online. One of the philosophies I found was that if you help enough people get what they want in life, you will get what you want in life. This was the remaining theme I found when it came to really helping people and also making money. One company came into picture over and over again that had the heart and the vision where they cared about the people who were just starting out. This company was all about empowering people. What they taught was how to be the best version of yourself and how to lift people up who need good energy. This company created all the products based on real marketing strategies and personal development. They teach you geniune ways to make money online with their products and instead of them taking money from you they pay you 100% commissions. Now it wasn't even the products that really got me going. It was the people and leadership. They really did care about you. They cared about helping you accomplishing your dreams and giving the real information to make that happen. They show you step by step how to be successful and accomplish anything that you ever wanted to do in life no matter your race or age. They actually encourage you to be who are you. If you have a passion of painting, basketball, selling, family or any of that you can use what they teach just to be yourself and be successful. To me this is a real geniune ways to make money online. What more geniune ways to make money online than to be yourself. With this company they give you a full marketing system and they teach you to create a vision. With this company it is like a powerful vehicle and your vision is your end in mind like your destination on a map. If you went to Google Maps and set two destination points a blue line will appear and give you the directions to get there. It will even tell you the time it will take and all the turns you will have to do. Once you know exactly where it is you are going all you have to to do is get in the vehicle and take action. Your destination could be anything. I know people who used this vehicle to travel all over the world and have fun with their family just travelling. I saw people get their dream vehicle like a Maserati or people who got their homes out of foreclosure. I witnessed people who were working in a book store and became a millionaire. With this vehicle I witnessed people who were down and out and came back and finally had some success in their life. When it comes to geniune ways to make money online it is all about transperancy. It is all about being apart of a vision that is big enough for your dreams. It's all about being with people who care about you and want you to succeed. It's all about having people believe in you until you are ready to believe in yourself. I want to show you this one opportunity. Out of all the geniune ways to make mony online, this is the way that I found that is the best. Click here to look at this geniune ways to make money online Once you get to this page watch the video and it will explain everything to you in detail. Here is what you do next. You buy this program as it gives you everything you need to start making money now. Get this program and start making moves so you can live the life that you truly deserve.

If you ever wanted to learn how to make money blogging from home 2013 than you came to the right place. In this article I will share with you secrets about blogging and making money that no one else is sharing because they really don't know. When you read to the very end of this post you will be ready to go out and start blogging to make money just as I have been doing since 2009. The first thing you have to know about how to make money blogging from home 2013. I started blogging back in Novemeber of 2009. I was doing network marketing at the time and I was failing big time. I didn't like the idea anymore of going out and chasing friends and family. I didn't have too much money so blogging was something that appealed to me because of the low costs and the power it had. My progress has been much like a heart beat where you have a lot of ups and downs. The great part though was I was always moving forward. Even though I had sold thousands of dollars worth of stuff online through a blog I am still learning how to make money blogging from home 2013. There is always new things to learn and new ways to create income with your blog. I want to teach you something though that will catapult you ahead and it was a great lesson for me to learn because I know if I knew this earlier I would of sold millions instead of thousands. You need to have purpose and a vision. Not to long ago I took my family to Orlando Florida. Here we did all kinds of cool things like I took my 5 year old son and my lady to go trick or treating in Disney World. I also took my team members to go hang out in a 15,000 sq ft mansion in Florida to just hang out and have fun. All of this was possible because of learning how to make money blogging from home 2013. The way we decided to get to Orlando though was to road trip it. So I bought a van and my family and a few team mates got ready to go. Here is the thing though, I am from Canada and I never drove down that side of the States before. The first thing I did was go to Google Maps and put in my destination. As soon as I did that a blue line highlighted the roads that I needed to take and gave me an estimation on time and distance of the trip. I know had a crystal clear idea of how to get to my end goal with crucial information to make it possible. If you are serious about learning how to make money blogging from home 2013 than you must have a crystal clear vision of where it is you want to go with your blog. It is actually quite a simple process which will take you a day or two to do which just involves writing down your intentions to even starting a blog. This is like your destination when you write it down. Here are a few examples) The next part is simple. Blog daily. In order to get traffic, leads and sales you will want to blog daily and get the training you need to start making money. A blog is an amazing way to start making money. The only thing is you want a blog platform that is designed to make you money. Also you want training and things to sell as well. The best company that I have found to offer everything for a beginning blogger and an advance blogger is a company called Empower Network. Empower Network is a viral blogging platform which get millions of views per day. They are a group of bloggers and empowered people which teach you step by step on what is working now when it comes to learning how to make money blogging from home 2013. Another powerful thing about Empower Network is that they pay out 100% commissions when you recommend others to use the blogging platform. All you have to do is blog about what you are passionaite about and Empower Network will give you everything you need to start making money. There are people who got into this viral blogging platform and bought new Maserati's, new homes, traveled to new places, built schools and water wells, helped out tradegies that are happening around the world, and saved people and gave people freedom. There really isn't any other group to be apart of that will challenge you and push you and believe in you until you can believe in yourself. They will show you how to make money blogging from home 2013 and also show you how to become the best version of yourself. It's time for you to discover just what Empower Network has to offer you and how i can show you how to really make money from home blogging even as a complete beginner. Click this link below to learn how to make money from home blogging from the masters

Looking for some good information on Pow Wow Dancing? Great you came to the right place. Over the years I have been gracious enough to learn pow wow dancing and how to be a champion. Learning how to be a champion is something anyone can do because it is a skill that is readily available to learn like anything in school. I believe there is a few concepts and philosophies on learning how to be a champion dancer that you can take in all areas of your life. I started dancing when I was 13 and immediately started to compete against people who have been dancing all of their lives. These dancers were amazing and every where I went I got beat but It really didn't matter to much to me because I simply loved dancing. The thrill of dancing to the fast paced drum and trying to find out where to stop excited me. When I first started to pow wow dancing I had two fears that I needed to get over to start becoming a champion. The first fear was fear of criticism and the next was fear of failure. Most people have these fears in doing anything in life, especially going for their dreams. I always thought what are people going to think of me, are they going to laugh, is everyone going to be watching me? Taking The First Step is The Biggest Leap Closer to Your Success I did it anyway and you know what people did laugh at me because I kind of was a funny dancer to watch doing all kinds of crazy things. I started to get okay with it because I started to see the real reason why people came to watch pow wow dancing anyway which was to get entertained. They wanted to feel happy, excited, nervous with the dancer and more when they came to watch. As a dancer you need to know this and learn this that it's not about you it's about the crowd, about the people who traveled many miles to get entertained. This is one of the secrets to success and becoming a pow wow dancing champion. When I first wanted to start winning in pow-wow I knew I had to work on myself. So I started the process of modelling. I knew that success leaves clues and if I just watch the champion dancers and saw how they moved, their confidence and how they carried themselves, I could do that too and start winning myself. This is exactly what I did. I started to copy champion dancers and move the way they moved, dance they way they danced with confidence and poise. I started to get results and started to win. The way though to really break through is to become your own dancer and be comfortable in your own moccasins as a dancer. You can just get your base from learning from champion pow wow dancing superstars. I really believe that the most limiting thing that is stopping anyone from really becoming a champion is simply belief in themselves. You have to believe in yourself that you can do it. Believe in yourself that you can be the dancer you envision on being. Once you believe, people can see it in your dancing when you are pow wow dancing. Then you start to realize that if you want things to change that you have to change and that if you want things to get better than you have to get better. From this new belief you start to realize that the real way to become a champion is to conquer yourself and grow yourself as a person and as a dancer. You start studying more, practicing more, eating healthier and become a better version of yourself. That there really isn't no competition but competing against yourself. I live by this motto called CANICDA what this means is Constant and Never Ending Improvement by Consistent Daily Action When you make the decision to better yourself each day you will become a champion whether you make it to the pay window or not. What are your thoughts? Comment below

Are you looking into My Lead System Pro Review? Great you came to the right place. Over the years I have used and I am very familiar with My Lead System Pro and decided to write a My Lead System Pro review that will help you succeed and help you grow your own home business. Not to long ago I was driving to Orlando Florida on a road trip with some business partners to a company event called Fight The Forces of Evil. The trip was very long as we were driving from Sylvan Lake, Alberta. The best part of this trip besides seeing new land was the time we had to listen to powerful audios. One of the audio's I was listening to was called You Were Born Rich by Bob Proctor. This Story Really Shows You How to Be Successful With My Lead System Pro In this audio there was a story in there of Bruce Lee. Basically a group of people wanted to learn martial arts and why not go to the best right. They went into Bruce Lee's dojo and asked him to teach them martial arts. Bruce Lee looks at them and told them to come to the open area and show him what they can do. So they went to the open space and started throwing punches, started swinging in some kicks and doing what they knew. Bruce saw this and knew that these were amateurs with not to much experience in fighting or martial arts. They may have had some basic knowledge and basic know how from what they saw on TV but other than that they were not to great. Bruce than took them into the boardroom and told them to have a seat. He put two empty glasses on the table and filled one of them up with cola. The next cup he filled with water. He told them that the cup full with cola represents them and their knowledge of martial arts. The other cup full with water represented Bruce's knowledge of martial arts. Now for My Lead System Pro Review you may have found this system and are not getting much results with your business. You are probably looking at this system and know that you are not recruiting a whole lot of people, your are not moving numbers and you may not be getting ahead. Now Bruce tells the people wanting to learn that if you look at the cup that represents them with the Cola, you will notice that the cup is full. He said in order for you to get my knowledge and expertise that is combined with years of discipline, years of practice, years of implementation and trial and error. If you want to get my knowledge and get success you will have to first empty your cup to make room for my knowledge to pour in. With My Lead System Pro you have a full system ready for you. The knowledge in this system is there to help you succeed. The knowledge comes from people who are masters of marketing in their certain areas. The trick for you is to be willing to empty your cup. Sometimes it takes humility to tell yourself that maybe I don't know everything. Maybe I don't know exactly what to say when it comes to recruiting, maybe I don't know a lot about marketing. This is what I had to do and as soon as I dropped my ego and left it at the door to open up and learn was when I started to get results. I sold over 100+ products with My Lead System Pro and recruited over 60+ people personally without ever having to pick up a phone. I did this only when I looked at my results and found out that the only reason why I was failing was because of me. The opportunities that I joined I found that there were people who were successful. There were people making money with the same pay plan, same leadership, same economy, same opportunity as me and yet I was failing. I had to finally take a moment and look at myself and realize that if I wanted things to get better that I had to get better. My Lead System Pro helped me get better and as soon as I emptied my cup and take the advice from people who were making more money than me and had more success than me was when it all clicked. I have than moved on from My Lead System Pro and still get commissions though from this company because of the foundation that I have built with this company. I am now though with a company that has helped me grow even further in a faster manner than I ever thought possible. I have learned so much in a short while with this current business quicker because of the people, the trainings, the audios, books, videos, and people. If you are truly looking for success and truly want to grow as a person and are ready to empty your cup and finally learn what it takes to succeed, than it is time to click the link below right now. Learn The Secrets to Success for Online Marketing By Clicking Here

I don't know if I was picking my nose or not but on my defense I was scratching an itch lol.

Looking for online marketing tips? Click here to learn the best online marketing tips now. Great you came to the right place. In this post I will share with you my secrets that have allowed me to make thousands of dollars online and even more money offline. I have been studying success and wealth for 4 years now and found a formula that has been working for me and allowed me be able to make money from home. I started to want to make more money and get more life because at the time I was in living in poverty. The only bank I went to was to the food bank to get some food for my family. Even though I lived in an apartment building in the ghetto which was only $600 for rent, I always struggled just to survive. I knew there was an answer out there and I didn't know where to look. I was looking online and remember watching a YouTube video of Will Smith saying the secret to life. He said the secret to life was reading and running. Running because you are going to hear that voice in your head when you run telling you to stop running. That voice will tell you that you are tired, that your too fat, too short, too small, too skinny and so on. If you can learn to conquer that little voice and keep going you will be able to conquer anything. This pertains to online marketing tips as well. The next thing to know is reading. There are billions of people in our world and billions of people who came before us. The problems that we have are not unique. Other people have had our same problems in everything. Problems in marriage, money, relationships, spirituality, and more. The people that solve these problems probably and most likely wrote a book on how they solved those problems meaning that the answers are all out there. The online marketing tips you seek are all out there and ready for you to conquer as well. For me I found my answers by reading books and getting mentoring from others who found out the answers. I didn't have money when I started but I did have enough to buy a blogging system. I bought a blogging system and just started to blog about keywords people were searching for. I did SEO meaning getting backlinks to my blog posts and got them to rank in Google. Google ranks your content on backlinks, engagement, comments on blogs, social media shares and more. I had to really keep up with all the online marketing tips to keep up with what is working now. I joined a company called Empower Network because they had everything that I was trying to teach people. The best part is that instead of trying to teach someone how to set up a blog, they could just get started immediately from the blogging system that EN provides. Also the training in EN is up to date which allows me and other fellow bloggers learn how to get traffic, get leads and get sales. In the Empower Network back office is where I found the best online marketing tips. They have everything laid out in video step by step format. This makes it easy to learn and implement and start to get results. If you really are serious about succeeding online and want to know the best online marketing tips than Empower Network will be the most important video you will ever watch. Click here to learn the secrets of blogging and the most powerful online marketing tips you will ever learn now.

Are you looking to learn how to blog for money online? Awesome you came to the right place. In this article I am going to show you how to make money by blogging. Now making money blogging is by far one of the coolest things you can accomplish because you basically give yourself freedom in your life. Imagine being able to create a living with your laptop or phone on your own terms instead of being shackled into a life where you have to punch a time card. No more alarm clocks, no more commutes, and no more spending more time at a job than with people you love. People today are programmed to be at a job and to work for the man. They are unaware that they have the ability to create a lifestyle that they can enjoy and that is on their own terms. This can be rough because now you got to a point to where your job controls your life. There is only two ways to make money. 1. People at work. 2. Money at work. A cool thing about learning how to blog for money online 2013 is that it is leveraged income. For instance yes me writing this blog is people at work. The only difference is that this blog will continue to work for me after I hit the publish button. Each blog post I have is like me creating a little soldier. If I have 100 blog posts this will give me a small army of blog posts building a business for me which gives me leverage. Now when you have a small army of blog posts working for you and with you, this will help you to make money. The huge part to learn how to blog for money online is to take the money you earn and put the money to work so you can free up your time. I like to use the money I earn to outsource promotion for my blog posts and to get more exposure to the products I offer. When you have good exposure and you are heading in a specific direction you can make a lot of money when you do things in a certain way. Now not to many people figure this out because they want to re-invent the wheel and not take advice from someone who is actually creating results. Tony Robbins says the fastest way to success is to model off of successful people and do what they do. For me learning how to blog for money online I left my ego at the door and learned off of people who are making millions by a blog. In particular I learned off two guys who use to be homeless and made a fortune helping people to learn how to blog and make money doing it. Now since I've been talking about money a lot here is our income disclaimer because there are people making ridiculous amounts of money blogging but they are not typical and their results show it. Click here to see income disclaimer. Now here is some tips to learn how to blog for money online. The first thing is know why you are blogging in the first place. I know it's about the money but why do you want the money anyway? Is it to travel to a certain place that you have never been before or is it to be able to leave your job. Is it to buy your mom a house or to get your dream house? Is it buy now nice things that you couldn't afford before or get your dream car? You have to know why you are blogging because each blog is a step forward somewhere. Some people will go in circles because they don't have a reason why. The next thing is to take massive action toward your main objective. Napolean Hill from think and grow rich, calls it a definite chief aim and to have a burning desire. When you want to learn how to blog for money online you need to have the desire to really do it and not just try it out. The next thing and I'll leave it at that is that you need to have some good training on the subject from people who have done it. Get yourself the best education on how to blog for money. Once you get good education take action. I've found success is not doing things here or there, rather it is an accumulation of a bunch of things you have done consistently. I found the place that will teach you how to blog for money and it has the best training around period. It will teach you how to blog at any level that you are starting out at. If you are at all serious about really changing your life and creating magic than click the link below and let's get started now.

In this article I will try to define Persistence. Everything in my life I have got I feel I got through persistence. The ability to know and understand that failure is not real. Failure is a chance to learn from something you are striving for. Things come up in life that are there for a reason, even the death of a loved one. To Define persistence you have to actually be able to experience it. Experience the test of life. Whenever we strive for something even the irrational, life comes in the way to test us. Test to see if you are truly worthy of what it is you truly desire. Define Persistence When Life is Tough Most things in life that happen when you are shooting for something big come as a way of truly testing your character. Most don't make it past this first stage as I define persistence. The test of your character will put you in a place you don't feel comfortable and face to face with the fears of life that halt so many could-of-been success stories. As I define persistence I shall tell you that fear is your greatest enemy of persisting. Obstacles, life, and fear are things that come on your path or on your road to your destination. The strong willed people with a vision and purpose will plow through obstacles, life, and fears and will them to become their allies towards their goals in life. Stories and excuses are their to help those cope with not being persistent. Stories of environment, resources, people, places and more will come up to why you feel you cannot do a certain thing and will help you to justify the lack. Excuses to why you can't do something or why it just won't work. Define Persistence When The Stories and Excuses Come Up For me defining persistence I will tell you that if you do hold this power no stories you tell yourself or excuses that may arise can stop you from getting what you desire. Money is a story that usually a lot of people bring up to the reason why they can't do something. This is just a story you tell yourself when if you were really persistent you would just find a way. Lack of resources or environment is another story people always bring up as to why they can't accomplish things as well. For example maybe you live in the hood and are surrounded by a lot of bad things which is just a story you tell yourself to why you cannot be successful. Persistence leaves no room for these kinds of stories. For me to define persistence you will know its brother very well named perseverance. Perseverance is a lot like persistence. You need perseverance to know persistence. Perseverance is getting through the stories and excuses. It is getting passed the hardships, obstacles and tests. Click link below let me show you how two homeless people made millions

If you want to learn how to get more free leads visit my site If you want to get serious traffic and major complimentary leads than finding out the best ways to do net forums marketing is the method to go. There actually isn't really much to internet forums marketing however understanding this one skill will be the difference in between 5 leads per day and 50 leads per day. That is having an effective. First lets enter what it takes to do forums marketing. The very best way to do this is to sign up with 2 forums that are related to your sector. Since im part of the home business sector I will do a search at google with these keywords MLM + Forum and a lot of results will pop up. For more cool tips on getting free mlm leads visit my site

The psychology of persuasion by Robert Cialdini really is made for network marketers and home business owners. The weapons used to get prospects to say yes more often is laid out in this book. The first weapon is called Reciprocity which basically used in network marketing is - You must be able to give without want before you can receive. Or how famous sales GURU Zig Ziglar says - In order to get what you want in life you must give others what they want in life first. Kind of like good Karma. But none the less if your involved with network marketing MLM you must get this book by Robert Cialdini and learn the power of persuasion.

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Looking for blog websites that make money with traffic? Great you came to the right place because in this post I will show you how to make money with blogging and understanding how to earn commissions by getting traffic with a blog. Now I don't know why you stumbled upon this site to learn about blog websites that make money with traffic, on any note I am glad you are here. You could be here because you are tired of working a job that is not your dream job and know there is something out there which will bring you freedom. Maybe your not spending enough time with your kids and with your spouse and sick of spending most of your time at a job. You sit there in your cubicle maybe and find yourself losing time that you will never get back. Every single day you are getting older and your dreams are getting further away of travelling, seeing your favorite band, smelling the great foods of an exotic country or sinking your toes in the soft white sand on the beaches of the world. What I came to find that the time is now. The time is right for you to plant your flag on the ground and go after your dreams. Our lives are not guaranteed and tomorrow is not guaranteed so do what you can, from where you are at, with what you got. The time is now to learn blog websites that make money with traffic. A cool thing about blogs is that Google loves them because of their relevance, uniqueness, and consistent content. Since Google loves blogs they will tend to rank them in the search engines which brings in a lot of traffic. In fact the blog you are on now gets millions upon millions of visitors every single day and has paid out over 70 million dollars to its bloggers at the time of this post. Maybe you are reading this and that number has doubled or tripled the way the growth has been for this company. Once you learn how to get traffic to a blog it becomes easier to make money. Blog websites that make money with traffic can position themselves to generate leads and get people in front of products and services so they can create a living. It is fairly easy to do once you get the hang of it and learn off of good people. If you want to learn how blog websites that make money with traffic operate you will want to learn off of the best. It reminds me of a story of the legendary martial artist Bruce Lee. One day a group of people walked into Bruce Lee's martial arts academy wanting to learn off of the master himself. Bruce took one look at them and ask them to follow him into his dojo. Bruce then instructed them to show him their current level of skill. So they started to throw kicks and punches and Bruce being the master could see a lot of things that needed major improvement. After the group showed Bruce their skills, he told the group to follow him into the boardroom. There he sat them in their wooden chairs and put a cup full of Cola on the table. Bruce told the groupt that the cup full of Cola represented their knowledge of martial arts. He then put a cup of water beside the Cola and said the cup of water represented his knowledge of martial arts which was pure after years of study and mastery. Bruce than proceeded to say that their cup was full and no new knowledge could flow in. If they wanted to learn from Bruce they would first have to empty their cup so Bruce could pour his knowledge in. If they didn't do that they would never learn. I am going to show you a powerful blog websites that make money with traffic and more important I am going to show you how you can be the blog owner which will get the money it makes. If you are ready to empty your cup while I introduce to you a couple masters when it comes to making money with a blog than click on the link below and take action because your time is now. Click the link below to learn How Blog Websites That Make Money With Traffic

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