French manicure with Ice, Blush and Cloud gels

Mosaic Nail systems- Jelly gel. Clear builder repair gel with thick viscosity. Available on or ask your local Mosaic distributor

Mosaic Nail Systems Neon gel paints N1-N3 are semi-transparent and give a colour glass effect when applied on a clear base. Mixing with white gel paint you get amazing dense neon shades.

Video manual about How to apply Nfu.Oh Shell sheet

French manicure with Mosaic Gel-paint nr.3 and Jelly builder gel Mosaic products are available on or find your local distributor

Fast studio Nail designs DVD vol.2 preview. 15 amazing designs done with Mosaic gel-paints available from or your local Mosaic distributor!

Video manual for Nfu.Oh crushed opal application

Falling nail rebalance with Mosaic Nail Systems

Mosaic Nail Systems opaque Snow glitter application

Nfu.Oh Bling bling glitter Uv gel application manual

Mosaic Cloud White builder gel application. Self-leveling white builder gel that is perfect to use for salon or competition works.

Fastest and easiest rhinestone application ever! Mosaic Nail systems

Nfu.Oh Micro slice glitter application manual

A nail designer's must-have tool! Available on

Welcome to the world of fast studio designs. On this educational DVD You will find 15 nail designs made with acrylic, gel, acrylic paints and polishes. Step by step subtitles in English, Finnish and Swedish languages. We hope Youˇll like this DVD. If You want to order Your copy, please contact us at, or proceed to the website Welcome to the world of fast studio designs!

Gel design made with an overlapping technique.

Video manual for Nfu.Oh lace / thread application

Mosaic Glare - White French Gel

Nfu.Oh Bling-bling glitter application by Viis Ilusalong designers.

Mosaic Stardust glitter application.

Mosaic Stardust gold glitter application.

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