Using the logic converter within National Instruments MultiSim to work with digital logic circuits, truth tables, and Boolean equations

Explains data pattern triggering for an Intronix LogicPort logic analyzer

Learning how to create and use data triggering patterns for a USBee logic analyzer

8-Bit register in a rotate right operation using the carry bit. This demonstrates the rotate function that is used in the internals of microprocessors and other digital sequential systems.

Complex triggering for digital waveforms demonstrated for the Intronix LogicPort USB data anaylzer

A how-to video for creating 4-bit counter waveform patterns using a USBee ZX digital USB test equipment

Different ways to find digital components in the MultiSim component database for placement unto the schematic capture window.

Describes how a microcontroller or microprocessor alters program execution for GOTO instructions using the Microchip PIC18F452 micontroller for specifics.

Instructional video for learning how to use buses to route signals in MultiSim, a schematic capture software application from National Instruments

Animation of the operation of a shift register used to shift data right. The register initially is parallel loaded and during the right shift, it has a constant 0 serial input. Initial loaded data is presented so you can see the results of the right shift and the loss of data on the right is visualized with a bit bucket. This is a sequential digital structure that is used as an internal element of a microcontroller or microprocessor.

A schematic, waveforms, and explanation of creating a decade counter from a 74LS191 4-bit counter IC. Decoding is required to truncate the count at 10 and is accomplished using a 74LS00 NAND gate. A 74LS42 decoder IC decodes the 0 and 1 outputs.

Brandon Green working on the development of a linear translator (rotary motion to linear) for a new project at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology (TSCT) for a electronic engineering technology project, Spring of 2013.

Animation of the operation of a parallel input / parallel output shift register used in sequential digital systems,

Robotic flower built using a hobby servo motor, a pot steamer insert, and a microcontroller.

Nate Sokso discussing Pneuman stepper motor testing with Prof. Tom Evans while working at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology (TSCT) in the electronic engineering technology department in the Spring of 2013.

Joel Wehr explaining his project Neopixel ring controlled by an Electric Imp and triggered to change colors with Tweets at the February 15 Lancaster Berks Maker meeting at The Candy Factory in Lancaster, PA.

Operation of and S-R latch made from NOR gates, showing the gates can make sequential (or storage) digital structures. Every case is demonstrated to show the the circuit functions as a S-R latch.

Joel Wehr talking about the Electric Imp and some of his projects at the February 15 Lanco Berks Maker meeting at The Candy Factory in Lancaster, PA.

Tucker Swigart and Vu Huynh working on connecting a VFD motor controller to roller motors on Festivus for a project in the electronic engineering technology department of Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology (TSCT) during the Spring 2013 semester.

The students of the Electronic Engineering Technology (EET) program at Thaddeus Stevens College in Lancaster, PA are busy advancing automation and control projects for their graduation projects on Friday morning. Who says students aren't working on Fridays?

A short outline for success in becoming a technician in the EET program at Stevens

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