Hi! Here is a Django Tutorial. The language used in Django is Python. Note: If you are having trouble creating a virtual environment or don't want to, you can just skip that step - your project will still work as long as you can install Python and Django:). Also, here is a link to the site used to get a template:

This is a very simple getting started with rails tutorial. There are a lot of great things you can do with rails not covered here - this is to help you get started with some of the basics. Find Templates here: Stack Overflow Post for using font-awesome here: TO INSTALL RUBY ON RAILS: In case you haven't installed rails yet, this is a very good set of directions! It takes about an hour, and if there is any point where there is trouble, there are tons of great resources around, especially stack overflow. :) Here is a good tutorial on deploying the app: good luck. :)

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