Fight Internet Censorship in Australia. Check out Tell your mum the filter can't work

SEO is a fickle beast. We see a lot of companies go through a redesign and then disappear from Google. Here's how to manage your rankings during a redesign like a pro

You need to move your site to https by January. If you don't Google Chrome users will see a message that your site is not secure. Here's how to do it.

when you are already on the front page for a phrase every little thing counts to get you up those extra spots to no.1

Ossie Motor now running at 320RPM still on a AA cell non-recharagable 1.5V battery. Some clarification on the polarity of my coils. Circuit @callanan at This one has been running now for about 15 hours

If you have been hit you should be able to recover very quickly.

This is a response to the thread going on at on magnet batteries.

part one Lots of questions about Google Fred Update. I don't think it is nbacklink related, it's Panda. Here's why

Google is emailing warnings to users and a way you can see the https not secure warnings. The link for the chrome hack is

Takes minutes to implement and you will will see an immediate impact.

For a lot of us Not Provided is now the major keyword we find in our Google analytics organic search data. Here's how we uncover it.

Lots of people are getting hurt by bad SEO. Some they do themselves and sometimes that they've paid for. Be careful

How To Remove Fake Reviews From Google 1. Address The Fake Review 2. Flag the review 3. Contact Google About The Fake Review Via Phone 4. Legal Removal Request Here's how we did it. Visit the link to see how they were finally removed

Here's why good SEO is expensive.

Google announces a new penalty for sites that are doing massive pop ups to mobile users

In this week's video I show you the simple steps I use to rank for anything using a 3 article system.

Joost de Valk (you might know him as the founder of Yoast) has come out with a new article this week, condemning sliders on sites. Joost’s recommendation is closely backed by many other CRO & SEO heavyweights, including Tim Ash & Tim Stewart. In the same week, Neal Patel proudly backed sliders and their success. So who can you believe? Both, actually - they’re talking about entirely different things. I’ve been keeping a close eye on large, image heavy, rotating ‘carousels’, like the ones you might see on a retailer’s homepage featuring different promotions. And just like Joost, I’ve realised how much they suck - along with some other design choices that could be blocking your audience from finding what they’re really after. ____________________ Like my ranting? Hit SUBSCRIBE to stay ahead of your competition - a new video is out every Wednesday, working through SEO trends and developments. Get these straight to your inbox - Got something to say? Drop me a line in the comments, or tweet us @jimboot @stewartmedia ____________________ Jim Stewart is the SEO mastermind (see: nerd) behind StewArt Media, one of Australia’s leading Digital Marketing agencies. Every week since 2003, Jim has been in front of the camera ranting about SEO current events - breaking them down, working through them and solving mysteries and misconceptions that can give your business an SEO advantage. Jim’s not about making high-def, well-dressed videos - he’d rather get real information out ASAP. You’ll see this ethos in action with Jim’s ‘low maintenance’ hair style. Unpolished and candid, his channel is the REAL SEO experience - real people doing real work, solving actual problems and helping the wider industry. Want Jim working on YOUR site? Visit us at Tweet us: @jimboot @stewartmedia Stalk us:

Matt Cutts put out another great video today on SEO basics. It seems to contradict what others at Google say about your keywords though. One thing is clear though, start blogging. now.

It's a big week for big news on the net. This week I take a look at what Google insights for search can tell you about opportunities as well as look at some simple steps to make sure your new domain name transfers cleanly from the old one

We've been helping a few clients back from Google Penguin penalties recently. Here's what you need to know.

Have you seen a big spike in traffic from Reddit & Lifehacker. You're being spammed.

Every morning I check my twitter feed to see what is happening in the world. This morning I'm focusing on a Search Marketing Expo happening in Toronto for some great tips covering keywords & clandestine data collection. Only the last 2 mins of today's show is about the minister for Silly Lists.

There has been a Google update there are big winners and big losers. How did you fare?

The mandatory Internet filter being proposed in Australia, just took a turn for the worse with the ACMA blacklisting Twitter me @jimboot

I get asked this question a lot.

Well if organic social media is dead where should you be spending you time? Snapchat?

testing a new rotor. Circuit @callanan at more to follow

For all the people who think Google doesn't like SEO they actually recommend it. Here's their video

In Australia they are promoting.AU registrations as an awesome new ccTLD. Remember if you move domains it costs a lot more than you think.

Google Chrome next year will come with an ad blocker. It will block all ads that do not meet the coalition for better ads standard

How to avoid the Google duplicate content penalty when you h

These results are ridiculous. Ever since the early update in Oct I've been seeing irrelevant results like this. Are you?

Are Facebook using bots to boost their advertising clicks or have your competitors found a way to hit your ad budget where it hurts? In this week's show we take a look at Limited Run's explosive claims that close to 80% of their Facebook ad clicks came from fraudulent bots!

Google has announced new notifications for sites that have been compromised by spammers.

after 18 years we're moving to a new domain - here's how we do the SEO

New study out by Google reveals massive ad fraud. Are you measuring?

Google's new pop-up penalty for mobile starts today. Are you ready?

Top SEOs just got obliterated by Google.

it was so popular last week I've done another. Just a couple of tweaks and I reckon this one could go to no.1

It's ecommerce month for us! Here's two important tips.

Getting more reviews means an increase in your click through rate and ranking. Here's an easy way to enable that.

my spot with on Skynews last week.

I can confirm one site mentioned has recovered this morning by removing tag pages and stopping Google crawling parameter pages. our clients did not get hit by this but a lot of businesses did. I suspect those more worried about external ranking factors and less about internal.

A bit more here on the sort of linking you should be doing and why we know this works.

Well I knew we were good but I expected it to take more than 30 mins SEO to achieve these rankings

Google news sends out info to publishers. Which are actually best practice SEO tips

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