A quick demonstration of how to bend Foobar2000 to your preferences.

And another method bites the dust. This is the third and latest method (as of August 2013) to display lyrics in foobar2000. It's especially nice as it highlights the lyrics as they're being sung. The plugin can be downloaded here:

A benchmark of Hugo generating a site with 5,000 posts on an SSD and spindle drive. The Python script I used to generate the 5,000 posts: The console I'm using is Hugo - Udemy course on Hugo -

A quick overview of how to go from a an empty folder to a simple web site using Hugo, the static site generator. Hugo - Udemy course on Hugo -

The previous method I covered no longer works. This is another way to display lyrics in Foobar2000. More information can be found at my blog post:

A few tips to help you solve a problem when something goes wrong with Hugo, the static site generator written in Go. Hugo - Udemy course on Hugo -

A brief introduction to keyloggers using two free keyloggers.

Note: This method no longer works. See this video for an alternate method: The simplest way I found to display the lyrics of the song that's playing. Here's the blog post with links to download the two plugins:

How to be productive and have fun doing it with Mark Forster's Autofocus method and Checkvist.com. Described in more detail here:

A brief overview of clipboard managers in general, with details on the best one I've found, ClipX

A free service that lets you browse the web at lightning speeds. Sign up in less than 10 seconds at

Demo of ZoomIt, utility from Sysinternals to annotate the screen and enlarge a part of the screen.

An easy way to backup your Gmail account (or other email account) to your hard drive in case bad things happen. Pay no attention to the passwords I accidentally pasted :)

I discuss some common questions about quitting your full time job to work as a freelance web developer. Should you quit your job? How many hours will you work? Do you need a college degree? How much money can you make?

Using WSCC () to keep Sysinternals () and NirSoft () apps updated.

A short overview of how to use the free RBTray to send applications to the tray. Also, here's the utility I mentioned to see if you're running 64-bit or 32-bit Windows:

This shows you how to use keyboard shortcuts adjust the volume and toggle mute with a simple, three line AutoHotkey script. See my blog entry for more details:

A brief demo of the 3RVX utility. It can be downloaded here:

A bookmarklet that makes web sites easier to read. It removes all the extraneous elements on the page to a customized format. Also remove images if you so desire.

This technique works on Windows XP/Vista/7. I also use a relative path to nircmd so it will work from a flash drive or in your dropbox folder (that's where I keep mine). You can get the AutoHotKey script on my blog:

Demo of how to use Snap MD5 to compare the MD5 sum in a single click or keystroke.

An updated screencast for version 1.04 of SnapMD5, a free Windows MD5 and SHA-1 checksum utility.

A basic run through of the important folders to know about on Windows 7.

Short clip of Blake's fourth birthday party

Applications I've found useful and a short explanation about each one

Matt and Lindsay's wedding and footage from the reception.

Clark smiling, Blake singing ABCs unaided. The ending is a bit rough, but you get the idea.

Skiddly rinky doo (or something like that)

A short introduction to using Audacity to create audio recordings. View the transcript and more helpful tech tips at Tech Made Plain:

Blake singing to Grandpa

An attempt to get a good photo of two parents, a 2 year old and a 5 1/2 month old.

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