Обзор Gamesir G4s - универсального геймпада, который имеет возможность подключаться к Android, PC, Playstation 3 и к другим устройствам. Рассказал длинно но подробно! Увы, Gamesir G4s ни чуть не идеальное устройство. ===================== Gamesir G4s на Aliexpress: 🔗 Все предложения - 🔗 Раз - 🔗 Два - 🔗 Три - ===================== 🎮 Обзор геймпада GameSir g3s - 🎮 Геймпад MOCUTE 050 - 🎮 Gamesir F1 Joystick Grip - ===================== Другие видео с моего канала: 💣 Обзор Ulanzi F-Mount - 🔸 Чехол богов для OnePLus 3/3T - 🔸 Мои Аксессуары - 🔸 У меня на смартфоне 2017 - 🔸 Обзор Xiaomi Mi5 - 🔸 Обзор OnePlus 3 - 🔸 Обзор OnePlus 5 - 🔸 Сравнение OnePlus 5 vs OnePlus 3T - ===================== Поддержать меня и помочь проекту: 💳 ===================== 🔸 Для обращений по любым вопросам - e8genius@gmail.com 🔸 Паблик ВКонтакте - 🔸 Телеграм - 🔸 Facebook - 🔸 Twitter - 🔸 Google+ - 🔸 Я ВКонтакте - ArghDroid e8genius

G4S Wackenhut and SEIU Reach Agreement | G4S - News | G4S Corporate website My Patreon: patreon.com/georgewebb

Click on link to web site G4S Specialist Training is part of G4S Risk Management, a leading provider of risk mitigation, secure support services and integrated solutions to governments, international agencies and multinational corporations.

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Купить можно тут: Группа ВК: Сайт с обзорами: Заработок с продаж товаров: Реклама на канале: For cooperation: IvanTechVid@gmail.com Сегодня у нас на обзоре очень интересный геймпад от компании GameSir, модель G4S. Данное устройство является универсальным и может работать с множеством платформ. Его можно подключить к устройству на android, iOS, PC и PS3. В нём присутствует батарея на 800мАч, зарядить его можно с помощью USB - MicroUSB кабеля который идёт в комплекте. В каждой из рукояток установлен вибро-моторчик, и кстати они довольно мощные и при этом бесшумные. Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound!

Цена и наличие - Интересный канал про мобильные технологии!) Обзор LG G4s H736. Видео с играми - Фото на основную камеру 8мп Фото на фронтальную камеру 5мп

I was covering a shooting yesterday in Spring Valley. The Deputies were doing their job and I was doing mine when these 3 Armed Security Guards from G4S Security show up. They are guards for a Military Housing Complex down the street from where the shooting took place. They suddenly jumped in from of my camera, telling I'm not allowed to shoot video of the Military Housing which I was not shooting at the time. My immediate response to these idiots was Fuck You ! After I ended my recording of the main idiot. A Deputy Sheriff told them to leave me alone, and I did have the right to video anything I want from a public street. But it's what the main thug said about his Step-father, that got me really going. I have sent this video to his employer who apologized immediately and to the Sheriff's Dept, so they can show his step father. how proud he must be of this dude.

Special Short Video Presentation of G4S Hyderabad 25 years Saga

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Whether providing one security officer at a single location or over 2,000 specially trained officers and a security and video management system at locations across the country, G4S meets the needs of the industry's most diverse client base.

G4S is the largest Security & Safety providor in Belgium with more than 6000 employees.

G4S is the nation's leading security company, providing a wide range of security services and technology solutions. G4S's expertise in analyzing security needs and developing specialized programs enables customers to reduce the total cost of ownership for security and related services, and focus on quality improvement and risk reduction. For more information visit:

Team of the G4S Secure Solutions Hungary. Armed Guards National Competition. Armed Guards responsibility, to protect the National Critical Infrastructures.


A group of men stormed a G4S truck while workers were loading money at Excel garage Lion Valley. Workers of G4S took quick action, throwing the remaining money bag in the truck and closed the door. On camera footage, three men are seen approaching the truck and pulling on its door. When the driver realized something was wrong, he took off. One G4S security guard remained behind and was bombarded by two other male assailants. They took his gun and pursued the truck. No one was hurt in the incident but the robbers got away with a firearm.

BE WARNED. IF YOU’RE GOING TO COMMENT WITH STUPIDLY TROLLING REMARK, THEN YOU’RE GOING TO GET WHATEVER SHIT COMES INTO MY MIND FIRST, RIGHT BACK AT YOU. You don’t have to agree with what I do, you don’t have to like it. But you can block my videos from even appearing in your feed and then you don’t have to watch. G4S Security at Middlesbrough Jobcentre Plus invite me to a conversation by opening a window. This breaches no privacy laws in the UK as there was no personal information divulged with the exception of a security officer who willingly gave her name when asked as she is required to do. There is no law that prohibits the taking of photographs on private property (except possibly at some government/military installations) however a land owner does have the right to ask you to stop doing something on their land and have you removed for trespass if you don't comply. However, if that happened the only offence committed would be trespass and not illegal taking of photos on private property. Trespass would not be enforceable as a civil court matter if you left, or attempted to leave either before or after you were initially asked. You would have to make a reasonable attempt to leave in good time.

Three Former Department of Juvenile Justice/G4S Highlands Youth Academy staff members were arrested on Thursday for multiple felonies.

Privately-run HMP Birmingham is being taken over by the government after ministers concluded drastic action was needed to address failings. The Chief Inspector of Prisons told ITV News the conditions were among the worst we've seen anywhere. • Subscribe to ITV News on YouTube: • Get breaking news and more stories at Follow ITV News on Facebook: Follow ITV News on Twitter: Follow ITV News on Instagram:

G4S is Canada’s leading provider of security solutions. We offer a unique combination of risk assessments, security personnel, security technologies, screening services and cash management solutions. G4S employs thousands of Canadians and operates in offices from coast to coast. For more information, visit .

Hier, mardi 10 juillet 2012, vers 03H30, un vol à main armée a été commis dans la firme G4S, Hoogstraat à ZAVENTEM. Les auteurs, 4 ou 5 hommes à identifiés, se sont rendus sur place à bord d'un véhicule VW foncé de type Touareg ou Tiguan. A l'intérieur des bâtiments de la firme, l'un des auteurs a tiré à plusieurs reprises et a blessé grièvement un des membres du personnel de G4S. A proximité des bâtiments de la firme AIR TRADE CENTER, côté droit, était stationné vers 3H40 le véhicule des auteurs. A cet instant, un véhicule inconnu a dépassé le véhicule des malfrats et a pris la direction de l'église. Passant à sa hauteur, ce témoin a été menacé à l'aide d'une arme par l'un des malfrats se trouvant sur le trottoir longeant les bâtiments de G4S. Le témoin s'est dirigé vers la gauche évitant le malfrat armé et longeant le véhicule en stationnement des auteurs. Les enquêteurs aimerait identifier ce précieux témoin et/ou toute personne disposant d'informations sur les faits précités. Plus d'infos:

Instale nossa extensão que indica sempre o preço mais barato 💲 🎮 ONDE ADQUIRIR O GAMEPAD GAMESIR G4S GameSir G4s (R$120,00): GameSir T1s (R$88,00): Outras opções: iPega PG 9023 (R$65,00): IPEGA PG 9017S (R$45,00): Lista de jogos Android que ele é compatível: ✩ Obs: O produto não foi taxado chegando em aprox. 30 dias corridos em casa (Interior de SP). Links de onde adquirir acima. O gamepad Gamesir G4s é compatível com celulares Android, AndroidTV, Playstation 3 (PS3) e computadores e notebooks. É um dos melhores controles que já testei. ✩ Especificações do joystick - 32-bit MCU chip (chip interno para menor latência) - 2 motores de vibração que podem ser ajustados - Conexão Wireless 2.4GHz Wireless,Bluetooth 4.0 ou por fio - Bateria de 800mAh (18 horas de autonomia) - 260 gramas - Compatível com PC Windows, PS3 e Android - Distância máxima de 8 metros wireless 🎮 ONDE ADQUIRIR GameSir G4s: Gosta de dicas Android e dicas de produtos legais? Inscreva-se: ❤ Inscreva-se neste canal ❤ Meu segundo canal Fala Vertão 📢 Você também pode falar comigo pelas redes sociais abaixo, conferir bastidores e conteúdos extras, OK? (Telegram) 📢 Faça parte do meu canal do Telegram com ofertas e cupons de desconto exclusivos para smartphones.

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On Saturday, June 17 a G4S van was robbed at a petrol station in Watermeyer Street and the suspects got away with an undisclosed amount of cash.

G4S driver leaves his van in the middle of the pavement while he nips in for a Starbucks. Meanwhile his alarm goes off alerting the boys in Blue.

Never has India had such a low in recent times. This was as bad for our country, our self-esteem and Public Relations of India Inc. as the 1947 riots, the Gujarat riots and the Sikh riots in Delhi, in 1984. We are at an all-time low in terms of governance, poor law and order, terrible infrastructure and terrible greed by politicians. India needs a government! On 18th July 2012, Maruti's Manesar plant was hit by violence as workers at one of its auto factories attacked supervisors and started a fire that killed a company official and injured 100 managers, including two Japanese expatriates. The violent mob also injured 9 policemen.The company's General Manager of Human Resources had both arms and legs broken by his attackers, unable to leave the building that was set ablaze, and was charred to death. The incident is the worst-ever for Suzuki since the company began operations in India in 1983. Since April 2012, the Manesar union had demanded a five-fold increase in basic salary, a monthly conveyance allowance of INR 10,000, a laundry allowance of INR 3,000, a gift with every new car launch, and a house for every worker who wants one or cheaper home loans for those who want to build their own houses. In addition to this compensation and normal weekend/holidays, the union demanded the current 4 paid weeks of vacation be increased to 7 weeks, plus each worker have 40 days allowance of sick and casual leave - for a total of 75 days. Initial reports claimed wage dispute and a union spokesman alleged the incident may be caste-related. According to the Maruti Suzuki Workers Union a supervisor had abused and made discriminatory comments to a low-caste worker. These claims were denied by the company and the police.The supervisor alleged was found to belong to a tribal heritage and outside of Hindu caste system; further, the numerous workers involved in violence were not affiliated with caste either. Maruti said the unrest began, not over wage discussions, but after the workers' union demanded the reinstatement of a worker who had been suspended for beating a supervisor.The workers claim harsh working conditions and extensive hiring of low-paid contract workers which are paid about $126 a month, about half the minimum wage of permanent employees. Maruti employees currently earn allowances in addition to their base wage. Company executives denied harsh conditions and claim they hired entry-level workers on contracts and made them permanent as they gained experience. It was also claimed that bouncers were deployed by the company. Maruti Suzuki in its statement on the unrest, announced that all work at the Manesar plant has been suspended indefinitely. A Suzuki spokesman said Manesar violence won't affect the auto maker's business plans for India. The shut down of Manesar plant is leading to a loss of about Rs 75 crore per day. On July 21, 2012, citing safety concerns, the company announced a lockout under The Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 pending results of an inquiry the company has requested of the Haryana government into the causes of the disorder. Under the provisions of The Industrial Disputes Act wages, the report claimed, employees are expected to be paid for the duration of the lockout. On July 26 2012, Maruti announced employees would not be paid for the period of lock-out in accordance with labour laws of India. The company further announced that it will stop using contract workers by March 2013. G4S is the leading global integrated security company specialising in the provision of security products, services and solutions. Founded in 1989, G4S India is the leading security solutions group in the country. The company today has more than 130,000 employees with 8 Hubs and a strong network of over 160 branches spread throughout India. Besides its core business of Secure Solutions, Facilities Management, and Security Systems, G4S offers a range of services including; Training, Event Security, Security Consultancy & Risk Management, Central Monitoring Services, Fire Audit, Recruitment & Placement and Garment/Uniform Manufacturing. Source : & wikipedia This footage is part of the professionally-shot broadcast stock footage archive of Wilderness Films India Ltd., the largest collection of imagery from South Asia. The Wilderness Films India collection comprises of thousands of hours of high quality broadcast imagery, mostly shot on HDCAM 1080i High Definition, HDV and XDCAM. Write to us for licensing this footage on a broadcast format, for use in your production! We are happy to be commissioned to film for you or else provide you with broadcast crewing and production solutions across South Asia. We pride ourselves in bringing the best of India and South Asia to the world. Reach us at wfi @ vsnl.com and admin@wildfilmsindia.com.

G4S Denmark MD Ole Knudsen talks about the G4S Academy, a recently-launched initiative to embrace and adapt to technological change within our secure solutions business.


Four suspects have been arrested following a cash heist in Boksburg on the East Rand. It’s understood a group of armed men targeted two cash vans and stole an undisclosed amount of money. A chase ensued which ended up in a shoot-out at the George Gogh Hostel between police and the suspects. Police are still searching for more suspects.

Maricarmen Fedalto, presidente ejecutiva de G4S para Perú y Bolivia, conversó con SEMANAeconómica sobre el mercado de seguridad y sus expectativas de crecimiento para la segunda mitad del año.

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