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Ex-Conrail EMD SD70MAC 4589 Spirit of Nashville leading a short CSXT Q398 eastbound through Relay, Maryland on track two.

Two 398's, Two days, I liked the 2nd one better :) Been waiting for some of those to come by for a long time. Too bad the shadows interfere a bit :(

Q398 leaving the Old Main Line at St. Denis heading east toward Baltimore.this was on the heels of Q034 and some skilled work by the engineer kept his train rolling just enough to catch a clear signal and not have to stop and start this heavy train on a grade.

Q398 on the 27th at St. Denis, MD

CSX Q398 Mixed Manifest Freight Train Heading East Through Shenandoah Junction, West Virginia.

Eastbound Q398 led by an ES44DC, one of a couple that wound up with K5LAR24 horns. They were delivered with K5HLR1L124's. Note the new logo BNSF boxcar, the NS Top Gons, and the unusual container loads on the TTAX cars towards the end.

CSX Q398 rolls through Bardane on its way east towards Baltimore

at the Thomas Viaduct. Nicely reiterated that they didn't appear to be causing trouble.

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Grinding uphill on track two, Q398 splits Wards' signals and the Chestnut St crossing in Gaithersburg MD

East at Wards' signals, Q398 with head end ballast cars.

eastbound on the Old Main Line through St Denis station, Baltimore, Maryland. Thanks John!

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eastbound freight train moving through duffields station in west virginia on track two

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Lots of power on a long mixed freight train heading eastbound through Relay, Maryland on the Old Main Line. Bonus points if you can find the Thomas Viaduct.

CSX Q398 Mixed Manifest Freight Train Heads East Through Shenandoah Junction, West Virginia. 6-7-14

CSX Q398 comes EB with CSX 7610 C40-8, CSX 5260 ES40DC, CSX 6915 GP40-2, and CSX 2342 Road Slug.


Q398 heads eastbound through Riverdale Park with ES40DC 5228 leading SD40-3 4029, and MP15T 1214.

CSX Q398 comes into the yard at Brunswick Md. Led By: CSX AC4400 472 CSX SD50 8537

Rare Blue Chessie box with Family Lines, Seaboard , & Conrail in Woodbine, Maryland

CSX Q398 manifest freight rolls east thru Shenandoah Junction,WV as the late afternoon sun casts a warm glow on the hot spot. This was the only eastbound I caught out of 7 trains from my visit to the area. This day was a tease weather wise of warmer rail fanning days to come.

A Short manifest train comes through Saint Denis, Maryland. This train is leaded by AC4400CW 92 and an Ex. LMSX C40-8W 7924. I got a new camera on my birthday. When I came to Saint Denis, I see a intermodal train Q174-01 going through the station.

CSX Q398 leaves Brunswick with an insanely loud horn! I notice that the third engine was red and realized that it was HLCX. This was taken on 10-6-12.

CSX intermodel meets CSX Q398 coming off the Old Main Line at St. Denis Station on the Capitol Subdivision. Nice power including a Road Slug. many cars of fallen flags. on Jan 12, 2013

Eastbound on the Old Main Line through Relay, Maryland

CSXT Q398-22 Clears Shenandoah Junction, WV

A CSX Train was heading east through Silver Spring, MD. It was leaded by AC4400CW 69 with a Road Slug as a forth unit. When I come up to the bridge, I see the train. I didn't have enough time to get down to the other side, so I caught an action one by see the top part of the train.

Seven engine unit Q398 heads east through Saint Denis on the old main with C40-8 7589 leading SD40-3 4007, SD40-2 8848, SD50-2 2495, 3GS21B 1324, MP15AC 1156, and MP15AC 1214.

Q398 at Montevideo Rd., Jessup MD with a Genset in the consist and several Chessie boxcars

Another train was coming after Q261, it was running on the Old Main Line. AC4400CW 323 leads the way with C40-8W 7852. I was waiting for L438 to go, but we have to leave. L438 must be taking a break.

American Bald Eagle in Harper's Ferry, from Maryland Heights

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