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Carolina Baldeon 26 days ago
No me interesa este tipo de videos para mis hijos
It's Private 26 days ago
NFL? People still watch that?
dumbassacrat Slayer 26 days ago
Patriots should be ashamed of themselves,coming from one of the most socialist states in the union.They should be called the pathetics,they do not deserve the name Patriots.
hunter6719 26 days ago
dumbassacrat Slayer especially Tom Brady what a pussy he couldn't even go to the white house because his wife made him stay home
Keonne Williams 26 days ago
Go Patriots
Wolverine 26 days ago
So the Patriots are cheating is what you're saying?
Endtime King 26 days ago
Damn NFL getting no attention from me this season, says alot about your game, Its dying
Ike Davis 26 days ago
Endtime King I stopped watching when they hired replacement refs. I was a huge fan. If I can stop, anyone can. Yesterday I played with my son all day. It was a great sunday. I burn often. I spent thousands as a kid, and in my doritos and beer coma as an adult, thankfully it has ended. Glad I made it out, with my pride.
Richard Roberson 26 days ago
Gonna be a lot of empty seats at thee super bowl.
It's Private 26 days ago
I think so
STK Shadow 26 days ago
Keonne Williams I think so
Keonne Williams 26 days ago
Richard Roberson I don't think so