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bazar white 13 days ago
exceptionally brilliant
Mongoose 13 days ago
This was the most entertaining video I've seen in awhile
Daija Porter 13 days ago
Was up at 4 in the morning watching this Kevin have me weak bruh
loco moco 13 days ago
I'd tap that weak ass battery throwin asian any day
Alysha Juguan 13 days ago
We're going to jail. 😂😂
Briana Peterson 13 days ago
I'm so glad that the country is moving towards legal weed, and we can have more delightful moments like this.
Lil Lean 14 days ago
Got dam hotbox in that car 😂
Ethan Moreng 14 days ago
Is it real drugs?!?!
Roach DoggJR 14 days ago
Who are those two Conan's friends?
Deborah Pena 14 days ago
While beat boxing how much wood could what a wood chiuck chuck - conan
Mexican cartel ! 14 days ago
This is perfect entertainment
Str8 GooN 14 days ago
Tupac Shakur 14 days ago
9:45 LMAO
Ari Berry 14 days ago
OMG if that girl was me I would pee my pants 😂
Tupac Shakur 14 days ago
Ice Cube and Kevin Hart 3:19 is being so funny.
Sơn Tùng Phan 14 days ago
10:20 conan sounds surprisingly like rick lmao
Ariana The crazy 14 days ago
Lamborghini Man 14 days ago
What is Diana instagram
Ariana The crazy 14 days ago
Just imagine the dude at 6:20 going home and being like: “Welp, Today I got yelled at by Kevin Hart who said he had a penny with my name on it. He was probably *this* close to throwing it at me. today was a good day.”
Brittany Swift 14 days ago
Brittany Swift 14 days ago
Booger Sugar😂💀
DUBS 14 days ago
raftol xitian namiran 14 days ago
what's the deal with the fake laughs every 5 seconds ?!
Tyler Boulware 14 days ago
She’s 35. Tf?
Zia Monee’ 14 days ago
Sam Rad 14 days ago
the Asian girl looked hella uncomfortable
Dave Hidden 14 days ago
Icecube literally sounds like Lamar.
Jason Balla 14 days ago
10:40 - 10:50 😂😂
Coral Fraser 14 days ago
Kevin's real funny like if u agree
Aneles Zemog 14 days ago
Does diana have any social media
Juice Box 14 days ago
diana was high sl at the ens
Mobilegamez 14 days ago
Completely lost it at the window bit😂😂😂 aye man you know how stupit this look?😂😂😂
Vetal83 14 days ago
bitch is hot
Jescide 14 days ago
Vetal83 how
Second Account 15 days ago
“Throw a battery at his ass” 😂
KDOG 6266 15 days ago
Wtf did i just click on
PlayzSaxophone 24 15 days ago
Truvell Haddox 15 days ago
This would be awesome
MoveOn 15 days ago
How do you get a job at conan at that age??
Gabe Toro-Cruz 15 days ago
shes asian you cant even tell she smacked
Tiey Landrun 15 days ago
This was dope
charliebrown3072 15 days ago
Diana is so cute! 😍
Guillermo Valdés 15 days ago
Ben Murphy 15 days ago
That Was Awsome
Fisch Solo 15 days ago
Crazy hearing Kevin talkin bout getting those women
Timothy Nyota 15 days ago
6:30 too funny
B R 15 days ago
She's pretty cute!!
Lovee1 All 15 days ago
I cant 🤣🤣🤣
Alfonso Duran 15 days ago
10:46 Kevin should have said Jesus forgave
Adventurous Doge89 15 days ago
This car has the combined networth of my entire life
Krazykov 15 days ago
Thought she was a kid looks so young, but shes 35 haha. Funny as video though, love it! lol
Joseph Ellis 15 days ago
Can I have the pinata????
erica Williams 15 days ago
And with this video her Asian parents snapped
Joseph Bradford 16 days ago
This is like watching 15 year olds.
Aaron McKenna 16 days ago
I'll make sure to carry batteries and pennies when I get my license.
Sofi Rivera 16 days ago
G. H 16 days ago
They banged
Jayden Jones 16 days ago
You’ll are funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Great Blue Blistering Barnacles 16 days ago
They literally sound like us on adderall 😂
Cameron Hadley 16 days ago
This Video will finish Trump, watch till the end!!!!!
DIY Freak 16 days ago
I clicked on this video because it had Ice Cube and Kevin Hart in it and I knew it would be funny.
Rufus Smith 16 days ago
Up in smoke 2018 😌😌😌😌💨💨💨💨
Keviante Montezzo 16 days ago
The only cool Asian chick in the world
Evelyn True 16 days ago
This was so funny😂😂😂😂😂
logan sullivan 16 days ago
*Insert Asian driving joke here:
MrNoSleep OSRS 16 days ago
Never laughed so hard
Abolish Roe v. Wade, not ICE! 16 days ago
I hope and pray for a *red* mega-tsunami come November 2018.
Koko Kosila 16 days ago
I love Conan. Doesn't go all political like Colbert and the rest. Just pure fun and laughter. Yay for Diana! (I know, I'm like 2 years late, LOL.)
deny 12 16 days ago
Tey so high
Ethan Vargas 16 days ago
This needs to be a movie
cheeki cheezz 17 days ago
Christie Perry 17 days ago
*Tоnight: fvvсk Ме likе уоu hаtе Ме.* *I'аМ in а Рrivаtе shоw right nоw!* *Wаtсhing 4 а Livе S.е.X Pаrtnеr nеаr u?? Gо hеrе:* >>>
Amber L 17 days ago
Prob shouldn't watch this after surgery lol. laughing hurts
L Lawson 17 days ago
Roy G Biv 17 days ago
Here's the thing: Conan is an excellent writer. But he wasn't, isn't and never will be funny.
Babolat3216 17 days ago
She's 35 but looks half her age hahahhaa
DarkTeamSN 17 days ago
Baolinh Tuyet 17 days ago
Not racist at all to try your Asian staff. Go ahead Conan.we Asians stay silent until we buy yo ass. Trust.
Mason Jennings 17 days ago
Where can I find that pin yada with all the weed in it
PioneerPauly 17 days ago
*Well done thanks for that*
valhallansoldier 17 days ago
I would deport that dirty ching chong in a heartbeat
Jp Garcia 17 days ago
I was dead😂💀
Clique 17 days ago
Damn she hot af
ShellLovesYESHUA 17 days ago
Once when I was a teenager I rode with my black friend Wanda (shorter that Kevin btw LOL) into Southeast DC (my first home) with her and her friend so the could get some weed. at a stop light I banged on the window at the car next to us acting like I was kidnapped. LOL. they lost it..Wanda went on to work for the PO PO.roflmao!
T1C3 17 days ago
BWhahahhahaha this chick has been sheltered, that's why it was such relief to say that to people and feel gud lol (even though, this was an act | for the people she reflects as, this would be the case) This was an amazing experience, loved it
Matt Sheiman 17 days ago
She was born in 1983???? I legitimately thought she was 17 or something
Kimber vic 17 days ago
Conan is CRAZY
Marcia Larsen 17 days ago
I which I could have been with them LoL 🆒
Hamish Gray 17 days ago
cant stop watching:)
DA_ Productions 17 days ago
Not a lot of people can say that they smoked weed and ate chicken with Conan, Kevin hart, and ice cube. Hella legendary
Roasted HD 17 days ago
best video ever!!
Gavin Tate 17 days ago
im goina go around throwing batterys at every one that pisses me off... thats goina be expinsive
Sean Romond 17 days ago
Tupac was one of the biggest thugs I know. and he always wore he seatbelt classic lol
Tony Chad 17 days ago
11:31 she wasn't listening she was just high
Sal Campos 17 days ago
When That Student driver got blazed up She got more Chinese than being Chinese lol 😂
D'Ann Goldwire 17 days ago
Her license said she was born in '83' lol
Sombre kat 17 days ago
shes 35 years old? 😂
Lai- nce 18 days ago
I laughed so hard
number1bestchannel 18 days ago
A movie with the 3 of them would defy every movie ever made.
Samuel Laws 18 days ago
This was actually decent
Elizabeth Dwelle Competition Jewelry 18 days ago
The best thing ever