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MatrixSmile_ 560 1 month ago
Range Monster
James Fauvelle 1 month ago
I can get out of the sand trap
wyatt peterson 1 month ago
I guess garret is not livin
panda pug 1 month ago
You should make a on the plane stereotype
Bryce Serious 1 month ago
Awlways ad guy
Timmy 1 month ago
Savannah Chilson 1 month ago
The old guy seems so nice!!!!! Reminds me of my grandpa!!!!!!!! Love you grandpa!!!!!!!!💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚
Tide High 1 month ago
I'm rage monster
christian juhl 1 month ago
Happy Gilmore all the way
baseball boy 1 month ago
Tennis streotypes Like if agree 👍👍👍
🇺🇸Minster🇺🇸 1 month ago
I'm a ball hunter
Ben Graeff 1 month ago
Mr mood swing describes me perfect
Tom Kilgannon 1 month ago
I'm the ball Hunter
JoshTDS 1 month ago
Deb Moen 1 month ago
Lie improver
Zac Frazier 1 month ago
Gentle creek in prosper, tx 😎
Struminator 1 month ago
I love you DP
Aviator_523 2200 1 month ago
You sit on a throne of lies you scumbag!
Littlepaw 1 month ago
You missed that guy acting like the golf cart is a Lamborghini or that guy drifting
Owie Bug 1 month ago
This is the best channel I love it so much your so funneh
Jack Heily 1 month ago
Who's dog is that at the end of the video
Nayeem Patwary 1 month ago
You forgot cart racer
Dino Ninja 1 month ago
Have you ever been tricked? *Read more*
Steel Productions 1 month ago
Tennis Stereotypes?
PokewatchpugR621 Hello there 1 month ago
Rage monster reminds me of happy Gilmore
JakeTheGamer6000000 1 month ago
I’m Mr. Moodswing
Dilip Sarma 1 month ago
Stereotype ftw
timmy_mcnuggets 1 month ago
The Shadow Guy
Jennifer Gengler 1 month ago
Hari Prasath 1 month ago
I like the rage monsters
Beth Smallwood 1 month ago
I'm the mood swing guy
Michelle Wallace 1 month ago
Mr big foot
Dami Oladipo 1 month ago
Fnafkid9643 R 1 month ago
Hello have a nice day and a good week reader ☺️
Maddox McCracken 1 month ago
Ive watched happy Gilmore
Brooke Miller 1 month ago
SUPR3M3 CLIPS 1 month ago
Ty u r the rage master not rage monster, every stereotypes if there is a rage monster ur the rager
Duncan Ferguson 1 month ago
plz do a soccer video!
Castiel 1 month ago
I’m mr mood swing lmao
hadam potato 1 month ago
Mr.Mood Swing hahahaahha
Lisa Shaffer 1 month ago
Lisa Shaffer 1 month ago
I watch our videos 1rod1reelfishing.
Patchfoot 1 month ago
XD There is always a rage monster.
Hailey Joiner 1 month ago
at the end it says “who are you? who is your friend?” // well i am human, and my friend is also human :3
Joel Gonzalez 1 month ago
Dude that was perfect
MasterSkins_YT 1 month ago
new fortnite montage video on my channel
Becky Kelly 1 month ago
You sit on a thrown of lies you scumbag
Julie W 1 month ago
Autually Rule Official if the ball doesn’t leave the tee box it doesn’t count and I if you did not try to swing at the ball it doesn’t count and you place the ball back where it was buttttt I love this video thank you!!
Carmageddon 2005 1 month ago
people that step on peoples lines think they are savage until they turn up to another game until their friends ditch them because of it
Marisa Franklin 1 month ago
Where is Coby?
Beverley Benn 1 month ago
I’m happy Gilmore guy cus I am a big fan of Adam Sandler
Scorchu 1 month ago
“Your head is on my ball” 2013 was terrifying
melvin sacromentoe 1 month ago
This is too true
J Vesper 1 month ago
Me: The that’s playable guy My friends: The untrustworthy score keeper
Adam Ngcobo 1 month ago
Jj Rodriguez 1 month ago
Cleaning stereotypes
Barco Animations 1 month ago
Disco Liam 1 month ago
Mood swing
Logan B. 1 month ago
Mr. Mood Swing is totally me.
Justin Aversa 1 month ago
Next battle. top golf battle or horse with steph curry
CARTER PRUITT 1 month ago
your head is on my ball 😂🙇🏼
FLL Aviaton 1 month ago
Do hockey stereotypes
JacksonStormer 2000 1 month ago
Do Church stereotypes
Speedy powers 1 month ago
Off-road stereotype
Jason Brubaker 1 month ago
Are any of you related to “the old guy”?
TheWatchMan 1 month ago
Where was golf gadget guy?
Nicholas Wolf 1 month ago
You left your p wedge on 17
Muller De Wet 1 month ago
Rage monster you can only kill with a lack of giving a sh*t
Black Scythe 1 month ago
I play golf and I’m basically the sand trapped
RandyCastillo 1 month ago
Whos watching this in 2018?
Keith McEnaney 1 month ago
I always do the Happy Gilmore shot when I’m playing
James Sarvis 1 month ago
prank's and games 1 month ago
Future in
Carter Jamison 1 month ago
Sleeping stereotypes
josh lambert 1 month ago
Happy Gilmore
TechnoTim 1 month ago
Phoebe Rong Un Liou 1 month ago
You should do a super market stereotype
Meder Stick 1 month ago
Wow 2013
Joseph Boemio 1 month ago
Who saw the dog in the background in the end
maureen habing 1 month ago
Do swimming stereotypes
Timothy Dobz 1 month ago
pants down for not clearing ladies tee..oh yeah, lets see it
Luke Hofmann 1 month ago
Should have done the Happy Gilmore (the hockey player)
Luke Hofmann 1 month ago
My bad they did
Shyaan Quraishi 1 month ago
Rogelio Lopez 1 month ago
Soccer stereotype s
White boy lowelife 21 1 month ago
They should do a bowling stereotype vid
William Nilges 2 months ago
I am mr. mood swing and my friend is the magically finds his ball
Jarrett Christensen 2 months ago
I'm the mood swing guy.
Cough Syrup Rigamarole 2 months ago
Wait what stereotypes is this again? I couldn't tell
Breno Playz 2 months ago
DevDog 07 2 months ago
Whos dog was that?
Callum Hollingsworth 2 months ago
I’m the Mr. Excuses
LEONEL Messi 2 months ago
I have the same hat cody
Andrew Futch 2 months ago
hockey steryotypes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
ItzDecky 2 months ago
They look so young.Tyler has no beard
Kaleb Smith 2 months ago
You should do soccer stereotype
B Brown 2 months ago
Any time someone turns around to look back down the hole to count their strokes is going to get you for one every time
Ricky Crosby 2 months ago
I know I’m late to the video, but it’s not a stereotype if it’s true. So spot on it ain’t even funny, great job guys.Most of these don’t bother me, I just laugh knowing they’re messing up or wrong. Tee box talker, ball hunter, and rules guy drive me up the wall!!!That said I’m the lie improver(because I’m not on tour not playing for millions) and mr mood swing(bad and good shots are about equal+my temper=this one). Thanks for the video, stay golden pony boy.
Geoffrey George 2 months ago
Trish Brewer 2 months ago
Not gonna lie ty looks like Haapy Gilmore
Nate Morse 2 months ago
I like how Cody is always Mr.Excuses