Mockingbird - Eminem (Piano cover Ender)

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Mockingbird -  Eminem (Piano cover Ender)

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İlker Kıvanç 5 days ago
İnsan yetenekli ve üretken olunca böyle oluyor. :) O odada Ender ile bulunmanın keyfini yaşadım. :)
Ender Coşkun 5 days ago
Abi ya özledim seni 😊 sağol güzel yorumların için.
LSDMT 15 days ago
hush little baby don't you Cry
Карим KARIM 20 days ago
Кто вообщем ставит дизлайки?
Arda Balcı 1 month ago
Sonicdash 8 1 month ago
The video has A delay of like 0.5 seconds and its irritating xD
welzo321 1 month ago
Stary napewno dumny
Sylvain Laurent 1 month ago
SaMuraİ A.K.A. KatanA 1 month ago
Emina Strelec 1 month ago
amazing probably the best cover i have ever heard.! where can i find these notes for piano? Pls somebody answer me
Taser 1 month ago
Gurur duydum lan
Ender Coşkun 1 month ago
Aleyküm selam sağolasın. :) güzel yorumun için teşekkürler
Taser 1 month ago
Mutfaktaki babayada selam :D
Paintball Videos 2 months ago
Holy shiitake mushroom this was great
Batuhan Çalıkuşu 2 months ago
Bravo :)
koowoo 2 months ago
Coooool i want to do it!!!!! Where can i get the note
donavan legrand 2 months ago
Very beautiful piano cover i love it
Notorious D.F 2 months ago
I love it😍
Luke Hart 2 months ago
Speed it up to 1.25x
crew bad gamer 2 months ago
Bro that's the best one iv ever heard
Yasin Dağlı 2 months ago
2 yıldır bu videoyu izliyorum piyanistin türk olduğunu yeni fark ettim
Maximilian Wohler 2 months ago
The world tries to teach us to not use violence. I cannot take a realm of fate in myself to make other peoples believes real without hurting anyone. I need to take a response to some others human mind and teach him he is not true to evolve my my own piece of mind. This. somewhat leaves pain. There is pain in this world. I don't know how I shall step through this world without feeling pain. Either me or someone else. Do you know what a big bomb does with a small one? He supress his cast. In my mind. the only way to hinder a weaker willed person from suffering is to only make him teach that you are stronger willed. BUT NOT THERE TO HARM HIM. A strong one can CONSUME power in his self but must not dared to use this will to shatter everything and everything. I do believe in light in darkness and in judgement. And I know there have to be a treatment. But a controlled one. There need to be people they are that strong.
Maximilian Wohler 2 months ago
When I look at myself how ugly I have become meanwhile and that without me listening to the music. It is kinda unbearable. I'm not in the realm of this world anymore. I look ugly. I don't look kind anymore. I don't look like I can take a care of someone I do love. I do not look like I can take a response for her words.I don't even look like im listening. I think the people do know how shattered I have become. But they still can't change me. They have to leave me in my fate. They tried me to do the best as they were bowing down in kindness and tried to give me something. All I did do with their power was bearing and consuming more hate to not enter a peacefull mind again. I didn't done it to believe in peace in this world again.
Maximilian Wohler 2 months ago
It really took me beyond my mind to swallow everything and still believe. in some point I just opened everything in me and let in the hate for power. I guess I know I just felt it. I wanted to have this power because I hated to believe in myself anymore. I just didn't wanted to suffer anymore. I wanted to set an end to every mind that did exist around me and was hindering me. The twist by this mind was. I didn't wanted to feel a joy either. I wanted to feel everbody safe. Like they did had a new start and didn't ever think about this pain they have endured before again.
Maximilian Wohler 2 months ago
Do you know what hate is? When you stop believing in yourself but there are still people that try to believe in you.
Maximilian Wohler 2 months ago
For me, there was nothing better than the power I do feel when I think about the people I wanted to protect. It may was sadness and pain deep under my body. but the love had balanced it out and gave me a real feeling.
Maximilian Wohler 2 months ago
This song is a realm of power.
Maximilian Wohler 3 months ago
I thought, how he can play this song for 10 minutes but accidently I did forget: I clicked repeat for 4 times.
Maximilian Wohler 2 months ago
Marshall really took care of his family. I can cry tears of blood to this.
Justin Brown 3 months ago
What kind of piano do you use?
capotavola 3 months ago
To fast and not nice left hand move!
edizderbreite 3 months ago
Cano o ilk oynadin sey hangi musik ?? 00:05-00:12
SHADI .S 3 months ago
Bagus Dana 3 months ago
Great music station
Kumar Prakhar 4 months ago
Bless you
Q Q 4 months ago
Whats that bald guy ?
Nur Gökçe 4 months ago
Harika yaa
MissAdrian2354 4 months ago
Absolutely magical. Thank you.
DimitrisV 6 months ago
Wow ,nice 😮👏
Lauren Chong 6 months ago
Here from Father Seth
Mr Experience 6 months ago
Efe Acar 7 months ago
ender93 nerde yav göremiyoruz bayadır
xXMrnobodyXx 7 months ago
his hands looks like manqin/ toy hands
Ebubekir Bayram 7 months ago
Monitörün Casper olduğunu görünce Türk kanalı olduğunu fark ettim isme dikkat etmemiştim :D
Furkan Yetkin 7 months ago
Amk 1 tane türk yok utanin lan yapan turk turk yorum yok
ARider Nanthipat 7 months ago
Grizzly. Mr 7 months ago
best song
Grizzly. Mr 7 months ago
Ender Coşkun you are welcome
Ender Coşkun 7 months ago
Grizzly mr. Thanks for watching :)
Mix Sense 7 months ago
love from egypt <3
Parovozik ty-ty 8 months ago
Thanks man.
Eric Karapetyan 8 months ago
Wonderful !!
eM 8 months ago
This was beautifully done
Sister Stina 8 months ago
Mockingbird is a masterpiece over all.
Toms Slesers 8 months ago
Very Nice
L Ä K E 8 months ago
Music is like magic 🎶
Ishaq 8 months ago
I'll go back to the jeweler who sold it to ya and make him est every carat don't fuck with dad (haha)
Waylon Magee 8 months ago
Seth Everman did it better
Fíricí 8 months ago
A monitor made by casper? :D Love the song
Max Gustavsson 8 months ago
Its just beautiful
Elvear 8 months ago
helal olsun
Ahmet Kahriman 9 months ago
youtubeda gördüğüm en iyi piano cover tebrikler :)
iytM3U 9 months ago
Thank you.
ArmaGeddON.! 9 months ago
Alright, take my like and stop making me cry
Miku Dreemurr 9 months ago
Bu videoyu bi türkün yapması ve bu kadar iltifat alması çok gurur verici arkandayız ❤️
HOTNOW TV 9 months ago
please may i use this for an instrumental i will make sure credit goes to you, amazing work mate well done
Toxic Python 10 months ago
Who came from Jacksecpticeyes try not to laugh
mcblauwal 10 months ago
it would be so nice if there were any chords for this masterpiece
Montin Yek 10 months ago
Aferin sana
Hanna Lester 10 months ago
This is mesmerisingly beautiful
none none 10 months ago
Sub to. My channel i well to yours
Clausen 10 months ago
Flow Jack 10 months ago
1:54 : damn my son play good
Doki Kun 1 year ago
The guy in the background lok
Kaner_ 7 months ago
Doki Kun lol
Alex Mckinstry 1 year ago
This is 1 of the best things I heard in my life I also heard the guitar cover
Tkisbet 1 year ago
Gūzel cover. Daha fazla abone hakediyorsun.
Mojtaba Rasooli 1 year ago
Death Song 1 year ago
Would you mind if i used some of your piano playing In a few of my youtube videos. for montage videos
Akın Koç 1 year ago
ulan bakmadan açtım baktım casper amk türk lan bu diyip infoya geçtim
Kalen Mazenc 1 year ago
If you like this check out my Dre mix on piano. 10 Dre and 5 Eminem tracks mashed together with a few others in 6 min. together with a few others in 6 min.
Kaan Dre 1 year ago
congrats, lad. tebrikler dostum :)
ineedtostopchangingmynameialwaysregretitafter oops 1 year ago
Lets be real we all came here from seth everman playing that one tiny part of this dont lie
Visual Arts 2 months ago
disqrm 2 months ago
Yes 😂😂 I want him to do a full cover of it
P-series 5 months ago
Lol wtffff how did you know
unknown EA 9 months ago
ineedtostopchangingmynameialwaysregretitafter oops shut up they cant know
Berkay Berk 1 year ago
Helal be!
Muhammad Elias Melad 1 year ago
still waiting for setheverman to make a piano cover of this song.
oğuzhan türküzel 1 year ago
en iyi slow rap beati olabilir bu ya harika
Alepter Z. 1 year ago
Seth? 😂
Alex Nijs 1 year ago
Do you use an app that tells you what the chords of the song are? If so please could you tell me what the app is, can’t find any useful videos on YouTube for Eminem songs, they’re all too simple
Bilboo Baggins 1 year ago
Yorum yapan Türk yok la
Beyza Topçu 1 year ago
Lauren Chong 1 year ago
How old are you? I'm impressed.
Ender Coşkun 1 year ago
Hasan Kartal 1 year ago
Nicki1202 1 year ago
Gives me some serious Ori and the blind forest vibes. Amazing cover
Molly Breckon 2 months ago
Lol thats my fave game. Excited for the second one to come out soon 😄😄
xraymone 1 year ago
wow. very good job! I try to copy you wish me luck :P
Richárd Thury 1 year ago
Well played! Amazing! Keep up!!
Uzun Eşşek 1 year ago
Eline sağlık
Zeus ayala 1 year ago
Wheres the music sheet?
frunefarian 1 year ago
Killa Doctoa 1 year ago
This videos sound is awesome - the right choice of which style on the e-piano you take to play that hymn of eminem is amazing. I really love the sound of acoustic pianos and normally I do not enjoy e-piano music but this time I did! Great work! Very nice! Therefore I Submit your channel! I want more if this
Nikos Bakloris 1 year ago
This is called 'MUSIC''
Ender Coşkun 28 days ago
Thank you 😊
casecarino 1 year ago
eline sağlık en sevdiğim şarkılardan biri
Cerita Dari Saya 1 year ago
*wish i can play piano like this. beautiful !*
birisi 1 year ago
Demek ki sadece gevurdan değil bizden de cevher çıkıyormuş arada. Kardeşim çok güzel çalıyorsun böyle devam et.
eco 1 year ago
Helal olsun kardeş. Maşallah
Ruhel I 1 year ago
Is there a mp3 download for this piece? If not, would you mind me downloading it and editing it so I can listen to it while I read? I have a strong liking for this song and the tranquillity which arises from it.
Tech Life 1 year ago
Ruhel I ill do it
Eduardo Battistini 1 year ago
Where can i find the sheets for this song????
Garrett Guerra 3 months ago
+Ender Coşkun plz make full Mockingjay on the piano
Eduardo Battistini 1 year ago
Ender Coşkun ohhh hahaha thats sad, this cover is amazing! Good work ;)
Ender Coşkun 1 year ago
Eduardo Battistini you cant find bro because this is my cover.