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Introverted Fangirl 6 months ago
That Sofia Vergara one has me dying every time
I’m 15 Xha birch 6 months ago
Vivvy 6 months ago
4:53 was it just me or did ellen pull her hair out
Belieber ! 6 months ago
i can’t 😂😂
Pho Xeea 6 months ago
I never laughed this hard in my entire life I'm crying 😂😂 Omg ellen we love you.
Taylor B 6 months ago
2:59 I have that cat head lol
Vasto Lorde 6 months ago
Hellooo hellooo 6 months ago
im dead the part no dont pull your hair out😂😂😂😂
J Sm 6 months ago
This made my day seriously 😂😂😂
Александр Минаков 6 months ago
Что за тупое несмешной юмор. Это даже юмором не назовешь.
Anum Khan 6 months ago
At 4:49 ellen deliberately pulled her hair out 😂😂😂
Letizia Moonlight 6 months ago
i need a hoe hahahaha i can't
Atheist Man 6 months ago
4:08 is that Miley Cyrus?
No good deed 6 months ago
Hahaha omg that last one
Compete LeBron 6 months ago
The best!!! 🤣🤣
moocha chunga 6 months ago
That last one always gets me 😂😂
kimia yaghmayi 6 months ago
I love you Ellen
Brooke Sutton-O'Brien 6 months ago
This is like try not to laugh , but u always laugh everh time
Unicorn Squad 6 months ago
0:49 her face when he said that she was like what!!
Angela Mabasa 6 months ago
no don't pull your hair out 😂😂
it’s me Giulia 6 months ago
Vanesa Malaga 6 months ago
Her laugh is so contagious hahaha
Mercy Daniel 6 months ago
Her laugh makes everything a thousand times better 😂😂
Emerald Kelsi 6 months ago
3:02 lmaoo the timing
Vinz Gangano 6 months ago
I love ellen so much!!!
Harshita Purohit 6 months ago
Ellen.how lovely smile she has😍😍😍. that's sooo funny video 😅😅😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sadam Aljazirah 6 months ago
what the name of the maroon 5 song in there???anyone please.
Tran Tuan 6 months ago
3:51 Anyone please explain to me why it was funny
Karen Bailey 6 months ago
That was funny 😂
Alaa Hesham 6 months ago
i love her smile 😍♥️
Andrew Novitsky 6 months ago
the last one
Donna Coupe 6 months ago
Weeping with laughter and it’s the middle of the night here !
Ashton_Arinas.gymnast and gamer 6 months ago
3:37 me
Chergimo Los 6 months ago
I'm crying so hard😂😂😂😂
tracy langsley 6 months ago
I would love to work on her show it looks like so much fun!
samarth gulla 6 months ago
Don't pull your hair.
Rena Grey 6 months ago
I love Ellen's laugh, it's so contagious!!
samarth gulla 6 months ago
It's been long time since I laughed pretty hard.
Ben Smith 6 months ago
Ellen's staff is useless XD
Virginia lam kam 6 months ago
I just learned a lesson today. When things go wrong, just laugh.
Xristina T. 6 months ago
I'm crying 😂😂😂
Mari Mcor 6 months ago
I’m not even a minute into this video and I’m already laughing tears
Mal R 6 months ago
1:35 the mug who just keeps dancing😂😂😂
Eilis Bracau 6 months ago
That last but was so funny I cried!!! 😂😂
Xuyen Nguyen 7 months ago
I don't get the cornhole joke
Gregory Adkins 7 months ago
A semi long haired Ellen in the early years.
Girish Sivasankaran 7 months ago
u could hav cut the length of the pedicure sock.
Main Street Customs 33513 7 months ago
I love Ellen
Countess Anna 7 months ago
im laughing with tears, ooohhhh my my 🤣🤣
Kaleb Berend 7 months ago
I love you, Ms. Ellen D.!
Saphir Star 7 months ago
Corn hole 🤣
It's Delux 7 months ago
“I need a hoe” 😂
Starmella 7 months ago
My stomach hurts now 😂😂
Starmella 7 months ago
2:56 OMG that laugh she does with sofia sounds so funny i love it
Horses play MINECRAFT 7 months ago
that cat on the motorcycle thing is gonna be me
TheAnimation Clubッ 7 months ago
0:23 omg stop trying to mate
江振維 7 months ago
01:35 still dancing 😂
Evaiplier 7 months ago
4:20 when your chip break in the guacamole
Qxeen Naiinaii 7 months ago
I wanted to see the cracked tv so bad
People Suck 7 months ago
The only thing i can say to this is That went well
I am Me 7 months ago
I laughed so hard I started crying
Makayla Cross 7 months ago
4:42 to 5:00 When twenty one pilots came back
Rita Nunley 7 months ago
Nothing better than watching Ellen laugh!
Kinsleigh Parker 7 months ago
She is so beautiful. 💕
laughingallthetime50 7 months ago
The last bit was the best!
Fortnitenoob 1.0 7 months ago
Is that real guak
xxaubrixx mini erika costell 7 months ago
That last one made me die 😂🤣🤣😁😂🤣😅😆
Vlogs vlogs 7 months ago
So funny🤗😂
Danielle Hudak 7 months ago
Her studio would be the funnest place to work! 😂👍🏻
Joanne Hopes 7 months ago
The very last clip I was crying laughing 😂
Jacqueline Fernandez 7 months ago
Man, I laughed so hard! My throat hurts.
Jackwarton plays fortnight Tv 7 months ago
This is like sooo funny
Anonymous Llama 7 months ago
Am I ok???
eman serwan 7 months ago
I've been watching ellen clips for hours.
Kryslin Blanchard 7 months ago
Omg shipia😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Janjay Kiahon 7 months ago
ibighit l 7 months ago
Abhishek Deshpande 7 months ago
That moment with jlo was best 😂
Morgan King 7 months ago
The one thing that annoys me is near the end when Claudia is wearing that balaclava Ellen tells her not to pull her hair through the eye then blatantly pulls it through herself. just saying.
OPTI MISTIC 7 months ago
the best and lovely respectful lady love u ellen so much algeria
sôphie Tlou 7 months ago
The ending floored me 😭😂😂
Not Sure 7 months ago
2:54 Ellen's laugh hahahahahah
Nana Koni7 7 months ago
that's so funny
Naomi Nuňez 7 months ago
Omg look at this
Vicky 12 7 months ago
The little girl losing faith! 😂😂
Flor Sacone 7 months ago
K4TI3 _gymnast 7 months ago
The last one made me have a laughing fit 😂😂
Sia Stagram :] 7 months ago
*THAT SNAKE!!!!!* 😂😂😂😂
The Eshals 7 months ago
the ending won it all! no dont pull ur hair out! ahhahahahahahahahahahahahhaha! cannot stop laughing! died!
RLMP The Gamer 7 months ago
Wow that manage to make me laugh XD lol That snake is really hungry Hahahahahahaha
Gizem Süper 7 months ago
Beni sütüdyona davet eder misin? Yani senin 12 yaşındaki bir hayranını. Bilemiyorum seni neden bu kadar çok sevdiğimi fakat seninle tanışmak gerçekleştirecek en büyük hayalimi i love you ellen
Shakira ocasio 7 months ago
Illyasviel von Einzbern 7 months ago
the cup is still dancing xd
KillMyVocals 7 months ago
omg im crying Ellen: i need a hug Guy on phone: I need a hoe Me: same lmfao i love ellen
Karan Shukla 7 months ago
Ending is dope
Weronika 7 months ago
Nkryptchon 01 7 months ago
Ellen, these are the vids I like the best. When your laughing so hard you can't control it. Only Robin Williams could make me laugh like that and it feels great RIP Robin you are missed.
Sugar Addict 7 months ago
I love Kim from Home and Family!
Şəbnəm Alizadə 7 months ago
Love Ellen💕
Esika Arman 7 months ago