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Pål Arne Pedersen 21 days ago
Ehhh better than Nothing Thx! And maybe in the futher IT will be in HD
Sasuke garage 21 days ago
Thanks you for uploading! Mint!
Galo Forte Vingador 21 days ago
Guys, I created a group on WhatsApp, for all Hey Arnold fans! This is the link if you want to log in:
Sakitsune09 Arriaga 21 days ago
Thank you Thank you Thank you soooooooo much been waitin for this for a long time and finally Helga and Arnold are together ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤠
Женя Войтик 21 days ago
thank you guys, only maybe we have a better quality ?
Starco dork 21 days ago
KURO NEKO 21 days ago
thank you so much
Maymal G 21 days ago
Thank you so much for uploading
TheDracoChick 21 days ago
Helga Princess-Dairyed the hell out of that kiss. Lol XD
Rone 21 days ago
inb4 this is taken down. Accomplished watching this whole thing before viacom/youtube takes it down.
Steven 21 days ago
Rone me too dude
avalon 269 21 days ago
you rock hopefully Jewtube doesn't take it down
Victor Gutierrez 21 days ago
If you say so ☺
avalon 269 21 days ago
Victor Gutierrez it's just a figure of speech making fun of YouTube for taking down allot of videos
Victor Gutierrez 21 days ago
That's racist 😐
Bobb-z Callahan 21 days ago
I missed it earlier, but I just watched it (from 12:30 A.M. onward where I am). You for real made my day. I, like many other 90s kids, are very happy to see this movie.
Linda Cundiff 21 days ago
Omg omg im fucking happy
That One Guy Who's On Social Media 21 days ago
I bet you a couple minutes later viaCUNT will come and block it.
Pequi Mou 21 days ago
Thank youuu!!!!!!!!!! I cant see the movie in my contry!! Thanksss!!!!!❤❤
Phil Wimes 21 days ago
fixed ur camera angle but great movie thank you for recording
Joshua Foote 21 days ago
The commercials are kind of annoying but it's OK.
Ronald Mata 21 days ago
Nice 360p 😍 Excellent camera job 😍
Simeon Real 21 days ago
Ronald Mata LOL
Rasheed Bradley 21 days ago
Learn how to hold a camera still smh
111694R1 21 days ago
Hey they probably did it liek that so no copy right infringement act is pressed against them
DuckGamer22 Official 21 days ago
? what