How to Post & Share A Youtube Video On Facebook

How to Post & Share A Youtube Video On Facebook

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Bookmark and Share In this video will you'll learn 3 ways to post a YouTube Video onto Facbook which range from doing it manually to having to happen on auto-pilot and you'll also learn how to edit the title and description of that You Tube video that you share on Face Book...

Posting YouTube Video to Facebook Strategy #1 :
First you'll see how to manually share a video from YouTube on Facebook by sharing the actual link in a Facebook Status Update.

Posting YouTube Video to Facebook Strategy #2 :
Next you'll learn how to share a YouTube video on Facebook using the "Facebook Share" Button that can be found near the YouTube Video itself on the Video Page.

Posting YouTube Video to Facebook Strategy #3 :

Finally, you'll learn how to "SYNC" up your Facebook & YouTube account so that any video you upload, like, comment on, etc will AUTOMATICALLY be posted to your Facebook Newsfeed for all your friends to see without any additional action needed at all on your part.

BONUS STRATEGY for Posting YouTube Video to Facebook :

You'll also be shown a bonus strategy on how to post a YouTube video in a Facebook Comment.

This is just a small piece of the Social Media Money Masters "Syndication" Formula that is taught to members of SM Masters. For more free action training videos like this and to get on the Social Media Money Masters Newsletter list please visit...
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Text Comments (79)
Tiein smith (1 month ago)
this video is about how to post and share a youtube video on face book/////
i think this video wil help u ....
pls leave a comment on my video ...
and i wll show u more video ..
thankz peace out.
Yeshelong (5 months ago)
How do I add mv in middle of posts..conversation? Rather then just on my FB
page? I know duhh question but I'm using iPad haven't figured this one out
Amiruddin Gilani (10 months ago)
Best idea I got from you to share video from youtube to my facebook.
Pegleglester (10 months ago)
Perhaps this would have been easier to understand if you had scripted it
first, instead of just rambling impromptu.
Cellariusianua (7 months ago)
Does anyone know why when you share or manually post a YouTube link to
facebook that they don't play on fb anymore & they just link to YouTube?
It's really annoying & I'd like them to play on my wall like they used to..
DIYHT (4 months ago)
You talk a lot - get to the point
Video1277 (1 year ago)
HeavilyGamer (1 year ago)
do a 2014 version of this tutorial!!
Flo johnson (1 year ago)
I'm having the same problem. I was able to do exactly as you showed in
this video, but now get an error message. Is this something new or are my
settings messed up? thank you if you can help
Kevin DaSilva (2 years ago)
Hey Larry. Thats awesome! Happy was able to help you out! ~Kevin
Kene Okeke (1 year ago)
I know right
Etherealmist76 (1 year ago)
oh my, I couldn't figure out how to share a video with any of my friends,
and you just showed me! Thank you!!!!
Mskrod2010 (3 years ago)
Love your accent... And thanks for the video!
Tanselslove (1 year ago)
thanks! I have the problem trying to share 1 single video without it
showing all the suggestions in the window also. exp. I want to share 1 song
when it is finished it shows all kinds of stuff to click on that I didn"t
even watch or would recomend?? Can you help? thanks
Grimmjowusmexybeast (3 years ago)
really helpful, I used to post them but it used to frustate me cuz the
pictures wouldnt pop up XD lol but thank you so much! now i know how to
post em :)
Elliott Quinn (2 years ago)
hey man i have a question, ive just made a facebook page and want to post
videos without having to post the link, how do i do this?
Mauricio Escalante (2 years ago)
good stuff, and good voice too! :D
Piccolo Koala (1 year ago)
Hi i got a question for you. In these last days i got a problem to share
vidoes from youtube to facebook. And i have tried to copy the url but
facebook doesnt show video icon. Could you help me to solve this problem?
thanks in advancee

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