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mike Kelly 21 days ago
Putting lipstick on a pig doesn't make him presidential does it?
Jan Hollon 21 days ago
Obama needs a place card below his chin with a series of numbers and a bright orange jumpsuit.
mason yahn 21 days ago
Our country is stronger and soon it will be massively strong we are getting rid of Obama and Hillary messes and liberal DEM left dreamers !!!
John Liverpool 21 days ago
Yelin is a typical zionist jew pupit. The pound is being drained Kennedy was assassinated because he was going to expose the Fed and it's fraud. Just ask who ard these people and who on this earth gave them so much power. I was not me.
Notsocommon34 21 days ago
Clicks on video, hears Text-to-Speech on a serious political video, dislikes clickes off
Star Wright 21 days ago
I wish Obama would keep his face out of the media.
Timothy Montgomery 21 days ago
Good riddance, now END THE FED!
rundhe4d 21 days ago
If Yellen resigns its employers open door policy political or private,if she goes life goes on,there are better fed. reserve chairman candidates out there to find.
GR. Hollman 21 days ago
People this channel tells nothing but lies. Why you chose to listen to lies will harm you and your families. Why don't you look facts up, watch real sourced news or watch open government hearings or at least read legislation use your brains as to their effect then look at the party line votes. Wise Up!
M. gregory 21 days ago
President TRUMP ask for an OVERHAUL of The FED RESERVE FBI,CIA n more,one at a time.I've NEVER TRUSTED these wall street cond as FED RESERVE chair.
a c 21 days ago
Fire her now! Shut down the federal reserve!
Kathie Logan 21 days ago
Arrest these criminals!
Believe In Senpai 21 days ago
If I could see the number of subscribers I would subscribe
Gary Farmer 21 days ago
That's my President! Head better than the last good one, Ronald Reagan.
flofancy1 21 days ago
Huh??? This happened during the week of a holiday??? I'd love for this to be true, but timing is suspect.