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Diplo 4 months ago
big up to french, lil pump and zhavia on this one
KevinGironVEVO 1 month ago
KurbaszymPlay 1 month ago
500 comment
banan cr 2 months ago
Diplo ks
xLeyber01 2 months ago
Deadpool 2 la mejor película que e visto 😎😀
Derick Daniel 2 months ago
Diplo hi
Надежда Чудотворова 26 days ago
Топовая песня , в особенности памп
Эллада Саркисян 26 days ago
Крутая песня
Taras Shevchenko 26 days ago
Q3E1 , 26 days ago
Lil Pump is on Fire
Chevas Immanuel 26 days ago
I like this Song cuz watch deadpool 2 and Heard This Song(Omg This Song Fvcking SWAG) SorryForLanguage PeaceFromIndoNesia
Inzwerio SWK 26 days ago
0:11 who else heard 6ix9ine
Erin Mash 26 days ago
Everyone just loves Lil Pump 😂😂
lowkey 26 days ago
1:51 The only good part of this song
الحزقة tv 27 days ago
Morocco 💚❤
Tim Geschke 27 days ago
For all the People saying lol Pump cant rap
SUPRA GANGSTA 27 days ago
Ester egs dreected (little Molly) Tomy cash
Agent 007 27 days ago
*Actually the song is really good after 3 listenings :D*
Reqeez Rafiq 27 days ago
Malmö FF - Futboll 27 days ago
Gaming World 27 days ago
BufflebenII 27 days ago
*_Cadê a galera BR?_*
Jackie Chu 27 days ago
Lil pump added that extra topping on my pizza
ZWOOD3NXROUT3RZ 27 days ago
Deadpool😂😂😂😂made me come here
Benjamin Torres Saez 27 days ago
Esketittt Lil pump
Julius Rose 27 days ago
1:50 the best part
Joao Vitor 27 days ago
Tem br nessa poha???
Osteoporosis #FreePeanut 27 days ago
Why tf do Lil Pump and Zhavia look like brother and sister
pierre martel 27 days ago
0.17.hottest woman I ever see in my life.WOW
young- san 27 days ago
KORN FOR LIFE 27 days ago
1:51 mmmm
super spid3r 27 days ago
Chandler Riggs 27 days ago
Dax Lenard 27 days ago
Good thing little pump was here 🤯
Ski Mask The Slump God 27 days ago
I nutted to this song
Angeles Charles 27 days ago
What lover
Harry Brill 27 days ago
Adel Alexis Mancuso 27 days ago
jason br 27 days ago
Vim pelo deadpool
Josue Santos 27 days ago
Lets be honest yall just came for lil pump but lil pump part was lit🔥🔥👌
Swiss Power 27 days ago
skimaskboii 13 27 days ago
Lil pump snapped idc what you all think
Dee Bail Bonds 27 days ago
Diplo is so sexxyyy. Oh yea um the guy that raps saves the song like you all said. AND MY GIRL ZHAVIA 😍😍😍
Xamericanskullx 36 27 days ago
Put it 2x it sound like horse galloping
Jumpy 27 days ago
2:08 The Sub-Drop is amazing :)
Shot Varekx 27 days ago
Nie wiem czemu ta w tych dredach bardzo mi przypomina mamiko :D
PatryczeQ 27 days ago
Latifa Lwidadia 27 days ago
French montana ♡
Summer Hockley 27 days ago
French looks scary 😧
Nemanja Todorovic 27 days ago
My god lil pump killed it 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Gaetan Macaigne 27 days ago
Lourd 💥💥💥
Lil Dave 27 days ago
🤑🤑🤑 Esskeetit 🤑🤑🤑
SpaceGaming01 27 days ago
Deadpool 2 and bo4 any1?
Roza Garac 27 days ago
I love how Zhavia is tryna act cool
Matthias 27 days ago
Is French Montana talented?
6IX ASC 27 days ago
Like for death pool in more music videos!!!
Pavle Milojevic 27 days ago
This song make me eat my own foot
Pavle Milojevic 27 days ago
Btw in good way
Рауль БОГДАНОВ 27 days ago
Эта бабушка здесь определённо лишняя.
QwipSy Confidence 27 days ago
DefaultyBoi 27 days ago
who is tfue
fenix 36 27 days ago
Kto Polak?
Too Poor 27 days ago
1:52 baby 💔
knee grow 27 days ago
Itz Weizer :3 27 days ago
Велком ту зе пати епт
ATGS NIXHAH 27 days ago
Pump did best
Emmanuel Lavoie 27 days ago
Who here before 100M
My_Universe1290 27 days ago
Lil Pump really went off damn
Тамара Алисейка 27 days ago
Welcome to the party
Jan Jagiełowicz 27 days ago
Diplo is the one who is tallented in this song
Erick :v 27 days ago
The movie the Deadpool is the. 2 o 1?
Taehyung squishy face 27 days ago
Alexander R 27 days ago
What song has a similar beat but came out like 5 years ago I neeed to find it
Darius Gaming 27 days ago
Neekh 27 days ago
Lil Pump saved the freaking song
Salty Experience 27 days ago
Deadpool 2 was lit
GĄBKA. TV 27 days ago
My janusze wiemy jak
mr rebel fan 27 days ago
lil pump: spent $3k on some shades! *Girl turns around really fast*
lil junior 27 days ago
lil pump Saved it
Taehyung squishy face 27 days ago
The part you want is 1:50 Thank me later
ToRy 27 days ago
Lil pump literraly saves the song.lets talk abouta bout it
Carnell Poindexter 27 days ago
Here before 100 million
Dee Freeman 27 days ago
M1ghty 27 days ago
am i the only one that didn't even know that lil pump was in the song lol?
Nguyễn Tùng 28 days ago
french is not fire enough for this motherfucking beat, my boy lil pump is killing it, amazing
The_Dog_Okay -_- 28 days ago
1:48 when you a kid and are left home alone
VALAK 28 days ago
HekuT 28 days ago
Где русскиееееееее аааааааа
Stxrch 28 days ago
Lil Pumps part is🔥
Jake Garnett 28 days ago
Jesus Christ, French Montana is fucking awful. What the fuck is he even saying?
Filip Ambro 28 days ago
ULST3R GAMING 28 days ago
The only good lil pump song
Zenize 28 days ago
Deadpool 2.!
Arthanian Montana 28 days ago
Wow french montana
The Rabbitz 28 days ago
Technically this was originally supposed to be a Lil Pump song. And then Diplo made it better. Pump gave him permission to publish it through his own name and he added French Montana & Zhavia Ward onto it.
ShortyOfficial 28 days ago
they made a trap of this song but the official song is beta and i cant stop listening ti this and im pretty sure that most of these views r from me
EXROX 28 days ago
When Deadpool jump it looked like he is playing pubg😁
Tanner Joseph 28 days ago
I showed this to Tfue and he became ninja
Jeanpi Castro 28 days ago
Jaquan Gamez 28 days ago
KING ANDE 28 days ago
Lil pump look like he can be a god damn female lol fucking punk
Cheeto Panther 28 days ago
Absolute banger
Sheryl Maser 28 days ago
I love your voice
stop sign 28 days ago
Lil pump got me goin WILD
dark side 28 days ago
Who put there whole volume at 1:51??
Gianni Barragán 28 days ago
que tal hermanitos, aqui escuchando buena musica
soccer crew bc3 28 days ago
Dang lil pump
João games 28 days ago
Cadê os BR