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Ivan Muller 4 months ago
Civilian Harold Jeremiah Reyes 6 months ago
West block
Maurice Malone 6 months ago
Draymond green sr 13 pts, 11 rebs, 7 ast is a problem out there 💯
Donald Goines 6 months ago
KD 🍰 33 points 💯
Swaggy Nigga 6 months ago
5:19 monster block
Alby damned 6 months ago
Great game
Spoonierbump 6 months ago
Wheres curry?
X SKI 6 months ago
Kcp should've passed it to lonzo for the GW , terrible shot
Skaadi 6 months ago
it's another Lake show, not surprised
Skaadi 6 months ago
Larry Nance dunk on KD was hot
Skaadi 6 months ago
Leefo 3 6 months ago
Refs wanted to go home that night!
Big Daddy 6 months ago
wait let me reword that I just dont believe Zo is playing to his full potential
Big Daddy 6 months ago
is it just me but is it that ZO looks like hes not trying his best
SBM Gaming 6 months ago
Durant wet that sh*t 8:33
SBM Gaming 6 months ago
Warriors shhould go ahaead and make nick young starting PF or sixth man cuz iggy getting old.
MAY ANN Junio 6 months ago
Can't wait for Stephen Curry to get back for GSW. Good job warriors though but they're just different with him around
Daffa Farell 6 months ago
noob lonzo
BullsithDetector 6 months ago
Damn this game was good
Justin Vader 6 months ago
Snakes always gets poster.
Jack M 6 months ago
Holy shit Nance's dunk over KD was the dunk of the year.
kobe bryant 6 months ago
jon moonie 6 months ago
He needs to dunk those man I'm starting to like Lonzo again
Kevin Durant 6 months ago
In your face Lonzo!
watchful news 6 months ago
Kevin Durant best player best record, best defence nuff said.
cb300o 6 months ago
Bronze relentless finisher badge
Brandon Espinoza 6 months ago
Where waa kobe sitting?
Tris Matu 6 months ago
That block by Bell on Ingram tho that gotta be SC top 10, good game tho cant wait for xmas game gsw vs cavs
A smelly Taco 6 months ago
Game winner by kd was 100% contested wTF!!!! What the hell are you supposed to do in that situation
Matt Coppola 6 months ago
The way lonzo played in OT is the Lonzo we saw at UCLA
dkim 6 months ago
kd got dunked on a few times but that’s what happens when you’re the team’s main shot blocker for the night. didn’t let it get to his head and smacked the lakers plus the game winner.
MaximumEfficiency 6 months ago
Bryant selfish!
ordinary Sneaks 6 months ago
Zo should have dunked that shit bruh
TheCanadianProject gaming 6 months ago
Yo so both okayers at the last 6 seconds didint pass omg lol
Jack Jack 6 months ago
Rocket Cavs Celtic Spur Warrior
Suplixes _ 6 months ago
Jack Jack you're autistic
J.S. 6 months ago
nothing without Curry
Dyllon41 6 months ago
Joki cro LMFAO shut your bitch ass up
brandon 6 months ago
lonzo is gonna be a hell of a player
Isaac 5 months ago
brandon Austin river 2.0 fym
ordinary Sneaks 6 months ago
yeah mofos keep sleeping tho
Connecticut Freshest 6 months ago
Snake gets dunked on as always 😂😂
Connecticut Freshest 6 months ago
JL R we got LeBron a way better player and who gets a ring by himself KD gotta join a team he can't beat to get an easy ring FOH gown ass nigga hold this L pussy dick breath ass nigga takin KD nuts up da ass
Connecticut Freshest 6 months ago
JL R nigga idgaf bout KD ya can have him 😂😂 and damn blowin me up lik a female u needa calm yo tits lil nigga and somebody salty cuz they ugly and gets no bitches, lol u get all the gay boys who lik u awww its ok
JL R 6 months ago
Connecticut UNFreshest...Why tf you worried about what team KD joined???? How tf is that hurting you??? Y'all mf's taking this shit too personally against this man. Let KD do him and you worry about your own sorry ass. Y'all mf's pathetic as fuck. Man I swear, y'all need some mf lives sitting here worrying about a grown ass man's decision for HIS CAREER. Get a career of your own first before worrying about somebody else's. If you hate him that much, stop looking at and commenting on videos about him. I ain't a dick rider either. I just get sick of y'all lame ass niggas doggin KD out for something that he did that hurt your feelings. Now go back to sucking your mama's titties and crying to her, you little butt-hurt maggot..
JL R 6 months ago
eat a pussy, you pussy face bitch.stop hatin on THE GREAT DURANT you thot
Connecticut Freshest 6 months ago
JL RIVERS eat a dick, dick rider 😴
Mike Takusi 6 months ago
Caldwell-Pope should have given Lonzo the ball once he got the redound and allowed him to create an open game winning shot for someone. That's what he does! I guarantee if he had the ball the last 5 seconds of regulation Lakers would have had a better look than they got for the potential game winner. Factz cuhhh.
Connecticut Freshest 6 months ago
Surprised this nigga Lonzo not on the thumbnail
DB Tube 6 months ago
Lonzo was lit
George B 6 months ago
Why not dunk it at the end
Carlos Jones 6 months ago
Jordan bell is the best rookie in this game by far
Wayon Ng 6 months ago
Kobe has no eye see LA always lose, left early
Space Jackson 6 months ago
1:13 is just like Paul George
Onyx 2K 6 months ago
Buom Kunen 6 months ago
I don’t understand why don’t the coaches get hyped whenever one of their players dunks on somebody, gets a block etc. they show no emotion
Dyllon41 6 months ago
Buom Kunen um because they don't give a shit about a single play why didn't walton get excited? Well because he wants the win not a dunk and they lost they're happy when they win come on bro they show professionalism
Rauverid Tan 6 months ago
kuzma beast
Alan KS 6 months ago
well that's an aggressive lonzo.just not enough.either dunk that or try something more deceptive man, it's no college ball here.
Kyle Jefferson 6 months ago
I wasnt invited to the block party :(
isrv 6 months ago
Kyle Jefferson can't forget the posters :)
Zo should had jam that bidch or reverse it
g9kyra 6 months ago
Great game to watch! 2 monster dunks, Kobe's jersey retirements, Staples Center packed with legends, Ingram vs Durant, watching young talent play. Great entertainment! Lakers take extra shifts shooting free throws collectively (though Ingram's stroke looks good, he'll be fine) and you'll win those games soon, especially when you consider that they couldn't stop Brandon without fouling
enter.the.void.II 6 months ago
lolonzo noball embarrassed himself there properly :D
Charles Bullard 6 months ago
Wow what a good game. This young Lakers team has a lot of potential
JL R 6 months ago
Yes they do, and they're fun to watch.
pharm s 6 months ago
ximo! always thankyou!!!!!!!!
Joey Barrales 6 months ago
Ball should’ve stuff that shit down with authority. Everyone in the whole arena knew he was going for the layup.
serpserpserp 6 months ago
I like the fact that KD contests everything now like he is Mutombo or something. He didn't try and block crap in OKC.
Teokill Teokill 6 months ago
Durant is the goat 36-11-8-3 and game winner on a bad night for him
Pj Cohen 6 months ago
my god the best game of this season so far. KD being posterized, lonzo drops 3s, klay amazing, KD clutch and overtimre. U cant ask for much more
Lil UltraLight 6 months ago
Durant got YAMMED on
jonjon 6 months ago
The game sportscenter would brag about Zo, but Dwest said no
Jay Pros 6 months ago
Instead of trying to kiss it off the glass for a layup, he should’ve dunked like his 6’6 frame allows, maybe could’ve went to double OT
yeh peter 6 months ago
west > ball
PEDROJELLO 6 months ago
ZO that a dunk or a jelly not a backboard layup, but man good try everyone learns from mistakes
REDD 6 months ago
You can hear the diss disappointment from the crowd!!lol
MAY-PAC 6 months ago
Kevin Durant won me money tonight.Thank you KD.I'm cashing out and not gambling again for the rest of the year.😎😎😎
REDD 6 months ago
They said last game that warriors won because no kuzma. Now no green no curry. Just wait 3yrs. Lakers will be good.
Timothy Brown 6 months ago
Zo played well, but West snatched his glory.
watchful news 6 months ago
36pts, 8ast, 11rebs 3blks and shot the game winner in his face like dont forget how i get down, kd best 2 way player in the game now.
watchful news 6 months ago
Brandon Logan well he did mind your business, try that
Lil Tay 6 months ago
watchful news he said his opinion, regardless of how crazy it is no one should get cussed at.
watchful news 6 months ago
Brandon Logan round here, saying crazy shit gonna get you a crazy response, think before you talk especially if you want respect back, or else you get what you get.
Lil Tay 6 months ago
watchful news let’s keep it friendly dude.
s3nz3i millyun 6 months ago
Lonzo got the pull up and the OG West block within seconds.
SON GOHAN 6 months ago
Man.good effort Zo.
Beardy Moody 6 months ago
I love how golden state play ball, but i am a die hard fan of lakers, I always root for warrior to win except when they play lakers.
raven 0350 6 months ago
The block by bell on ingram though
Mack Osias 6 months ago
What happened to kuzma
Rh Hr 6 months ago
Kd clutch
LightFuse 6 months ago
Wow. This is more exciting than it should be considering the difference in rankings.
Baby-Faced Assasin 6 months ago
Easy Money! KD with the dagger right on Lonzo's face!
AlieZ 6 months ago
Lonzo stick to the passing, going to the rim ain't your thing bruh.
Quimane Richardson 6 months ago
he will get better, how many times curry got blocked by james think he can go in? does that make him bad at it? no, hes gotten good through his mistakes
John Owhe 6 months ago
Marshmallow This is why you are sitting in front of your computer talking foolishness while lonzo is in the NBA
PFC Aldridge 6 months ago
Marshmallow stop hating. How do you expect a player to progress by just doing what they do best. LeBron couldn't shoot worth for shit and now he can. For a player to expand their game they have to get out there comfort zone and do things there not used to.
AlieZ 6 months ago
Making it a couple possessions doesn't make him good at it, he's bad at this and you know it. Beside, he got blocked like 10 times this game.
Carson Moore 6 months ago
He actually should keep driving. It’s helping them a lot.
Parkour Panda 6 months ago
Well that was a close game then I thought it would be. Good game lakers and thank you kd and David west to get that W. That game was for you Kobe
LightFuse 6 months ago
That goaltending call on Brewer was bullshit. LeBron gets away with it every single time.
Toomuchsauce 6 months ago
What's weird I always thought that should be called to
LightFuse 6 months ago
Kappa Appak Not until you tell me how you pronounce your name in reverse
Kappa Appak 6 months ago
LightFuse Pls send link or upload videos of lebron's chasedown block that should be goaltending.
Shwabbit 6 months ago
Every single time.
LightFuse 6 months ago
Prime Rose There you go. Case closed. He goaltends. And he goaltends but doesn't get called (sometimes). Please don't choke.
No Name 6 months ago
7 points in overtime alone. That shut a few ppl up. But it won't cause they don't really watch basketball.
Shwabbit 6 months ago
Marshmallow All you do is hate SMH
The G.O.D Christ #GreekLord 6 months ago
12 pts in overtime
A Ali 6 months ago
Marshmallow HIS DAD said that lmao. How you gonna hate on someone based on what someone else says about them?
mighty bond 6 months ago
Ason Unique 6 months ago
Ebun321 6 months ago
That ugh by that fan at the end of the game 🤣
Paul F. 6 months ago
Lebron having flashbacks watching KD drain the GW shot in Lonzo's grill lol
watchful news 6 months ago
no he spelled pestered because his truth came out, the only thing these kd haters wanna do is pester kd, problem is while they laughing thinking that shit working, kd has left a shot dominate ball hog who has a fucked up record without him, won an olympic gold medal, finals mvp, and championship, and is currantly destroying the nba while 3 of his starting 5 is out the shit aint working you know your good when your being accused of destroying the game
A Ali 6 months ago
Andrew Blackop lmfao PTSD
Andrew Blackop 6 months ago
Bronsexuals have PTSD from that lol
Milk 2 Percent 6 months ago
4:50 Watch lonzo take a picture of a snake
Eliza Doggy 6 months ago
you a dumbass you cannot even spell postered right lmao.
Benito Rivas 6 months ago
Larry showed everyone who's gonna be dunk champ, Zaza taught KD how to break someone's ankles, and Kuzma showed all the legends who's the best rookie on the Lakers Lonzo-min39 pts16 reb6 ast6 Kuzma-min40 pts28 reb6 ast3
trololololololol2367 5 months ago
TheMozk No, it is relevant to compare by age. While both rookies, one of them went through 3 years of college and the other did 1 year of college. A 22 year old usually also has a more mature body compared to a 20 year old. So no, for young players age is quite relevant.
TheMozk 5 months ago
What's stupid is to compare someone by their age and not experience/time played/situation
trololololololol2367 6 months ago
Well kuzma is like, 3 years older than lonzo. Lonzo wasnt drafted above kuzma cus of how good he is but because of his ceiling. I like them both but to compare them at this stage is stupid.
Rell Montana 6 months ago
Zo played his heart man things not gonna be perfect Kobe missed over a hundred game winners but he made 100 more keep grinding zo💯😅
remy-nesquik 6 months ago
I will celebrate when that happens, but for now Kobe is the leader in that dept.
Kaleal Ennis 6 months ago
remy-nesquik. When lebron retires he will have more than kobe lebron has 30 game winners now
remy-nesquik 6 months ago
You all are splitting hairs here. Minus the exaggeration, Kobe still has THE MOST GAME WINNERS in the NBA. More than MJ, more than Lebron.So with that being said, I have to wonder how many game winners he has made since he was born?
Rell Montana 6 months ago
Kaleal Ennis right lmao like wtf
Kaleal Ennis 6 months ago
remy-nesquik Its the Nba nigga forget all of that
Sixersguy 6 months ago
Russell Westbrook 6 months ago
Did randle dunk on a snake???how is that possible
Angel Dominguez 6 months ago
Elcarim let's face it. No matter what, everyone is gonna have an excuse for their own team, but when it comes to the warriors, anything we do is a crime because our team is good nowadays.
Elcarim 6 months ago
Angel Dominguez okc is not a super team they have big 3 and still figuring things out. The problem of okc is the coach and Russell westbrook. Idk russell keep shooting the ball instead of running the ball they have bad chemistry and coach problem that's it.
Milk 2 Percent 6 months ago
4:50 lonzo takes picture of a snake
Angel Dominguez 6 months ago
Russell Westbrook did okc try to create a super team and go 15-15 in their first 30 games? How is that possible
Victor Chavez 6 months ago
It was both
Truth Reigns 6 months ago
Warriors' commentators are so unbiased that it's legitimately fun to hear them. They give the other team props on literally any play.
Exhuume 6 months ago
Quimane Richardson 6 months ago
i hate listening to bias commentators , its ridiculous the shit they say
Jake Brand 6 months ago
Facts. Never understood why people say they're the opposite.
Jaime Herrera 6 months ago
Definitely agree. These guys make me feel like I’m watching ESPN or TNT
E7Suspect 6 months ago
KD got dunked on badly but he's still 2 Best in the world
TheMozk 5 months ago
It always entertains me how delusional bronsexuals are. Durant is the best right now no contest and lebron is may or may not be(depending on personal opinion) in the top 10
Toomuchsauce 6 months ago
Bruh I ain't gone lie Durant got cooked bad Dawg
Wandering Wade 6 months ago
He was pushed away with the off hand of the dunker. No call though. Happens all the time.
Mr. G6 6 months ago
Andrew Blackop 6 months ago
That weren’t even that bad tbh it’s not like he fell down or anything
Hans Landa 6 months ago
Lakers fan GSW win because no kuzma how about no curry, draymond, zaza, shaun? LEMWAOOO
Quimane Richardson 6 months ago
nigga stfu, the rosters that were ou there tonight was fair, put all the people you named in, its unfair
Hans Landa 6 months ago
Not this game, but previous game you retarded fuck. Lakers bitching and making excuse about kuzma not playing. Today he's playing and still lose event withouy curry, draymond, zaza, shaun.
Aristides Junior 6 months ago
Kuzma played, da fuck u talking about
Charles Bullard 6 months ago
Kuzma played lol
SportsFreak 6 months ago
Hans Landa My penis is really itchy. Can you scratch it for me?
ajay partap singh chhokar 6 months ago
David West did the job!
Vayne God 6 months ago
أبو الليل 6 months ago
Im LAKERS for ever fuck bandwagons
Alex Samudio 6 months ago
Noti Gang