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MLG Highlights 24 days ago
ZO2 on fire ))
Yeezus Shuttlesworth 24 days ago
Kupal Lord Jesus the dicksucking skills of this fool. Fufu niggas like you will credit Lebron for passing your SAT LMAOO.
Dexter Fuqua Jr. 24 days ago
My loyal White man Okay and
My loyal White man 24 days ago
Dexter Fuqua Jr. Well he ain't lying
Dexter Fuqua Jr. 24 days ago
Kupal Lord you would suck lebron dick wouldn't you
Kupal Lord 24 days ago
MLG Highlights since he and lebron had a conversation
Ary M 24 days ago
all i wnt to know is if pope was wearing an ankle bracelet
masterbrice 24 days ago
The Viper Kevin RKO Durant
nelson hunt 24 days ago
senior threaten enjoy present ceo envelope play item significance.
JONATHAN JOSE 24 days ago
mga idol maskin mubo hawud ko ninyo
Marcos Chu 24 days ago
no one is doing the rebounds and not protecting the post. lakers was terrible on this game.
Mark Riniel Reolada 24 days ago
Jordan clarkson the best pointguard☺.the better chicken have nugets but your coach no nug-gets😴
BOSS SHAWN 24 days ago
Lonzo looks real good now. Kuzma is just flat out a star. I think I like Josh Hart starting over KCP. Golden State definitely got an assist from the refs tonight. Lakers were starting to run Golden State out of the gym in the 3rd / 4th quarter then all of the sudden every single call went Golden States way while they were literally hacking the Lakers and nothing was getting called. You would think the Lakers would get more calls being that how aggressive they drive the ball to the hole. They Lakers lead the entire league in points in the paint. Golden State stands around the three point line yet they got more calls. That’s just horrible officiating. The officials were pretty terrible tonight on both games on ESPN. I hope the League fixes this because if you’re the more aggressive driving team you should definitely get more calls.not just because you have star players so the whistle gets blown if someone looks at you and your team is allowed to literally hack.
Akshay Mathavan 24 days ago
BOSS SHAWN lol buddy, we will have to agree to disagree. Obviously we won't change each other's minds, not a big deal.
BOSS SHAWN 24 days ago
Akshay Mathavan LMAO. You clearly don’t know basketball. The Golden State Warriors we’re hacking and getting away with fouls that should have been called on them but wasn’t..then got fouls called for them when there was no foul at at all in KEY Moments in the game like when the Lakers started blasting the Warriors, came all the way back and took the lead..Then the refs stepped in. That’s not an excuse that’s the reality. That’s what happened live on ESPN. The Lakers started pretty much scoring at will in the 4th then all of the sudden the hacking starts, no calls and then the Lakers get called on phantom calls. Not sure what game you were watching bud but you sound like a delusional homer if you didn’t see the discrepancy of calls in key moments down the stretch. There was one point in the 4th were the Warriors were hacking so much they fouled Randle like 4 times on one play to the point the ref had to blow the whistle multiple times step between the Warriors and wave his arms out..What made it hilarious was the Warriors actually thought they were playing good defense and so did the delusional fans. They all ended up calming down when they realized the ref blew the whistle on the Warriors. Pathetic! Bro I call em like I see em. The Warriors are a great team but tonight they were on the verge of getting embarrassed blowing a huge lead at home to a squad of rookies had not the refs gave them an assist. It is what it is. If someone got on fire and just started burring the Lakers then that would have been that. But that was far from the case. The Lakers momentum got stalled by bad officiating. It happens wasaaaaaaaaaaay too often in sports. Especially football and basketball for some reason. Go back and look at that game tonight. The Warriors weren’t playing good D at all actually. The Lakers in particular started smoking them in the second half. The Warriors started grabbing, slapping and hacking but it wasn’t getting called. The Lakers should have shot double the amount of free throws than what the Warriors shot. The Lakers were far more aggressive in the lane but couldn’t get a call to save their lives. Especially in the KEY moments down the stretch!
Akshay Mathavan 24 days ago
But lakers had more free throw attempts in the 2nd half, not including the free throws attempted in the last ~35ish seconds when the lakers started intentionally fouling. How does the add up? Making excuses about officiating doesn't accomplish anything. More aggressive team? Maybe is was the fact that GSW got 13 blocks and didn't foul them during it. Lakers played great, and are a rising team, but warriors won tonight by playing better basketball to start off.
Look Dick 24 days ago
What players does not fit with the Lakers future: KCP, Brick Lopez, and Julius Randle.  These three won't be around next year, I guarantee it.  KCP and Brick Lopez are 100% gone next year; Randle is gone cause he think he is worth a lot of money that the Lakers are not going to give him.
Trixshot Mayhem 24 days ago
Jessie Mabel Egos 24 days ago
Look Dick 24 days ago
KCP lost this game for the Lakers, jacking brick after brick in the final 5 minutes.  But put the blame on Tragic Johnson for hiring a guy who is playing for a contract next season.  KCP is looking to pad his stats, not looking for the team's best interest; this guy's forte is suppose to be his defense.  Yet, he keep jacking shots as if he is a go-to guy for points.  This sorry mofo needs to stop trying to pad his stats.  Trade KCP and bully-ball Randle, Lebron is not coming to LA anyway.
aye its jay 24 days ago
Where are the people who said zo's shot wont be efficient and will get blocked easily when he play in the nba? Lol
Keana James 24 days ago
aye its jay he barely gets guarded
Melvina Thurston 24 days ago
tell kd try DAT shit on cavs das y lonzo defend he ass
Treezy Tock 24 days ago
KCP has got to go Nigga is playing trash
Red Leg 24 days ago
Treezy Tock randle too. He makes dumb ass decisions trying to go up around 2 defenders
Melvina Thurston 24 days ago
if LA didn't turn over they could a got the Win
Leon Tran 24 days ago
At 2.24 the commenters call kd a snake? Lol!
Nathanial Beaton 24 days ago
They lost cuz refs
Keana James 24 days ago
Nathanial Beaton how?
MrSugardove 24 days ago
referees pissing me off
Lion Pride 24 days ago
2:23 KD confirmed snake.
Jemel Henry 24 days ago
they costing us points Lakers are suppose to be in the lead
Jemel Henry 24 days ago
damn these refs are cheating for warriors rn
Jemel Henry 24 days ago
+Jasmine Hines and damn baby you fine you single
Jemel Henry 24 days ago
+Jasmine Hines they are not calling fouls and giving everything to gsw
Jasmine Hines 24 days ago
Jemel Henry how?
Yasir Abdulhakim 24 days ago
These teams play literally every single night
Louis Williams 24 days ago
Kuzma is the best player on the lakers. Him and Lonzo are the future of the franchise. If I were Ingram I’d start to worry.
Wes Longfield 24 days ago
Lonzo is the future.he's only just turned 20. Kuz playing really well tho, composed.similar to how brogdan from the bucks did (I don't mean that they play the same game, just the mentality and competitiveness they have)
Korey Paul 24 days ago
DJ DOSADO 24 days ago
Lonzo’s shot looks so scary. It’s either swish or terrible looking out of this world brick.
coz mil 24 days ago
Lonzo, Ingram, cuzma, randle, Larry Nance
Red Leg 24 days ago
coz mil randle needs to go. He fuckin up the flow with his dumb decisions. Why the hell would u try to go up with 2 defenders on u all the time
Andy M 24 days ago
“Lonzo really isnt a shooter” bangs a 3 two seconds later. like these dudes be sucking the warriors damn
The Council 24 days ago
KD the greatest Ever !!!
Russel westbrook 24 days ago
He said Durant slithers his way in
coz mil 24 days ago
that lakers 2nd QT Line up was savage
BIGBOY8D 24 days ago
the warriors are unbelievable.I would be scared to play against them..I mean.how do you beat that..the lakers are playing their hearts out on defense and yet they just keep making ridiculous shots. The league has no chance against them.
Jay Mag 24 days ago
No one can block Lonzo's jump shot? Really? Joakim Noah's free throw form looks way more effective than Lonzo's jump shot.
Stephenie Lurry is Completely Overratted and gay. 24 days ago
Fucking Larriors Faggets
TheGodtuber 7 24 days ago
Warriors are blocking everything. No dunks this game my friend.
Kamil Archive 24 days ago
Lonzo lookin nice
OperatorDelta 3 24 days ago
2:22 Durant slithers his way in! 🐍
Johnny Kilroy 24 days ago
2:22 even the announcers know KD is a snake 🐍🐍🐍
SolteroConDinero 24 days ago
Andy O'tam 24 days ago
Lonzo from 3. the bottom!
Midterror 24 days ago
damn kd was close from half court
Secret Vlogs 24 days ago
“Ball isn’t a shooter yet in his rookie year” *Drains a 3 pointer* lmao
Constant Domination 24 days ago
Secret Vlogs Yeah no ZO bricks most of his shots
TripleX 24 days ago
Tell me why Lonzo looks lost out there especially on D. He then shrugs his shoulder every time the person who he's guarding scores. lol
Reverted RF 24 days ago
TripleX tf? Lonzo leads PGS in the NBA in blocks and steals pretty sure his defense is good
Jinisinsane 24 days ago
Ingram kinda looks like KD 2.0
David P 24 days ago
That dude on the lakers number 1 a bitch on the play 0:41
Mae Smith 24 days ago
Good Job warriors👏👏
Shubham Sharma 24 days ago
2:25 slithers his way in.! lmao
Johnny Kilroy 24 days ago
nate hamilton 24 days ago
Dam you faster than the real and fake Ximo
Korey Paul 24 days ago
nate hamilton LOL! Best comment
Sir Smiles 24 days ago
Durant slithers his way in What the hell?? lol
x moses 24 days ago
That's how white people talk. Lol
SAK Alofa 24 days ago
The G.O.D Christ GreekLord Corny as hell lmao
The G.O.D Christ #GreekLord 24 days ago
+Bob The Boss Saget not all snakes are venomous
Bob The Boss Saget 24 days ago
The G.O.D Christ GreekLord snakes are intimidating tho. KD soft as baby shit.
The G.O.D Christ #GreekLord 24 days ago
Cause he a snake fam mans is slithery
Delan_lan 24 days ago
I know 99 percent of people won't see this but for the 1 percent that does have a good Christmas and a good holiday if you are on it and I hope you get what you want for Christmas! Have a good day guys spreadpositivity
WILLIAM KATS 24 days ago
Somebody hurt my dick!! Clearly a joke bud
Lavar Ball 24 days ago
Aye same to you bro 👌
Edison Verdugo 24 days ago
Delan_lan ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Somebody hurt my dick!! 24 days ago
WILLIAM KATS na fuck you trying to act tough lmao
King Lo 24 days ago
Same to you and family.
JaBird 72088 24 days ago
Give up when he was playing agains warriors
JaBird 72088 24 days ago
Like to quit
Jamie Chackumkal 24 days ago
Durant slithers his way in lol
JaBird 72088 24 days ago
The G.O.D Christ #GreekLord 24 days ago
You know it not true
Cecil Rosa 24 days ago
2 BELL , BALL😀😀😀
Herman Hermawan 24 days ago
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Mason 24 days ago
C'mon Klay! 1:37
Anthony Martial 24 days ago
Jordan bell is a beast
Melvina Thurston 24 days ago
Tell Jordan bell be a beast on cavs I would love to see dat
Can I get 2 Subs? 24 days ago
2:21 * Durant slithers his way in! * Even the commentators know he's a snake.
Ian M 24 days ago
you da goat😂😂😂😂
iHitBills 24 days ago
Can I get 2 Subs? 😂😂
The G.O.D Christ #GreekLord 24 days ago
dread gaming 24 days ago
Can I get 2 Subs? LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lachy James 24 days ago
Dreambig listen to my mixtapes 24 days ago
Hold this L rq
Dexter Fuqua Jr. 24 days ago
Lachy James you got to be white
TheGodtuber 7 24 days ago
Wow u must of got dropped on your fucking head broooo
Cavs AreTrash 24 days ago
Lachy James L
Ismail Dalle 24 days ago
Lachy James lame bro
Can I get 2 Subs? 24 days ago
44-61 Damn!
Wesley Dinkins 24 days ago
2:20 cus he's a snake
TheGodtuber 7 24 days ago
Your a lame thoooo
Intruder24 24 days ago
william hardenbergh 24 days ago
kyle kumza 8 pts 7 reb 3-7 FG 1-3 3 pt
william hardenbergh 24 days ago
lonzo 12 pts 3 reb 1 ast 4 TO but 4-9 FG 4-4 3 pt last 7 games lonzo shooting 45 percent from 3 but no will give him credit and be more aggressive
william hardenbergh 24 days ago
klay 11 pts 5-12 FG 1-5 3 pt hes struggling so fair
LeBronSquad 314 24 days ago
Cant wait to Christmas To see the 2 best players in the league go head to head
Claudio Cantu 24 days ago
LeBronSquad 314. which is lol.
Stephenie Lurry is Completely Overratted and gay. 24 days ago
LeBronSquad 314 sameeee
WILLIAM KATS 24 days ago
LeBronSquad 314 I can't wait for the game but not the cancerous comments from fans of the winning team
Liam Joyce 24 days ago
hell yea
william hardenbergh 24 days ago
jordan bell great half 10 pts 8 reb 2 ast 5-8 FG my favorite jordan bell ever so fair
Kevin Durant 24 days ago
Man I am on fire
Cirilo Campos 24 days ago
Stephenie Lurry is Completely Overratted and gay. 24 days ago
Kevin Durant L
420k Magic 24 days ago
a fire sneik
Mr. DryEyed 24 days ago
SnakeMentality if you can't beat them join them instant ring instant finals mvp will follow ngak ngakn
Can I get 2 Subs? 24 days ago
Yes, but you're still a snake.
william hardenbergh 24 days ago
draymond 5 pts 8 reb 3 ast 2-4 FG 1-2 3 pt HES BACK
william hardenbergh 24 days ago
KD 18 pts 4 reb 2 ast 2 stl 5-8 FG 2-5 3 pt
WILLIAM KATS 24 days ago
Jordan Bell is raw
Matthew Johnston 24 days ago
RAW travel at 6:14
DualThreatGaming 24 days ago
Especially when he got stuffed by the rim
(▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿) 24 days ago
he lazy bum. he does no defense.
william hardenbergh 24 days ago
william kats yeah for sure when he gets smarter and stops dumb fouls he will become full time starter
Kobe Bryant 24 days ago
william hardenbergh 24 days ago
2 nd
Pancakes Sin Syrup 24 days ago
Why the 1st?