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Joseph Kern 6 months ago
Smh. people this is a video about a storm where people are going to die, and people are going to loose their homes and you're thinking it's more important to be 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and so on? You're priorities are really messed up.
FlyeaglesFly Rivers 6 months ago
MrVarhansen 6 months ago
Joseph Kern LOOSE
Troll King 6 months ago
Flat Earth.how did south Carolina get on top of the ball
MrSarezasss 6 months ago
God bless the people of South and North Carolinas
Monico Abang 6 months ago
Let's prepare!!!
Ausumm Hyyderabadis 6 months ago
I want to experience how it feels.
وليد الشيباني 6 months ago
حمدالله موب عندنا
PioneerPauly 6 months ago
*I want to pack up and get ready to help over there*
kermit fam 6 months ago
Charlie Packham 6 months ago
Kiran Borawar 6 months ago
Charlie Packham shame on u. comment counting. shamless creature.
snakesplaygames 6 months ago
i was the 4th comment lets go
Nicolás Maduro 6 months ago
my penis is stiff
Dippty Bubblepop 6 months ago
****11:29:30**** HELL NAW
Sahib Kanwal 6 months ago