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Elias 25 days ago
Look how many lives changed with 1 million dollars. I have a new found respect FOR DRIZZize Drake. As American we need to come together and help our know. Land of the free home of the Brave. We need to make our country safer. For our children God Bless Drake and God bless America
I.m_ Prince 25 days ago
lol for the budget😂😂
Youth Perfect 25 days ago
this isn't racist at all. he only gives away free sh*t to black people.
T-rew o 25 days ago
What a legend
sali chu 25 days ago
he just gained next level respect from me
Gbenga Ajayi 25 days ago
Danchehall Kuff Kaff Again 25 days ago
Up great move big up🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Gbenga Ajayi 25 days ago
MISHAL CEV 25 days ago
Inspiration hatsoff
Cougar Rain 25 days ago
I don't know Drake or the people in this video but Dang, I FELT THE LOVE ✌❤
Carla Ribeiro 25 days ago
God's Plan 👏👏
shozakathedevil 25 days ago
Rah that women nearly head kicks her own child when drake pull up 😁😁 2:50
TkoBallerx 25 days ago
He finally maybe knows his purpose
khaiyt_gt s 25 days ago
Omg i hes so nice and he dosent care about money he cares about people😍
Archy II 25 days ago
damn.this dude is real good. big up bro
Junky Spiven 25 days ago
gay shit
Lamb Tail 25 days ago
Satanic beats to slave your human ass
Mahendra Singh 25 days ago
Hodgy 7 25 days ago
Was that Antonio Brown?
mediiskit 25 days ago
Oh my days people are really listens this low IQ shit. We need more white men in music industry. People should understands black people are cancer of the world.
Anthony Leggett 25 days ago
Good to see Drake still got it.
neo motlhabane 25 days ago
I needed this song through the struggles im currently experiencing ,God bless Drake
12WeMet1 25 days ago
Ben Cripwell 25 days ago
also it aint on him its on the studio. he aint even spending his own money. pretending he cares and shit. its good what hes doing here but shit it would mean more if it came from him.
Dan Dan 25 days ago
on my friends firestick this has 23 million views in 3 days which is fake views when it only had 11 million fake views in 2 days but that's not my point this guy's a fraud he's done nothing good he's leading all u who idolise him astray
jagan jordan 25 days ago
Binniam Eskender 25 days ago
I wasn't a fan of Drake. after I saw this
Ben Cripwell 25 days ago
This guy the light skinned opra
chicken nigger 25 days ago
2:52 she almost kicked here baby
Royce Dcunha 25 days ago
3:14 the best part
Finn Johnson 25 days ago
bad things that 13k wishing on him hahaha /// haters only make him better
daniel ortega 25 days ago
Vikash Mishra 25 days ago
Ralph Ha 25 days ago
Doing things anonymously is cool too. But this is awesome.
REDRUM REDRUM 25 days ago
Best video I have ever seen. Awesome 👏🏼 💯 real gee!!
Colonel Walter E. 25 days ago
Is that dude in the thumb trying to look like a fucking monkey?
Arslan Shoukat 25 days ago
Latest Wwe raw, smackdown and song watch
Latefah Perry 25 days ago
Beautiful!!! 😍❤ God bless Drake 💪🏾
its zari 25 days ago
Im not crying. its allergiessss 😭😭😭😭😢
Von Dutch 25 days ago
Drake a real one for this video
Neal Golden 25 days ago
Drake's song just awful as his dance moves.
Blob 25 days ago
It’s like white people aren’t allowed in this video
King of Dragon ball 25 days ago
I'm amazed just no words 😱
Smart Moni 25 days ago
Drake has a big heart. God bless! ❤❤❤
Gi An 25 days ago
marcus simmons 25 days ago
Chinatown Drake Drizzy comeback season man you blessed man and I pray blessings over your life even though you full with them
Teresa Aguilar 25 days ago
dam drake got older
UNCLE CARL 25 days ago
dang this reminds me that i like drake
Viktor Frandsen 25 days ago
God bless you!
Julius Hogan 25 days ago
I don't get how people are giving drake all this praise for handed out money. It was THE MUSIC LABELS money! He's getting credit for taking money his employer gave to him for business proposes, and giving it to people. Yes it is wonderful and heartwarming to see people get a leg up, but this is a disingenuous and borderline fraudulent way to do it. Drake is undoubtedly a multi millionaire. Him giving away HIS money would've been true charity, deserving of some praise. Instead in the song and with a video he is attempting to engender affection for himself through a con. And most everybody on here is eating it up.
Rickk Panero 25 days ago
Fuck America. It's a disease to the world and should be nothing but a wasteland.
_pat01 25 days ago
I love this song so much 😍(๑‾ ꇴ ‾๑)
Aaron Perez 25 days ago
My boy drake out here killing it
Najir Finley 25 days ago
Your My Inspiration❤️
zeyn zake 25 days ago
God bless you
Marzelle Kai 25 days ago
Who are low key XXXTentacion fans here? Anyone? OVO finna get me.
2wenty 1ne 25 days ago
This video made me respekt drake c:
Lily Sharp 25 days ago
Aww cute
roblox boy another one 25 days ago
who dares disliking the video oh yeah people who want money. You don’t know that’s these people might of help drake when he was little he says “if i never meet the bros” that’s probably means people help him and so he’s giving back
Inayatul Fitriyah 25 days ago
crying in a cool way
dsldrvr69 garza 25 days ago
This is the most impressive musician thing i have ever seen.
WoodBoy John 25 days ago
The album Verizon should have this sound this is so fucking lit lime the people’s reaction mixed with this song makes so much sense please dizzy putthis shit in the album your great brother
WoodBoy John 25 days ago
That’s if you put gods plan on the album your running wild do what you want
Andrew Mendez 25 days ago
Check out my Gods Plan Snapchat lens I made:
BOHEMIA WALEED 25 days ago
Huge. Respect. For this. Man. 💓💓💓
Mohammed Manneth 25 days ago
Drake was god's plan.
Mohammed Manneth 25 days ago
luca alvez 25 days ago
❤ drake
Meems Factory 25 days ago
Drake you are amazing
CHANCE BERSHAW 25 days ago
y’all need jesus
AhHelp 25 days ago
Don't like this shit shit type of music, but mad respect for what hes doing.
Austin Wion 25 days ago
What a time to be alive.
M.K Amajie 25 days ago
Fans will like. Haters will hate. But Drake still drops bangers. Facts
CrispyGamerHD 25 days ago
Keymo Suenos 25 days ago
God helps those who help themselves. Don't solely rely on God or rappers to help you. Do for self. Also, the most crucial problem that brown & black people face in the world, can't be fixed with money. We must change our culture and self hatred. Cool video tho.
Keymo Suenos 25 days ago
God helps those who help themselves. Don't solely rely on God or rappers to help you. Do for self. Also, the most crucial problem that brown & black people face in the world, can't be fixed with money. We must change our culture and self hatred. Cool video tho.
GodSCulte 25 days ago
yo he aint flexin on em. He just helped these kids with someone else's money. Thats lit
Gyroboterupter 25 days ago
Damn, 13k rich kids of snapshat and instashat dislicked the vid, damn.
Jay Forever Chasing Guap 25 days ago
FROOBY Dom 25 days ago
Drake, this is the BEST
Sidney March 25 days ago
3.56 the lady on the right? what the hell. is she even alive.
Isaac Rodriguez 25 days ago
ปุงลอ เว๊ยย!!!! 25 days ago
TruthSeekingMissile 25 days ago
Virtue signaling the movie
MORLAYE YOULA 25 days ago
That's à réal example to love human been
jordan D 25 days ago
FYI when famous people do nice things it isn't to be nice it's GOOD PR NIGGUH
Life as Reema 25 days ago
I want to be in this vid so bad ! Anyone wants to be in this vid like ❤️ !!! lol 😂
Life as Reema 25 days ago
I legit went to the schools bathroom I saw a group of girls singing this song !!
Robab Akhter 25 days ago
Ducking niggers 👺
ItsAlmus 25 days ago
That nigga at the end for Prez 2020
Sean Luna 25 days ago
Drake should come to Long Beach.
AFC Marco 25 days ago
2015 Drake coming back?
Annihilator R3 25 days ago
Much Respect
Tipistic Boys 25 days ago
Go and watch this video at DrakeVevo,these guys are just making money by his video
dudenugget2000 25 days ago
This is amazing.
Avit Poharkar 25 days ago
That' s how President of United States should look like haha.. This is one of the dope videos i ever saw keep doing the good deeds Drake God Bless u.
YFN-_- SNAGZ 25 days ago
Fuck all y'all who didn't like the video
Western Flames 25 days ago
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Cali 25 days ago
Respect for putting a smile on so many peoples faces I wish more celebrities did this once in a while.
David Trout 25 days ago
Vanessa Rojas 25 days ago
Wow! It's refreshing to hear a rapper sing about life and gratitude instead of money, mansions, and cars. Best video I've ever seen. 1000000x respect. 💓🙏