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Steven Tuscano 25 days ago
No Bitting The Daddy! hahahahhahahaha
RobertGameFreak 25 days ago
Now comes the biggest challenge that Mr. Incredible is going to face Watching over the kids XD
Taylor Garcia 25 days ago
8 years later
Vheren Mite 25 days ago
Wowwww. I can't wait to watch 😍😍😍😍
Gaming Panther hd 25 days ago
Oh i can't wait woooll
Aaron Murphy 25 days ago
Is this a romcom about Mr. Incredible becoming a stay at home Dad?
Myles TheWeedPileSmoker 25 days ago
she so thicc i don't even need a pill
Xdoneqan 25 days ago
Stephen Andrew Ford 25 days ago
wow. I Really miss that movie.!!!
Rendy Saputra 25 days ago
sexy korean girl 25 days ago
waited 10 years for this
Ahmed Ashfaq 25 days ago
This is incredible ❤️
Tan Ciona 25 days ago
Storyboard 25 days ago
This is the first movie but reversed. They still abide by the “Illegal Supers” act, but elastigirl goes off instead of bob. Bob actually knows of this as opposed to when she didn’t know. Now she is making supers legal as opposed to bob only going to relive the glory days. He has to deal with the kids, mainly Jack Jack, which is difficult for bob. When you think about it, it’s quite unique.
Macy Counsell 25 days ago
lol its out in some months
Nocturus 25 days ago
1:17 WAT
Skylgnd 25 days ago
14 years, its about time
Wolvert0.4 25 days ago
Been waiting for 11 years since i watched this best childhood movie ever
MrKockNoker 25 days ago
It's just weird that this movie is made more than a decade after the first, yet all the kids are still kids and the same age. I was Dash's age when the first came out, now I'm 24. This movie came way too late. Then should have at least made the kids grown up. The trailer also looks average. Not excited at all. I wouldn't pay my own money to see this in theatres.
Joshua Kelly 25 days ago
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They Call Him Teemo 25 days ago
Sid Ahmed 25 days ago
George Dallas 25 days ago
Why Do they have this after so long
Jack Lame 25 days ago
Why did they make 2 cars sequels before this??
dat antkeeper tho 25 days ago
starpie 25 days ago
This movie is going to be big More views then the black panther trailer mission impossible fallout trailer Jurassic world 2 trailer and Han Solo trailer
I Want To Die Why Am I Alive 25 days ago
- Abigail G - 25 days ago
Will we ever be able to see Frozones wife though.?
blockierpear 9 25 days ago
So the whole movie is just about bob babysitting the kids while the mom away
Nikolas Ransom 25 days ago
I would love if people actually read the description and realize that Helen is not the main character.
David Hernandez 25 days ago
I knew Incredibles 2 would come back it's been more then a decade , but it's finally back.
GANTZ100pts 25 days ago
If this turns out to be catered to all the SJWS i'm not going to be very happy.
Jim8ob714 25 days ago
Finally after 14 years.
martijn van weele 25 days ago
The entire point of the first movie was Bob realizing that he can't always do things alone and that he needs his family. And in the first few seconds of this trailer, they're throwing all of that out of the window. this is not promising.
Shane Mowatt 25 days ago
Best movies of all time
Ferintosh Farms Photography 25 days ago
Finally, this is the only superhero movie I've wanted for years
Cynical Internet 25 days ago
Mrs. Incredible was strong in the first movie, we really don't need this feminist sort of taking on it.
Kade Rose 25 days ago
They went with a new math joke a la Thomas Lehrer 😂.
Danny Rodriguez 25 days ago
This is going to be big. This is what our 2018 needed.
Connor Murray 25 days ago
Feminism the movie. I just wanted incredibles two:(
ナナセレイ 25 days ago
Hayden Dupree 25 days ago
Seriously what is Samuel L. Jackson not in?
Funny Videos 25 days ago
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Jules S 25 days ago
0:27 was that the voice of Saul Goodman?
Ashen Gamge 25 days ago
Oh the baby is the bet
Sentlee 25 days ago
15k people don’t want to see it.
Sentlee 25 days ago
Math is math!
Ferid Ponjevic 25 days ago
Whitehair Comics 25 days ago
I waited so long for an incredible sequel!! I was 10 when I saw this now I’m 25. I’m SO excited!!! Can’t wait for summer. There’s gonna be so many adults in the theaters
Some wierd Gamer 25 days ago
I’m here because of shadman
Glyne Martin 25 days ago
loop 0:11 - 0:21 over and over again. I DARE YOU!!!.
Games Series Network 25 days ago
Well the first will be better, because it always is!
Yobaz 25 days ago
حياكم في قناتي الجديدة مواضيع مهمة ضحك ووناسة 💙💙
NuclearZac 25 days ago
Wait, is it just me or did the Incredibles always take place in the 50s/60s?
Daniel Gonzalez 25 days ago
Well hopefully is not just elastic girl in the action only, and they all better get a part of the action.
Darrell May 26 days ago
Isn’t it funny that we waited nearly 15 years with the sequel? But now that it’s here we can all rejoice.
Game Einfi 26 days ago
The first movie was literally my childhood
MOH 26 days ago
Why is this trending in Aus.
• TreasureHead • 26 days ago
Am the only one that thinks elastigirl looks like Jodi benson?
Infernus 26 days ago
Typical 2018 women are independent and strong and men can take care of children movie. I had higher expectations
Mr. IncrediBell 26 days ago
This is coming out on my birthday! How awesome is that?
shane taylor 26 days ago
took long enough, I mean for god's sake we've been waiting over a decade at least if not more.
Xx JaysCrays xX 26 days ago
Haley 26 days ago
I’M SO EXITED!!!!!!!!😆 ‼️ ‼️ ‼️ ‼️‼️
Sir William 26 days ago
This time, it's gonna be elasta-girl who's in trouble and Bob Parr and the kids will go on a mission to save her from the guy who works at DevTech
Diana Sanchez 26 days ago
we love edna
Hypocritical slytherclaw 26 days ago
too late! 15 years too late.
Slickson Wuus 26 days ago
0:27 That sounds like Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad!!
christy snow 26 days ago
jon williams 26 days ago
kids should be ALOT older. but its disney so, yeah.
Sesame uchiha 26 days ago
Chun Wei Lin 26 days ago
Ayyyy, the day it shows is my birthday lol
DALEJRFAN88 (: 26 days ago
So this movie is basically going to revolve around the reappearance of Ealastigirl!?!??
Richelle Robertson 26 days ago
Okay, but, honey. WHERE'S MY SUPERSUIT!?!?
AlgaeNymph 26 days ago
Whoever made this movie obviously paid attention to who the MVP was in the last one.
Tomahawk _ 26 days ago
Is this a remake of the the da game
joeman 26 days ago
How come they haven't aged
AVEREST 26 days ago
Looks boring. Is it just going to be about him being a stay at home mom, raising the kids and she be a fighting hero?.
Joley Aholima 26 days ago
Can we just discuss how relatable that math situation is no okay
PHEENUX 26 days ago
Oh my god the sequel of my fav movie is coming out!!!!!
Darth Cuscus 26 days ago
Saul Goodman is in this!
Adhi- kun 26 days ago
those kids never growth
Sonic Wind 26 days ago
Edna Mode is alive?!
Antonio Mugerwa 26 days ago
0:40 me and my dad doing maths
Super Learning & Study Music 26 days ago
All over Dusseldorf, Duzzles are dozing. Gold!
Chicken_ Noodle_Soup 26 days ago
0:40 Anyone who lives in California will understand this. *cough* *cough* CommonCore.
RAZEMOAB64 26 days ago
I love it
`솜 례믕' 26 days ago
Ana Laura 26 days ago
Bkilllikjhhjkiikkk no 99ioo99o9,zlkpp oi
Kevin Malone 26 days ago
INCREDIBLES 2: Elastic Girl and Stay-at-Home Dad. Just kidding
Kevin Malone 26 days ago
Could have been better if they came out years ago.Their voices changed. their voices were unique for my taste and their sound was their trademark. Ughhhh.
anthahoe 26 days ago
edna is my mood
Ben Yang 26 days ago
Hope this won’t be a disappointment
BrysontheGhost Gaming 26 days ago
I remember when I thought dash would turn evil. I was sooo wrong.
Grant Tudor Music 26 days ago
This looks incredible
Ellen Tracy 26 days ago
Fingers crossed this movie won't go downhill.
Mimi ß 26 days ago
NTTF Productions 26 days ago
About time fourteen years later and we got three cars moves a monsters inc prequel and lesser sequel to finding nemo but I'm still hyped I just don't like dash's design
BFX 002 26 days ago
Eric Selvig 26 days ago
So this movie is about parenting