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UberTech 1 month ago
Maybe they are selling your data, that's why it's so cheap?
marklola12 1 month ago
I needed a cheap phone and got mine off ebay new for £289 here in the uk, so far its great
Ryan Albuquerque 1 month ago
Hey Marques, how did you manage to change the navbar ?
Parnit Singh 1 month ago
dude you need to be this critical on your darling Apple phones also
Willem Swarts 1 month ago
the poopoo ohone haha
Harold Allen Poquiz 1 month ago
Just got this yesterday, interested as to what Theme you are using on the review.
Anton Guessy 1 month ago
In Qatar, they are selling around 350USD. Just fuck.
johny johny 1 month ago
Pocophone 1year later???
Jason Q 1 month ago
Watermark your phone camera photos in China is a thing now. It starts with Huawei watermark their dual cam Leica camera, everyone start to follow after that.
abdul malik shibly 1 month ago
Was not expecting those advertisement level camera movements. Great work!
Dimitra Garavel 1 month ago
Do you think I should get this phone or wait to save another 200$?
Jody Carrigan 1 month ago
Sure wish this phone had more American Bands.
Can you shut up? 1 month ago
Intro song?
Jaspreet Singh 1 month ago
i didn't knew oppo started in India. i thought it was Chinese company.
Dominique Smit 1 month ago
Please consider reviewing Xiaomi's new flagship, the Mi 8.
dikky dik 1 month ago
Mwaa i will keep my galaxy s5😊
Udesh Singh 1 month ago
Just got mine😁
Alif Ahmad 1 month ago
It's hard to define this channel apart from ijustin nowadays 😕 um out 😕😕
WarDr0n3 1 month ago
Old school thing?? Seriously ?? What you were born with wireless headphones ?? Best sound can be found in those OLD SCHOOL THINGS.
Dhairya Dhull 1 month ago
He didn't talk about the front camera
Hk Info 1 month ago
does porn run on full hd or not ? thats important than netflix or amazon.
Vignesh Mothilal 1 month ago
It can play it. 😂🤣🤣
I Cook Sugar 1 month ago
For me, Hp Jack is a +
Lindsay Jane Jimenez 1 month ago
Awesome shots.
javad ekbal 1 month ago
My point is You compared a poco with an IPhone. Really!..iphone can be compared. It has nothing noticeable. 👎👎👎
Jeffrey Royster 1 month ago
Nice but bad on American cell network with only one working band in America. Cell us anything
Jeffrey Royster 1 month ago
How come your not telling people it doesn't work well on USAcell networks
borad prakashkumar 1 month ago
all things are ok. what about big notch?
Brian Garcia 1 month ago
GiveAways Please So we can Have expensive phones 😘😘 too.expensive here in ph 😢😥
brainwallet balance 1 month ago
Liar and hypocrite
factura5 1 month ago
Yes. Fuck mgk
Aghara Yagnik 1 month ago
Watching on my poco f1
zalanudin Abd Manaf 1 month ago
i definitely gonna buy this. Red Edition: MKBHD edition. 😊😊😊😊😊
Zalanudin Abd Manaf 1 month ago
As A Flagship Killer - Killer - Best Quote by MKBHD
Alfa team 1 month ago
Now it costs 370$
gavelion 1 month ago
Isn't it an AMOLED display not ips lcd?
NoobTown G&V 1 month ago
Were does it cost 300$??
Lee Fall 1 month ago
0:57 hungry?
what's app virals 1 month ago
We all know that your a iphone freak so you'll never accept other phones
Fenn ViktorVich 1 month ago
The liquid cooling on the Poco is definitely amazing, razer phone and Xiaomi blackshark were just for marketing purposes. Pretty decent video though but you didn't give the Liquid cooling a shot. It pretty much does what's intended. You see Xiaomi rushed the Mi 8 and it gets to 77C by just running throttling/temp test While Poco doesn't even reach any alerting temperatures. Highest I got was 39C, I was playing PUBG for straight up 3 hours, HDR, full brightness, 60FPS while the charger was plugged, I don't usually play while plugged in so it is 37-38 most of the time. It definitely delivers what's promised. This time cheaper didn't mean downgrade. Anybody can slap a 845 under the hood and call it a day just like Xiaomi did with the Mi 8, but they rethink that when they made the F1.
Ahmed Sahnoun 1 month ago
you irritate me
Muhammad Ummar 1 month ago
Fuck you nigga
mohd yaquoob 1 month ago
How can someone not like that phone , bruh you gonna save a lotta cash buying that :)
Teeleer 1 month ago
my cellphone provider likes to have 3g bands as a backup so they can still have service in some areas, and the pocophone is missing one of the 3g bands. If it had 1700 for 3g i might consider getting this phone, i also heard that there were ads in the OS, like in the settings or something and that they have lower benchmark scores compared to the oneplus. It definitly has potential, and i would love to see where they go in a few years
ĸaѕperły 1 month ago
Meanwhile dumb fucking European countrys like Belgium will make it over 350 Euro's
Houston Duane 1 month ago
It's mee-UI hahaha, that's how to pronounce MIUI
dinesh aravinth 1 month ago
Using 250 bug xiomi and I got a new update imui 10 it's sooo cool and can play all super games together soon fast and videos and camara everything is best just for a 250 thank you xiaomi
Charles Roelant 1 month ago
Love the eminem intro
Fahim Anjum 1 month ago
You mentioned the processor so casually as if that's a minor info. It's not. The processor on this thing is exactly the same as galaxy note 9 , which is 1000$ also the massive 4000 mah battery. Looks like your review is more into looks and feel and little less into hardware.
rekamniar 1 month ago
Its nice and all but i want a phone that would last for 5 years, updates regularly and feels premium
Adam Ifsaan 1 month ago
Your just a apple dick sucker fuck you
Tapash Kumar Dey 1 month ago
Love from India🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Mohamed Wattad 1 month ago
SICK intro bro
chris s 1 month ago
Justin Y. 1 month ago
Should i get this? How many year does it serve me without lag and problem?
Tech Nic 1 month ago
i think if you want a stock high end budget smartphone I'd get the xamio mi a2 and then if you dont care about stock and want a more powerful expirience the pocophone is better
Kamal Hashem 1 month ago
I thing honor play better because the material and the build is most better the same 300$ and better screen
Arun Balakrishnan 1 month ago
Is there any screen bleeding issue.????
Irvin Sachdeva 1 month ago
Switch to the *_Pocophone F1_*
zyphyr0000 1 month ago
Is it good for playing games like maybe PUBG?
Kars Noordhuis 1 month ago
not the phone for me, im happy with my g6. it is a cool phone but nfc is a must for me (my bank has a contactless payment app) and i really dont like notches. i do like the fact it has a headphone jack, i dont see myself go wireless as you have to charge them and i forget that kind of stuff. just plug it in and it works. Not only with my phone but also with my pc.
Renz Hipolito 1 month ago
worthy of the watch btw. thanks for the good review good sir!
viraj lohate 1 month ago
I don't like notch
J Gallis 1 month ago
Great video man I love it
Karthik Balaji 1 month ago
That's definitely not a below average camera. It's definitely above average, even quite close to the OnePlus 6 and Zenfone 5Z, which are more expensive phones.
Cereal Killer 1 month ago
This phone is aimed at 3rd world countries. People in India and Pakistan can't afford the thousand dollar phones of today. I say it's a great phone, and quite a suitable contender to the one plus series
Gramisan Vaz 1 month ago
did you use a launcher to change the nav button's?
clipsTL 1 month ago
How average is the camera? Would it be better or worse than an iPhone 6s?
pruz arias 1 month ago
has notification led? that good to hear
Navaneet Suresh 1 month ago
Just a thought - with Project Treble support and the ability to flash the latest GSI (which would give your device stock Android), the OEM's skin should stop being a factor, don't you think? So that would make this flagship specs with stock Android, at $300.
hussain mahmud 1 month ago
The display resolution is high alright but it doesn't even come close to iphone x or nokia 7+ when playing 4k in youtube
Apple Inc 1 month ago
Song in the intro?
Karol Stopinski 1 month ago
I really like the moto g-ish plastic back cover. It does the job done. Glass looks nice but its fragile and you`ll be keeping that in a skin anyway so wont really have a chance to admire that glass. But as much as i like the plastic back i really miss the real wooden back i had on my moto x. That was truly unique.
Sudhir Kumar Gupta 1 month ago
hope it had stock Android
MEHUL KULKARNI 1 month ago
When will we get red color vatiant in INDIA??? 🤨🤔🤔
Sanchit Varshney 1 month ago
bro, they can develop iPhone XS for 500$
Steve LUFC Allan 1 month ago
I’m done with the iPhone I’ve been getting them since 2009 the price R ridiculous & Samsung prices R the same I’m going 2 look @ this phone
Otakugame FR 1 month ago
Those shots with the robotic arm camera are so beautiful !!!! OMG !
Dorkhus 1 month ago
I think people don’t value the smoothness of iphones as much as those specs and numbers. They are pretty much useless without a smooth ui
J Scott Upton 1 month ago
The notch is a deal-breaker for me.
Harvey Wright 1 month ago
Where can I buy a pocophone in the UK?
Joaquim Rukawa 1 month ago
Lit intro music 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Sam Santhosh 1 month ago
Bro ! can you review Motorola one..?
Kenton Dean 1 month ago
The intro alone 🔥🔥🔥
venkatesh kotla 1 month ago
Hey what is the theme you have used in this video on the mobile poco F1? please let me know
Saiko Pasu 1 month ago
i swear to god if you talk shit about pocophone after reviewing XS imma slap you Edit 1 : Headphone jack on top. Nope lost me there, Good review though.
Kel Tsang 1 month ago
I hope they release a second one like this. It’ll surely bring the prices down, moreso cheaper, higher spec phones
Mayeit Guinto 1 month ago
i like this guy. nice to hear his voice. quality reviews.
Dominik Agejev 1 month ago
Budget phone of the year.
Hitesh Gautam 1 month ago
What is the theme name ? In this poco ?
Luffy 1 month ago
if you want a phone for daily use and play some games like PUBGm that require better hardware, this phone is great. but it doesn't support some frequency of 4g mobile network so please check with your carrier before you buy.
stansilas 1 month ago
Intro was fire!
Mahin Monirul 1 month ago
POCO F1 is the best budget phone at this time and it cost only $300!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love Xiaomi...
Anshudip Karn 1 month ago
What's a notch?
Ell Alden 1 month ago
Watching this from my NO NOTCH Note 9. 🤪
Milan Mahat 1 month ago
Message to apple lovers: F*** OFF RICH GUYS!
Himanshu Singh 1 month ago
below average camera?. this guy is smoking meth before doing these videos maybe. wants a 300 dollar phone to give him apple camera quality.
Nirav shah 1 month ago
I need help brother. Which is best phone in the market ?
Mark Kim 1 month ago
Good to see one of those holes for music with no.lag or loss in quality. Oh and when walking fast the sound doesn't jog. Those holes are quite good are they.not?
Anirudh Reddy 1 month ago
How the hell did you use that music with out the video being taken down.???
slimshady 9h 1 month ago
i like that Eminem intro (fall)