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Prince Ea 5 months ago
What difficulties did/do you have with school?
Jason fatality104 5 months ago
Because other dumbass fuckboys give me stress
Gegong Jongkey 5 months ago
Patato Loic 5 months ago
Prince Ea waking up
Lex B 5 months ago
Prince Ea definitely presentations I literally cry every time a teacher says we have to present a project but nobody listens or cares I swear they want kids to have anxiety attacks
Brick Brigade 5 months ago
I just started school yes I’m in 7th grade and it’s just I know gonna be a bad year because we can’t have fun at all so it’s prison and we don’t learn
Yash Panjrath 5 months ago
16 years of going to school, and I still don't know -Prince Ea Me: Probably because you didn't work hard
Deemas Cornelius 5 months ago
For me it isn't six hours but seven
kyle The human 5 months ago
School is important but youtube too, youtube introduces us new things, new people and it even taught me how to speak other language its both good but I like youtube more and because of its fun
Alexis Nassar 5 months ago
S ix C ruel H ours O f O ur L ifes!
Oscar Carrillo 5 months ago
I am 12 was born a musiction and I f's on all most every thing school doesn't care for my passion for music
Fantistic 5 months ago
I'm autistic, which makes the mainstream school system even more daunting. I really wanna go to a school which can accommodate me, and I actually feel a little bad for abled and neurotypical people that they can't ever go to one of those schools. This video say it, the school system is shit for everyone, not just for me.
thisisobdurate 5 months ago
i know what am i a dumbass?
thisisobdurate 5 months ago
Well technically yes fucking kill yourself
Aditya 5 months ago
in school ,i just learned,how to adapt for the worst scenario of life that itself was school
xMad Tv 5 months ago
During 5th to 9th grade pretty much 90% of what i learn is completely useless, because idc about history or geography, idc about portuguese or english, i care about science and genetics, and now im at my last year of school and i can say that i still have a lot of stuff that idc about at all, i dont like my main language (portuguese), yet i have to learn everything about it that was programmed for me, and other students, something programmed by someone who's not even a teacher, im a man of science, genetics, yet i have to learn who were the kings of portugal, how many people they have, none of that matters to me, the only usefull thing school has gaven me with those subjects, is a way to talk about how boring and useless those subjects were. Love you mate, thanks for the vids they're all very inpirational.
MARISA BH 5 months ago
Learning is the best thing but they make it sound such a torture. If they didn’t push students into learning stuffs, every morning students would wake up with interests and would love learning lessons as much as Instagram and YouTube
Secret DetectiveT 5 months ago
One word WOW.
Jhero Arago 5 months ago
The dislikers are the Teacher's pets
MARISA BH 5 months ago
Omg you said it in a way that I wanted to cry. That’s so true we are wasting the best years of our lives for almost nothing.and we learn bullshit instead of useful life lessons.
Jenny 5 months ago
School is hard for Asians cause the parents have a VERY HIGH expectations, I mean high.
Axgie 5 months ago
Drock 5 months ago
Fuck school.
xUniiique 5 months ago
As a 6th grader myself, I notice that my school isn't even a school without being a teachers favorite.
lv Cruisin vl 5 months ago
I don’t try at school and I have straight As. 8 don’t go to school to get good grades and get smart. I go to meet friends and talk to them
Sarah habert 5 months ago
I need help my English and math teachers don't know how to teach me and my class mates I mean its eight grade so I'm not going back but I don't understands hat there teaching us and I have a tendency to yell at other people and especially the teachers does anyone have any suggestions for me.
Ryan Makhani 5 months ago
I once heard a student utter high school hurts my soul. It caught totally me off guard. I hated growing up. Now as an educator, I try to constantly help students, parents and teachers make school relevant to life. I often wonder what would happen if all that talent and brain power in schools was focused on our world challenges. This video is awesome! Thanks Prince Ea!
candy pop 5 months ago
Shit horny hour of life.
John R 5 months ago
I wish my school and parents understood this.
Aiden Baksmati 5 months ago
I love u bro
jokes dog 5 months ago
harriet ivan 5 months ago
No relatable but a little
Lavender Days 5 months ago
Anyone else think he just copied boyinaband?
Thelectricgirl 5 months ago
18 year olds are expected to be fully functioning adults, when a month ago they had to ask to go to the bathroom. this is what's wrong with the system.
Hazel Wayne 5 months ago
Friends n teachers only think scores makes u the smartest.
Jaelyn White 5 months ago
School is terrible when ur parent doesn’t except your sexuality and doesn’t think you good enough for your age
Alex Hole 5 months ago
Did anyone else listen to this and just want to watch Boyinaband's Don't stay in school again?
Despacito 14 5 months ago
Kid got shoved in the hall into a wall and started bleeding and a teacher just walked by as if nothing happened
TTHUGY-BEARR 5 months ago
why isn’t school for our futur job like i wanna be a manga artist and we study art
Jordan Rogers 5 months ago
What do you mean 6 hours more like eight. I wish I could shave off that 2 hours, and I relate to 97% of the stuff you said in this video
Heylo Productionz 5 months ago
Don't get the wrong impression though, Ea is talking about how you should not let your dreams disappear because of your test scores. How you shouldn't expect for school to open up your own doors. School is not a prison, it just teaches you tiny, life skills that you will need in the future. Like for example, how to do addition, read, cook, program. School's still important, but when you grow up, you gotta find your own path, right?
Ho Lee Fuk 5 months ago
*coughs* common core
jessicavlogsand TOYs 5 months ago
My 3rd grade teacher was the ONLY teacher I EVER had that talk about life and what we should do to make it better and I miss her so much! Now!
Foxstar Animations 5 months ago
Well what's the point of complaining about the school system when we could be doing something about it. We should protest the school system until they finally change it to be more like Finland's or something. Of course for that we need Ideas of how to. If you have any please tell me!
Round Potato 5 months ago
So true.
Mr. Tibbles 5 months ago
Why cant all my teachers watch this?
Ur Mans 5 months ago
The problem is that we realize how bullshit school is when we finish school, and then we don’t do anything about it because we don’t care anymore.
Dylan Locke 5 months ago
gonna be honest. sometimes this guy is really annoying but all i did through school is memorized patterns of answers. none of the actual content. i could never keep up so i gave up.
ItzDip 1 5 months ago
School is prison.only thing I like about it is the friends. Let me fix the words up. Class = Cell Teachers = Gaurds The entire school = prison
Naomi Mather 5 months ago
I'm homeschooled and I go to a co-op and everything is just to stressful. The school I do for home and for co-op so much stuff to try to learn. I need to learn things to help me improve the stuff I care about. I like drawing and writing but get little to no time to do any of it. I can create amazing stories in my head and they could never be told, or have an amazing idea for a drawing and never be able to draw it and expand my creativity. We need more to help people improve in what talents they have not tests that make you stress out to the max or tight time schedules. I know people will probably not see this but it was worth a shot on saying it, speaking my mind. Anyway no matter what people say stay true to your passion. Good luck.
Finkinator15 5 months ago
My biggest problem with school is that I’m super passionate about music I love it it brings me out of my slumps and my parents understand that but my grades are dropping because I put so much of my time and passion into something I love and feel like I could have an impact in others life. Whenever I’m down I listen to a drum corps show and the beautiful music and amazing visuals bring me up because it’s something I love but with school I’m having to take time out of music and band and have to do homework and I feel like if I didn’t have music in my life I probably wouldn’t be on the planet rn because idk what I would’ve done. My bestfriends are people I’ve met in band and have the same passions as me and that’s why we get along so well. yes we should be able to read write and have basic algebra skills but school is taking time away from what I love and am passionate about.
Addyson Grace White 5 months ago
Most of my test we get the study guide the day before and we have to fill it out by ourselves, and then be prepared to either memorize then forget the next day or fail the test. School is hard sometimes. Especially with older bullies that think they are cool.
Alyson Hurd 5 months ago
Man in video= Six cruel hours of our lives (S.C.H.O.O.L.) Me= HUH?? I have 7 hours!! ;o
Alyson Hurd 5 months ago
This is SO true.
creative Iggy 5 months ago
I really want to show this to the princable so he can dhow it to a room full of teachers
Evan Herndon 5 months ago
I have 4 more years till i'm free.
KittyCatGamer 5 months ago
This video explains why my math teacher is great. A few days ago, he showed a video on bullying and mental/physical things. He also says that if we don't do our homework, we can do it at the end of the year, or a few weeks from now, or whenever, as long as we finish it someway or another.
Our Farmhouse Academy 5 months ago
The only subject I enjoyed in high school was choir, and that was the one subject that wasn’t really graded. You learned your music to perform better, not for a mark. A few years ago I decided to pull my own children from public school because it just wasn’t working. They weren’t retaining much and were having anxiety. Best decision of our lives! My kids love homeschooling and are learning to love learning. Also, I’m discovering (and retaining) along with them everything I either forgot or never knew in school. It’s actually interesting now that we’re learning because we want to, and not for a test. I have a whole YouTube channel that focuses on our homeschooling journey, if anyone is interested in finding out more about it.
Alice in The Land of Dawn 5 months ago
Meh.. I'm tired of quiz bee. I mean im not studying. but everyone think I'm smart. But. yeah. I need to review for Monday quiz bee😗
SugoiP 5 months ago
Finally, You said it Prince Ea. I hope this video gets really viral where the world will see it and finally improve SCHOOL like how the people modernized the world.
supercool_ me 5 months ago
I wanna study now. That's something I thought you would never say!
mya brown 5 months ago
I stan him and this video Omg.this made me cry🤣😓
Suvney Lit 5 months ago
What’s bad about this that I know this and openly state this fact 100 of times and I’m looked at like a fool for saying it anyways nice vid
Cynthia Martinez 5 months ago
My mom. High School I asked questions for homework she doesn't remember
Cynthia Martinez 5 months ago
My school lesson 8 hours I still don't remember anything from it
MK Tubing 5 months ago
Amazing work
Young Malo 5 months ago
All of the dislikes are from teachers from all around the world
Josue Reynoso 5 months ago
Bra school does teach u how to do ur taxes and stuff u just have to look for it🙄🙄🙄
Professor Minion 5 months ago
your videos are really inspirational!! don’t get affected by what haters say :D keep doing these videos!!🌚🌝😁
DeadGame 09 5 months ago
It’s a shame it will never change and this video won’t change at all only raise awareness but not action
Soffiethefantastic :3 5 months ago
I wish my parents would listen to this
Christian Espinoza 5 months ago
I always hated when teacher would say “Use the bathroom before class”. Pleas I had to run across the entire school to my locker and then run back to the other side (get yelled at at least twice by the security guard) in about 5 minutes.
RemixGerm 205 5 months ago
Hannah A 5 months ago
The one about raising your hand though I could relate
Eunoiqx 5 months ago
Can you be the president?
Cure Parfait 5 months ago
John Best 5 months ago
This is possibly one of the most vapid videos on YouTube. Simply go observe commumities that don't value education, and there you'll find higher rates of poverty and violence. Then observe communities that do value education and you'll generally find the converse. Of course school isn't perfect, and cramming 30 twelve year olds into a classom is less than ideal, but private tutors for everyone is simply too expensive, so we do our best with what we got. Our cities and contraptions, our art and culture are all products of the human imagination (read the book Sapiens). These human enterprises are what separates us from the other animals, making us undoubtedly the most powerful species on the planet. Schooling is an intoduction to this human imaginative landscape and just because you find it boring or useless doesn't necessarily mean that it is. Be careful with what you want to tear down, it may be more important than you know.
Fiore 5 months ago
Search “school makes me” on google and look at the most searched answers
the everything Channel and hobbies 5 months ago
Not only is school like a prison half of the stuff we learn we forget and end up not using anyway
Invention Detention 5 months ago
Thank you so much for making this. I’m an 8th grader and most of my friends have problems with their family, have mental issues, are taking drugs, and/or gets bad grades. Nearly all of them I know are passionate about something such as writing, drawing, music, dance, the navy, and myself animation. I have learned more about my future profession on YouTube than at school. At my school we have about six weeks of computer class and six weeks of art for the entire school year. I loved every second when I was in those classes but they never lasted long enough. The rest of my time I’ve spent working on algebra tests and social studies projects, that both had information that I will never use in the future. I started watching videos about the school system being broken and they made me realize that it’s true. None of my friends have learned what to do in order to be closer to their families. None of my friends know how to stop doing drugs other than just stopping. The only advice they’ve been given is “don’t do drugs” and that isn’t enough. I’ve learned more about how to help my depressed friends by using the internet than from anyone or any class at my school. Knowing how to find x won’t help my friend stop self harming. Writing a paper on whether or not Pocahontas saved John Smith won’t help me in coming out to my homophobic aunts and uncles. None of this information is useful to me in the real world, and something definitely needs to change. So thank you for speaking out on this topic that hurts so many people like myself. I truly appreciate everything you said in this video and I hope that we, the students and children of the future, can be heard before it’s too late.
Mayra Bermúdez 5 months ago
gabe logan 5 months ago
that hallway is ridiculously large :v
Mayra Bermúdez 5 months ago
I Struggle with assignments I have 2 weeks in middle school and I all ready have 5 assignments 😫 I’m stressed and I have AVID and accelerated Math and the pressure me to only get A+ 😫HELP!!!!😭
TheDCLogical :. 5 months ago
Reverse Flash 5 months ago
The Disliker are probably Teachers 😂
TheDCLogical :. 5 months ago
Will B 5 months ago
This is exactly why I hate the American school system, they refuse to change anything so it stays sucky forever
No One 5 months ago
School is for sleeping
Thatcher 5 months ago
Schools are causing extreme stress and anxiety to students, I don’t believe in school. At least schools now a days
SnowySkies 5 months ago
I forgot everything they taught me
BWEHEHEHE 5 months ago
I always tell my math teacher what am i gonna receive when I solve this algebra shit? My teacher said New learnings but in my mind I dont fucking like math so why am i gonna understand this lesson. And thats how i failed in math class TT
junbug 11 5 months ago
I'm that child
KluchPlayz 5 months ago
The worst part about my school is doing absolutely nothing during the school day, and then having 5 pages of homework that night. School is supposed to be for LEARNING, but nowadays it’s basically just a place for parents to drop off their kids so they can work. When you’re at home, you should spend time with your family and friends and have fun. Not have to do more work that shoulda been done at school when we watched a stupid movie we’ve already seen 2 times. There’s a period at my school called PLUS block, which is supposed to be for catching up on work or doing something productive. But this year, we’re forced to read for 20 minutes, then we only have 15 minutes of working time. Education is taking a turn for the worse. Instead of learning stupid math terms that we’re never gonna need to know irl, why don’t we learn about, say. how to buy a house, how to cook, how to fix your car. all things that will help us in the real world. Last year we had Family And Consumer Science as a class for one quarter, which is basically things like sewing and cooking. That got replaced with f***ing music class! Unless we want to be a musician, how in the f*** is learning how to bang on a drum gonna help us later in life. School should be more engaging and useful.
Zechteri 5 months ago
Kids Next Door.
Shepard 5 months ago
school is a way for parents to get the kids out of the house
•Spicy Sass Queen• 5 months ago
*sniff* 👏👏👏👏👏 you inspire me
Pro._.fanity 5 months ago
I agree so much but no one cares so that’s why nothing is changing.
god rules 5 months ago
I suck at math and i will never need it
taekook haha yes 5 months ago
what’s the use of school when ur just gonna forget everything when u grow old
Jenna Salti 5 months ago
I literally gave some of this information and guess what? She blamed it on how I struggle to learn something in one day and and will get mad when she has know it for 30 years.
HakerSmacker 5 months ago
Man U see when I’m in school, I don’t care about popular kids, me myself don’t find myself popular, I am neither, I am loud and make people laugh on the inside and I get my work done no matter how tougher it is, I don’t go out with friends which is the thing I gotta work on. I sit at home and do nothing, but there is something, I workout, I run, I try out basketball, play soccer and learn as I go but yet I haven’t found myself, I sometimes get F’s on assignments and sometimes I don’t. All I do know is how to learn new things for a newer future.
All Might 5 months ago
Wtf are you talking about im in highschool and im learning how to use photoshop and adobe animate and maybe having a carreer in digital art and next two year im taking buisness classes and i domt think its useless
Unfortunate Gamer 5 months ago
Lord Meliodas 5 months ago
I just want school to teach me how to invest. Not to work my ass off for money. I want money to work for me.
I eat twinkies in my grandma’s basement 5 months ago
School: A prison disguised as a place to have a better future but teaches ya bullshit
Carmen’s InkyCrew 5 months ago
S even C ruel H ours O f O ur L ifes
Paul Smith 5 months ago
This is SOO TRUE! We are just brainwashed to think school is good but it's not always relevant
boxgamer 5 months ago
I’ve always lived by the thought that school prepares you for collage, collage prepares you for a career, etc. Look, School teaches you mostly by memory, but how else would you REMEMBER math, reading, writing, and more? tests aren’t exactly like your homework questions; They force you MEMORIZE a way to find an answer to a problem, they force you to listen, but they don’t force you to answer all the same questions each and every time, they use this to help you practice. I don’t see the problem with this. School doesn’t directly teach you how to have good self-esteem; yet they’re people that work there to help kids express themselves. Sort of like a therapist. School prepares you for collage, if you never go to collage, you’ll find almost everything in school is a waste! If you do, you’ll learn why they had you listen, had you write fluidly, had you be punctual, had you work hard, had you explain, etc. School may force you to do stuff that you hate, but then you get to collage, free to take classes you want to while forgetting some of the rest! You see, I don’t think school is the problem; I think the way people look down on school is the problem. people find it to just be a prison and complain without fully pondering why schools make you go through this stuff. I think that’s the problem! EDIT: By the way, studies show that around 70 - 80% of people that never even went to collage. Are either working minimum wage/ or unemployed. Not saying that it’s wrong to be one of those people, because it’s very rare to make a YouTube, iPad, or Facebook being one (intentionally used things made by dropouts).