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DJESKY ! 11 months ago
Can i join your party ? •w•
dragonsbut 11 months ago
Does both his Key Art Bond and Namine have -60 Ground?
Henry Sim 11 months ago
i got no ava or invisible. got zexion +
Anthony White 11 months ago
Almost slipped ehhhhh lol
Anderson Mejia 11 months ago
Lol 36 rekts in union x lol.
The Pyro Jawsome 11 months ago
THE DEEEMIX Edit: Got to round 8 on a +31 Olympia with 6 star Xion X+, 6 star HD Xion (I don't have enough Tier 6 Fairies), 6 star Kairi X+, 7 star Mr. Incredible, 7 star 0.2 Kairi, 7 star double attack Roxas and Xion, and alternating KH3 Riku and Prime Woody. I might switch off to Divine Rose or Missing Ache (I can actually make that one good, praise Roxas and Xion w/ double attack.) Edit 2: Made it past 8 with +27 Missing Ache, Xion X+, Kairi X+, 7 star EX Axel, 7 star Key Art 3, Roxas & Xion, 0.2 Kairi, and friend (random) KH3 Riku.Then round 9 stonewalled me.
Anderson Mejia 11 months ago
Made 11 out of 13 all thanks to a friend extra attack Ava kai, shout out to my party and Xalcus. Also stuck in chasms of challenge. dark gnaw vs gummi hound I think. feels bad. Also the union x normal time has a special enemy that drops a ton of coins in normal time. Use the bonus time for raiding! Use them 40% raid medals u have too many of.
kamftryhard 11 months ago
What should i do with 9 kh3 riku trait medals (dont have kh3 riku)
edmondYJ 11 months ago
kamftryhard I have 15 of them lol I’d save them for mercy pull or something
Altoryu 11 months ago
I can't get past stage 11 mostly cause I don't have a good one hit/no count speed medal to use or such, I have a 35.5 Fairy Stars. I start with Xion Kai, then Ill. Roxas, Ava, Xion imitate, Woody, Vantias imitate and finish with Double attack Invis friend medal. I know it's my woody that fails me but I don't have a good upright speed medal to use.
Altoryu 11 months ago
I don't unfortunately the only incredible medals I have are dash and violet.
SmellyOctopus 11 months ago
If you have Mrs.Incredible use that instead of woody to buy you extra turns and do some decent damage too.
AroSorA #Elusive Hearts 11 months ago
People argue that turtleing isnt relevant anymore after they just watched a vid of turtleing being implemented. Sooooooo yea. thats a thing. apparently lol
Chosenbuckle chosen to be chosen 11 months ago