Sable Sheep - Upon Burning Skies (MHD012)

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Sable Sheep - Upon Burning Skies (MHD012) Supported by: Gregor Tresher, Monika Kruse, Anja Schneider, Pan-Pot, Marc Romboy, Robert Dietz, tINI, Sven Tasnadi, Andrea Oliva, Nic Fanciulli, Tuccillo, Meat, Philip Bader, Slam, Tobi Neumann, &Me, Nick Curly, Karotte, Davide Squillace, Steve Lawler, Dubfire, Luca Bacchetti, Jimpster, Stacey Pullen, Tiefschwarz, Simon Flower, Pirupa, Arado, Re.You, Fabrizio Maurizi, Schlomi Aber, Martin Landsky, Todd Bodine, Gregor Tresher (Break New Soil) Yes, big EP again. Sable Sheep is on fire! Anja Schneider (Mobilee) Really love the work of Sable Sheep. Monika Kruse (Terminal M) Thy Suffer. But not me. Because this release is cool! Marc Romboy (Systematic) Upon burning is a great and outstanding track. Ray Okpara (Mobilee) Super EP! Andrew Grant (Circoloco) Straight fire!!! 5 stars only because i couldn't put 6. Andrea Oliva (Cadenza) Perfect grooves! Gonna play it out loud! Philip Bader Love this release. &Me (Keinemusik) Great release! Karotte (Break New Soil) Great EP. Love it! Luca Bacchetti (Ovum) Digging the whole EP, another goal!! This guy is on fire. Jimpster (Freerange) Cracking stuff! All four tracks are doing it. Re.You (Souvenir) I love Moon Harbour, another great release. Having become a member of the Moon Harbour agency and label family recently, Germany's mysterious Sable Sheep is back with a new four track EP that continues to explore his trademark tribal tinged tech house sound with great panache. Sable Sheep is no stranger to success given the widespread deployment of his previous tracks like 'Painting My Fur', and that's a good job, because all of his latest missives are sure-fire dancefloor dynamite. Upon Burning Skies is the opening track, and one that builds and builds in tension to an invisible peak that will have ravers on the edge of their feet as the tribal male chanting acts like a call to action above bouncing, buoyant kick drums and slick percussive details. A dub version is also included in the package. Torn To Pieces is another full-blooded groove that will lock you in from the very first rubbery kick and silvery hi hat ringlet. As they roll on next to each other without any friction at all, a knotted bassline and deft little synth stabs add some detail as a warm wind seems to howl in the background. Its stripped back but fills the airwaves and is the sort of physical track its impossible not to get carried away by. Finally, Thy Suffer is another warm concoction of sound that Sable Sheep fills with rattling drum hits and sandy shakers. Some twitching alien sounds suggest the presence of life amongst the machines and the deep looping kicks help draw you in. An EP produced with great precision restraint, Sable Sheep knows just how much to add into the without over doing things or allowing things to get stuck in a rut -- it's a perfect balancing act that is designed for maximum impact on the dancefloor.

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vagelis hajianastasiou 4 months ago
very very nice!!!hi from greece.
Remy Molina 4 months ago
Hector 5 months ago
Everytime i come back to this track it just gets better
CARLOS Cotter 6 months ago
Silvester Agurs 8 months ago
Imma bout to get baptized Sunday 🎧🎶🎶🎶👞👞👞👞s
Zipora Linzer 11 months ago
kareem omar 1 year ago
1:49 <3<3
Caramelo Júnior 1 year ago
This is the message that appear to me, i'm from Portugal: The video includes copyrighted audio that may affect your availability or result in the display of ads. While no action is required, if you want to edit the video to resolve this issue, you can try removing the content ID claims song (below) or overlaying a new (right) audio track. It says may affect the availability, about the ads i don't care. But if anyone could help me about this issue. Thanks once again. Best Regards, Caramelo
Caramelo Júnior 1 year ago
I'd like to know how can i use it, and if i can have the permission to put in my video, with the necessary info to put it on description. To explain youtube that i'd the permission to use it. I'm a freelancer in multimdia and also a I.T. I'm starting to use youtube to publish my works, but i don't have luck in finding songs with lot of time, and free about copyright. So if you could give me any info about using this song, i would be grateful. Best Regards. Caramelo
Caramelo Júnior 1 year ago
Hi. How are you? Can i use this music in a video, of a party where i record it? It was a pool party with Carlos Manaça. But i don't want to use without the permissions of copyright. Best Regards Caramelo
Lester Q 1 year ago
Antonio Rosell 1 year ago
min 3:18 nice boom
FREELEOONE 1 year ago
I never get tired of listening to this track!!
Saverio Mele 1 year ago
RealBooachh 1 year ago
quando la risenti dopo mille anni devi di solo porca madonna
Benoit Bordet 1 year ago
Augustoxi c 2 years ago
Classic masterpiece.
Ashley Hurt 2 years ago
When it's over I feel like I've reached that special destination. THAT'S music at WORK. Bravo!!!
Sergio Gonzalez 2 years ago
ohlooooooongjohnson 2 years ago
Got it on Vinyl <3
Adrian Ayuwoken 2 years ago
Vellos de punta !!! PUTO TEMAZO !!
Dorien Feijaerts 2 years ago
Julio Enriquez 2 years ago
vamono suaveson mami
Wuainer Acosta 2 years ago
relax relax!!
Harsh Jain 2 years ago
mad over track, glued to it since my last comment an hour ago. boom!
Harsh Jain 2 years ago
Boom! great Track!
Loco Tuchi 2 years ago
I closed my eyes and found myself in the savana
Erickson Gomes 1 year ago
Loco Tuchi thats country bro.
miguel guardia 2 years ago
//E-S-C-U-C-H-A-L-A// $$BURNING$$
Tadeo Gud 2 years ago
Fucking perfect
Hernan Aguilera 2 years ago
The blootleggers feat Ralph Stanley - fire in the blood
Mariajosefa Iglesias Lopeznllkñmkjll 1 year ago
Alex K rbgghbtjrjrskswetr
House Nebula 2 years ago
Juan Machuca 2 years ago
Anda pues yayayayaujuuuu vale camita camita
Yamii Pessag. 2 years ago
jajaja (Y)
Juan Machuca 2 years ago
Si valeeeee juuiuuuu vallalo
Yamii Pessag. 2 years ago
JAJAJA eres de venezela?
Renzo Zarate 2 years ago
Esoooo !!!!
Naomi Elizabeth Murphy 2 years ago
Very nice.
Beat Muse 2 years ago
great track.bomb.anyone knows where are the vocals from? Cheers!
Dani Ciullo 1 year ago
From nowhere- dan croll
Magguie delMar993 3 years ago
Thabang Nkuna 3 years ago
damn good music
Torres DouGlas 3 years ago
Vamos Carajo.
NIKOLI Reece 3 years ago
what a tune!!!
Lucía Martinez 3 years ago
Ruben Palacios 3 years ago
Yujuuuu Juegale Matona esa Conga Bl
Kevinelmenor Herrera 3 years ago
eso es role de pieza vale proyectate en la onda
Azhara Sakalli 3 years ago
Such a journey!
Tripz Included 3 years ago
. danki! die track is ill (:
Victor Gonzalez 3 years ago
Hablale mano proyectate ♪♫♪♫
Wolfgang Weber 3 years ago
thank yuu- wonderful for my medicine-breathwork-mysterious-healing-experiences
DJ ASP 3 years ago
Esto es Buena CONGAAAA ♫♫♫♫ Yujuuuu mono carajooo pachanga Yujuuuu 
Maiikol Urdaneta 4 years ago
venezuelaa Congueera!!
Janeth Carmona 3 years ago
Dj Joseph Gi 3 years ago
+Maiikol Urdaneta que temazoooooooooo es ella con guasacacaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.!!!!
Jesús Farías 3 years ago
En alta bro!
Carrius Benitez 4 years ago
Christoph Richter 4 years ago
What kind of genre is this?
Mæx 2 years ago
techhouse i would say
jpchavezvega 3 years ago
+The Gaming Hub its whatever the dancer wants to dance to.
Figaro 3 years ago
its whatever the artist wants it to be
Horan Nórii 4 years ago
+Nico Ferra It's not's TECH! :)
Nico Ferra 4 years ago
tribal house
Boris Garces 4 years ago
Fercho Aguas 4 years ago
Saaaabor!!  Nice trip  d-.-b
Falquiboy 4 years ago
yes this is pretty sick
Martin Tin 4 years ago
Ben Dns 4 years ago
Ivandro Burity 4 years ago
<3 porto
piermarco tamai 4 years ago
what the name of the original vocal?
DeepHouseJukebox 4 years ago
Tony Alen 4 years ago
I do radio in NJ, let me know how I can your music to spin on my show, thanks.
natalie heyna 4 years ago
@strassenmusik 30.1. In Essen 🎉
Lorenzo Tesio 4 years ago
Aleksandr Kurochkin 4 years ago
iFranco 5 years ago
track is fuego
Pey Hdez 5 years ago
Cool !!
lv677 5 years ago
Viktor Doom 5 years ago
buena rola 
Chris kall 5 years ago
ελληνάρες μην καταστρέφετε τα τραγούδια χώνοντας τα ανάμεσα από καρράδες
Dimitris Klonaris 2 years ago
MYGNTM valto mesa mia fora, kai meta alli mia, kai alli mia, etsi gia na mathoun.baseline.
MYGNTM 3 years ago
+chris άτιμοι κλαρινοdjs
ubudubuHA 4 years ago
language in this track, my Lord
Chris kall 4 years ago
+ubudubuHA it was a message for the greeks. tell me what you need to know
ubudubuHA 4 years ago
co to za język kurczę mać?
Alejandro Borges Gonzalez 5 years ago
Daniel Donath 5 years ago
DisplayName 5 years ago
pwwww dinei kala oxi asteia!
HardPlayerzChannel 5 years ago
Now i can die <3
Will -e 5 years ago
i'm dead !!! ♥
Will -e 5 years ago
i'm dead !!! ♥
DJ Dimo 5 years ago
Thrill me!
Michael Gonzalez 5 years ago
This track is serious man.
MommaKitty13 5 years ago
Yessssss! More please! xo
Suicide Boogie // madoppelDin 5 years ago
Sehr geil
Alex Ancion 5 years ago
I know what you mean, but that's what makes this track unique!
xwtiko78 5 years ago
jingle jangles 5 years ago
Gorgeous composition except the vocal track occasionally sounds like it runs a little fast/ out of time. Might just be me, I'm an audio facist :p
Mac Ree 5 years ago
and u are stoned
Juan Grillo 5 years ago
solo para oídos privilegiados! mucho estilo hay aquí
djpolaa mendoza 5 years ago
Shoaib Jaffery 5 years ago
Can anyone please post the lyrics of this tracks. I can stop humming it!
Mihir Modi 5 years ago
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mariner225 5 years ago
pure music
Basel3zu2 5 years ago
Eintracht Frankfurt
botyesz b. 5 years ago
suported by roger sanchez !
Stefano Barcelli 5 years ago
Matthias Tanzmann - Live@ LoveFamilyPark 2013 (07-07-13)
tamer sanli 5 years ago
ohh amazing
PhilDerown 5 years ago
it´s so fucking amazing.
Alex Ancion 5 years ago
Holy Meatballs this fucking song aaww
Razvan Cristian 5 years ago
Manu Valenzuela 5 years ago
vr4md 5 years ago
Fucking Awesome *_*
RedstoneProduction 5 years ago
What an amazing track
tio fintinhas 5 years ago
impressionante =D ganda musica. pom pom pom hooo yeah
Axel Eriksson 5 years ago
Gonna kick of my set tonight with this one (starting @ 2:36, increasing volume slowly). Well done! :)
eMe Castro 5 years ago
great track!!!
stafit87 5 years ago
TubeYouwilda 5 years ago