Sketch 3 Tutorial • Space UX (Webdesign) 1/3 • Sketchapp Tutorial & Design Process Workflow

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Sketch 3 Tutorial • Space UX (Webdesign)  1/3 • Sketchapp Tutorial & Design Process Workflow

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Comments to the video: Sketch 3 Tutorial • Space UX (Webdesign) 1/3 • Sketchapp Tutorial & Design Process Workflow

Julien Kirsch 1 year ago
If I didn't see your notifications, written in german, i wouldn't know you're german. lol Great pronunciation!
Olesya Nabieva 1 year ago
I want this icon set!
gabriela sherren 1 year ago
where did you get your icons from?
Frank the Ant 1 year ago
Some of this seems easier on Adobe Photoshop or Experience Design, with the exception of those lines. Any reason why you'd use Sketch over Photoshop?
Maex 1 year ago
I think it may be easier or just the same in XD, but Photoshop is way to bloated. That's why I choose Sketch over Photoshop. It's reduced to the functions you need for UI design :)
Brial 1 year ago
I think you are confusing UX with UI. This is just UI design. Maybe you've done the UX part before but I didn't see any of it in this video.
Sehee Lee 1 year ago
Looks like this is a Sketch 3 Tutorial.
Max Winter 1 year ago
Great one. But please no music next time.
Maex 1 year ago
Check out the latest videos, they're all real tutorials :)
Abdullah Asif 2 years ago
Does it give the code what we designed In sketch
Yuanfei Zhu 2 years ago
Thank you, the tutorial is very useful! I have question about the color platte, how do you advice the beginners to pick the right colors and tints the elements that go along well?
Omer Sipra 2 years ago
learn color theory and learn to make style guides for your design. Join lynda. It has some great design courses. Also watch Graphic Design for Everyone by Lesa Snider. Read the book Design Basics. And finally watch tutorials, follow along and do a lots of practice.
Jessica Peng 2 years ago
Where did you get the icon file from?
Tiago Alves 7 months ago
strejda Pe 2 years ago
great music I love it
A2Kaid 2 years ago
Sketch = Checkers Photoshop = Chess
stil133 2 years ago
Awesome video. Could you tell background music titles?
Fede 2 years ago
gradient part is really confusing :/
capawaky 3 years ago
Great video series, but can you please explain what you did with the Global Gradients settings on the first gradient 00:32 layer? The dock is in the way and I can't figure out how to replicate it :P
Maex 3 years ago
Well what I did with the gradient on the picture layer didn't work, so I made a rectangle and added a transparent gradient there. Is that answering your question?
capawaky 3 years ago
+Sketchapp TV Hmm. I keep trying to replicate the same effect but when I slide the opacity down to 0, I see the picture, not a different gradient. What am I doing wrong? Screenshot:
Maex 3 years ago
+capawaky I just saw that the dock is in the way and that's a bug. I did nothing there :P
Adil D. 3 years ago
Does it really worth it to use Sketch for Webdesign? I mean is there any BIGBIG difference between Sketch and Photoshop?  Thanks for the video :)
Adil D. 3 years ago
You're right. It saves a lot of time ; I used Sketch and Photoshop to compare, with Sketch it's a lot more easier and it's very lightweight compared to Photoshop.
Guillermo Diéguez 3 years ago
+Adil D. Well, I used to design my projects in Photoshop and always resulted a pain in the a. I managed to set a master page with Sketch in less than 30 mins, including main styling. Final prototype (ready to export) was finished in a total of 3 hours, including breaks. Saves a lot of time
Jonathan Perez 3 years ago
What icons are you using here?
Carlo Fioretti Rizzante 3 years ago
+Sketchapp TV Thanks :)
Maex 3 years ago
+Jonathan Perez :)