Coriana Johnson & Makayla Mitchell Best Friends

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Coriana Johnson & Makayla Mitchell     Best Friends

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Angela Harris 1 month ago
Hi Kate did you give up on the kenekka case???
Pork Wontons 1 month ago
might have been recruiters
Toya B 1 month ago
Kate what's your e mail
Kate 420 1 month ago
Jah Queen 1 month ago
Oh my.Plp stay prayed up.
Cali Girl 1 month ago
Very sad. Prayers going up for those babies.
Evelyn 1 month ago
Kate you really are gifted! I hope you know that! People fear your ass because they see if you get on something you ain't gettin' off till er'body understands!
Evelyn 1 month ago
Hey Kate! I've missed you Sista!
Melissa P 1 month ago
Kate.wonderful to hear you. This story is so sad. It is so unfortunate that these kind of tragedies happen every day everywhere. I agree in the fact that there were 2 guys in the back seat and know nothing. There should be no color for Justice. God Bless the families of these young ladies. SO SAD.
fame Carter 1 month ago
Hi Kate, Happy New Year, that sure is a sad story.i hope these family's get justice. I also hope someone come fourth and say something. Well looking forward to you getting your channel back up. Take care Kate420
Yolanda Just Me 1 month ago
5,4,3,2,1.Zero is on the way.😂
Simply.Beautiful 1 month ago
Sherrell Brice 1 month ago
Inncent shooting woman lrene
Finest Jewels 1 month ago
Tony Last 1 month ago
Glad ur in good health
Dissolve YourSelf 8 1 month ago
Cynthia Simpson 1 month ago
Geoffrey Baker 1 month ago
There phones might help find the killer.
liz liz 1 month ago
Geoffrey Baker Their
Lindy Durham 1 month ago
Hi Kate How you been Still here great platform for missing kids
Sean Minneapolis 1 month ago
always look into the Mayor.
Geoffrey Baker 1 month ago
Gangs war in the rong place guys will take woman out as quick as that trust me know love lost was a trap for them such a waste of life
Debra Alexander 1 month ago
How horrible
SonjaT the place to be 1 month ago
Hi Kate! Where have you been. I have been missing you.
Lin Miller 1 month ago
Hello Kate❤❤👋👋
Lioness M 1 month ago
I'm glad to see and hear from u