Coriana Johnson & Makayla Mitchell Best Friends

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Coriana Johnson & Makayla Mitchell     Best Friends

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ANGEL IN DALLAS #INK 8 months ago
You're a very special person Kate although I've never met you I pray for your protection and I love you on a human level this is your girl angel in Dallas. these types of stories are so so difficult rest in peace to these beautiful Queens thank you Kate for always keeping it 100
Each One Teach One 9 months ago
Been thinking of you? How are you? Are you able to speak on J4K case? You were so on point ppl calling you names n stupid shit n everything you've discovered now everything coming too light hope your family dogs doing ok Glad you're back PEACE BE WITHYOU
YaffaYah Yisrael 10 months ago
Hi Kate did you give up on the kenekka case???
Pork Wontons 10 months ago
might have been recruiters
Toya B 10 months ago
Kate what's your e mail
Kate 420 10 months ago
Jah Queen 10 months ago
Oh my.Plp stay prayed up.
Cali Girl 10 months ago
Very sad. Prayers going up for those babies.
Drama tuber 10 months ago
SANDRA jus Sandra 11 months ago
Kate.wonderful to hear you. This story is so sad. It is so unfortunate that these kind of tragedies happen every day everywhere. I agree in the fact that there were 2 guys in the back seat and know nothing. There should be no color for Justice. God Bless the families of these young ladies. SO SAD.
WrecklessAzzHell Loyaltyganggang 11 months ago
Hi Kate, Happy New Year, that sure is a sad story.i hope these family's get justice. I also hope someone come fourth and say something. Well looking forward to you getting your channel back up. Take care Kate420
Yolanda Just Me 11 months ago
5,4,3,2,1.Zero is on the way.😂
Simply.Beautiful 11 months ago
Sherrell Brice 11 months ago
Inncent shooting woman lrene
Finest Jewels 11 months ago
Tony Last 11 months ago
Glad ur in good health
dissect and examine the excrement yourself. 11 months ago
Cynthia Simpson 11 months ago
Geoffrey Baker 11 months ago
There phones might help find the killer.
liz liz 11 months ago
Geoffrey Baker Their
Lindy Durham 11 months ago
Hi Kate How you been Still here great platform for missing kids
Sean Minneapolis 11 months ago
always look into the Mayor.
Geoffrey Baker 11 months ago
Gangs war in the rong place guys will take woman out as quick as that trust me know love lost was a trap for them such a waste of life
Debra Alexander 11 months ago
How horrible
SonjaT the place to be 11 months ago
Hi Kate! Where have you been. I have been missing you.
Lin Miller 11 months ago
Hello Kate❤❤👋👋
Lioness M 11 months ago
I'm glad to see and hear from u