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Krishna Kumar 3 months ago
sir what optional subjects should be choosed for a ca student
Pulkit Misra 4 months ago
Thanks for the guidance sir.
Vikesh Kumar 4 months ago
Please use less gestures. this shows you are not confident. ANNOYING!!!
urs truly 4 months ago
rightly said sir.so accurate so so so accurate especially the point of reading from others sources.
Dhananjay Agarwal 4 months ago
vry helpful
Ali Akram Mustafa Rizvi 4 months ago
very energetic and confident sir 👆
Goldy J 5 months ago
can u make a video on history optional.books n material to read
mukesh sharma 5 months ago
there is conflict in what you say and what Roman says. most of the other people say restrict to limited material and repeat again and again. I am confused, but as i heard there are 100s of ways of becoming an IAS and same goes true with your way.
Rajkumar Kesarwani 5 months ago
thanks u sir
nasa jind 5 months ago
thank u m samagh gya tayri hindi medium m kare ya english m koi antar nahi padta
Nichole greece 5 months ago
very nicely explained.thankyou sir :)
Ramadevi Varikuti 5 months ago
thank you sooo much sir.
nasa jind 5 months ago
jese m hindi medium student hu to m apni english kese strong karu or kitna time lagega taki cse m english medium le saku
vishu G 5 months ago
tumhe cse mein english medium lene ki jarurat nahi hai.tum sabhi paper hindi mein likh sakte ho.isey upsc ne allow kiya hai.
priyanka mohanraj 5 months ago
Sir Thank you so much for your guidance !!! Am grateful to you that you spoke whole the session in English because most of the Unacademy videos are nowadays posted only in Hindi so I even thought of unsubscribing it but at a right time I watched your useful video !! Thanks alot once again
divya gaurav 5 months ago
best video!
Sandesh Sharma 5 months ago
optionals??? @Roman sir
Shashikant verma 5 months ago
u demotivated
Gokulnath S.K 5 months ago
English videos will reach more ppl. as there is a compulsory paper in english. irrespective of a candidate's mother tongue one should clear english paper. so English is very apt for all. so no need to worry if you cant speak hindi. this video will help and benefit more ppl in english than in hindi. thanks for the advice sagodhara.
Siddharth Tyagi 5 months ago
thankyou sir
Ashish Saini 5 months ago
thanks sir
Tamil 5 months ago
Thala sirappu. Hindi la pesitu silar thirivaanga. Onnum puriyadhu. Thamizhan adhuvum namma madura karan IAS aaguradhu perumaiya iruku bro. Please make more videos. Thank you.
AKSH MALIKAY 4 months ago
hello sir. I am in 5th year bvsc. have u given upsc exam earlier.
Sovan Kundu 5 months ago
You are deeply focusing on history only.
Ramanathan S 5 months ago
Thala thanks thala. eppa. ellam antha puriyatha mozhi pesiye savadipanga. theivam ne !!😇
Jatin Batra 26 days ago
hahahhaha. sat shri akal
akshay malik 4 months ago
Hahaha i did not understand
Pradeesh 5 months ago
hahaha..im from tamilnadu too.
Shuddha Satya Biswas 5 months ago
Any specific reason not to take EE as optional. pls answer sir!
Parshya S 5 months ago
Roosevelt? Roosevelt? But. But. Equador. Panama. :/
Hello Ji 5 months ago
video on optional please
chaitu kittu 5 months ago
Thank you very much for ur valuable information. Thanks for explaining in English
Happy Hemavari 5 months ago
thank you sir
Prabhjeet Kaur 5 months ago
you showed your intelligence by adding women:-)
Prabhjeet Kaur 5 months ago
Jayant Kumar that's completely ok, no problem:-D
Osama Bin Laden 5 months ago
+Prabhjot Kaur..I'm sorry but I've mistaken you for someone else.my colg senior is preparing for upsc.that's why this mistake😁😁
Prabhjeet Kaur 5 months ago
Jayant Kumar hi sir,actually my final year exams are going on so I am not preparing yet.
Osama Bin Laden 5 months ago
Hi mam..how's ur preparation going? 😊😊
Dev Verma 5 months ago
Thanks alot Sir, sharing your thoughts and Strategy which is really helpful and motivated, As you said your optional was PSIR , Kindly share the books and material and plan for this optional.
Kanchan S 5 months ago
Dev Verma there is a detailed strategy by him on insights on India. you can check that out!
Mission Upsc 5 months ago
Thank u sir for being so patient and calm.
Deva Raj 5 months ago
எனக்கு ஸ்ரீநாத் ராகவனையும், ராஜமோகனையும் அறிமுகப்படுத்தியதற்கு நன்றி உமேஷ் அண்ணா.
Adi aditya 5 months ago
thanks a lot sir
Irshad Alam 5 months ago
very nice
peeyush piyush 5 months ago
sir pls make a vedio for history as an optional in depth. thankyou in advance and what you hav told us is worth..
sarvjeet kumar 5 months ago
best video on upsc preparation
umesh kumar 5 months ago
Good video
anil sanap 5 months ago
Bahut acchese bataya👌👌 Thankyou
Rahul Yadav 5 months ago
very useful video. he spoke honestly. thank you sir
Hello Ji 5 months ago
apne optional pr video bnaiye
all is well 5 months ago
I like ur integrity sir
vedanshu nagar 5 months ago
one thing i caught to you sir, develop personal thinking, if mug up, so this is not good thing, take decision in life by individual i know and understand you better thnx
yu.d sharma 5 months ago
why the quality of videos keeps on degrading. please improve video qualoty
nasa jind 5 months ago
sir plz tell me the funda of medium in cse whether hindi taken or english for success