selfrunning free energy Kapanadze 20 kW generator

selfrunning free energy Kapanadze 20 kW generator

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I found this video on youtube.
It shows a selfrunning Kapanadze generator powering
a motor and a bank of lightbulbs.
It was claimed to be a 20 KWatts free energy unit.

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Text Comments (33)
James Watson (8 months ago)
Many people try to build the Free Energy Generator
Most of them failed as they didn't have good plans
The Only one I saw to make it work-
An Engineer called John Richard from Chicago
To see the design on his blog - Search Google for: *Top Magnetic Generator*
Tom Hoehler (10 months ago)
Bullshit, pure bullshit. See what happens when you lie? Your teeth rot out.
Shame on you, scamming asshole. But, keep on smoking, that way you'll leave
the planet earlier, and that will be a good thing for all of us.
Ron Wilson (1 year ago)
(1) Get some dentures
(2) Lay off the dumb-ass cigarettes
(3) Just what the hell does this prove?
James Tait (9 months ago)
If You Want To Get The Plans
For Building The Magnetic Generator
Go To Google......and Search for: *Top Magnetic Generator*
It Is a Step By Step Tutorial......On How an Engineer Build this Device.
Tadas Blinda (3 years ago)
@kevinmb77 Well. but such and similar inventions are the KILL for those oil
companies controlled worldwide by Zionists. These inventions and human
progress CANNOT be stopped. These things mean the beginning of a new era in
human evolution and life. Believe, I lived through the Soviet occupation.
There were oppressions, human being is considered to be nothing against
that "super power". But the people of my country DID NOT lose the belief in
freedom. I believe these inventions will not be stopped
Giorgi Bakuridze (2 years ago)
მაგარი კაცია. დაფასება უნდა ამ საქმეს. ქართველები ვართ რაცა ვართ
Alexander Boridko (4 years ago)
@koneye и для чего ему ДВС. На сколько я знаю, у него ранее те же лампочки
горели вез взякого ДВС. А сейчас он прикрутил мотор, темболее под заклепка
ми. Зачем?!! Он там прячет обыденный генератор HONDA? @MattBlytheTheOne
cose it's motor(i thing that it's 2 stock motor).
Energyalt56 (3 years ago)
i am waiting to buy one from China They have a 24" wireless TV with no wire
already, its a wireless transfer tech Chinese soon will supply machine like
this for sure, no illuminate can do a damn thing to China
Spectresquad (3 years ago)
That is an easy one to debunk, there is a gas generator in the box.
Jason Moro (2 years ago)
It would be cool , i could understand couple hundred watts but : Gypsy from
georgia invents machine that can power up 5 houses for free and now travels
around gypsy meetings and using it to light 10 lightbulps
Samuel Dumitru (2 years ago)
man ... kapanadze has nothing to do with permament magnets :)) anyway good
luck with your magnets... hope the post will remain
Nabo00o (3 years ago)
@watashiomite You need to get off youtube, disinformist. You are using the
tactic of mixing some truth with crazy gibberish, which works very well.
More and more people are beginning to understand this. Thanks to Andre from
outlawjournalism! Read and think people, don 't accept anyone's truth!
Nazım şimşek (4 years ago)
they are a liar
Kormi (3 years ago)
@ariberman2010 its hydrodynamic generator with 2 gears
Begbucks (3 years ago)
Still rather loud, But progress should take care of that.
Mind710 (4 years ago)
Че капанадзе уже зубы вышыбли что ли?
Kevin Monsalvo (4 years ago)
First Bilderberd and NWO F%8(/ dont invest in this inventions cause they
will lose control. Free energy is a reality but they supressed the truth,
they dont give a damn about human evolution and they wont support it.
Independent entrepenours should invest in this projects.
Fenixxx2fenixxx (4 years ago)
это Тепловой насос Френетта?
Psytranceua (3 years ago)
куда пропал Капанадзе?
Bridaks (4 years ago)
I totally believe it now.. We have been lied by everyone it seems. I hope
people see the ramification of all those folks who comes up with those
devices now.. We're gonna have a bright future.

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