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Hellesis 1 month ago
Still the best League Worlds song.
스피드왜건솔로 부대 중사 1 month ago
우리가 생각하는 내가 게임하는 모습
dogmeat191 Official Channel 1 month ago
Are there more songs like this
Jack.S 1 month ago
i like the song.just sad that it has to be LoL of all games
SCR TV'S 1 month ago
Johny ZArizony 1 month ago
i think fairytail will Work are nah c. c
Joshua Edwards 1 month ago
광주거주고딩 1 month ago
2019 is expected
Hank 1 month ago
S So So g So go So goo So good So good s So good so So good son So good song So good son So good so So good s So good So goo So go So g So S
Wolf Walker 1 month ago
Song for PUBG !!!! 😇😇😇😇
Marlon Preciado 1 month ago
xeckoplays 1 month ago
i was the 1,344,000th like
Hopintin 1 month ago
That guitar tho.
Nelson Quilaqueo 1 month ago
are you killing me?
Nelson Quilaqueo 1 month ago
temazo y juegazo
Maximo Castro Ghigo 1 month ago
The best song of the world
Jasmine ROSSITER 1 month ago
Never felt so cringey in my flipin life. Gaming. Like.
Богданчик Тiвi 1 month ago
ахуенный кек
Shin Kobayashi 1 month ago
Ah the sweet time when i just started playing league.turned into regret
ItsTeale 1 month ago
When it’s a 4v4 left on fortnite
BlackOmega 1 month ago
like who listening in 2018 xD
cleyton Santos 1 month ago
Qual é o nome dessa música. se alguém souber por favor me fala
Kidflash 138 1 month ago
so badass
Haley Presley 1 month ago
i broke the replay button fell whell
sky sunthon 1 month ago
Legend never die.
Fardin Mridul 1 month ago
Anthem of the Gamer's..
#Goodperrit 1 month ago
We are Gamers.
Williams Figueroa 1 month ago
it gave me goose bumps
Taha Rıdvan Gökbel 1 month ago
2018 ?
Hanmin Kim 1 month ago
Pretty good for a 2015 animation
Dominique Hernandez 1 month ago
Which team are you on?
guillermo menchaca 1 month ago
La cara de ebria de la de los anuncios hahaha
Side X 1 month ago
*skin hairs starts to rise*
Markk is Here 1 month ago
And then the game is just pointing and clicking
Kerem Winchester 1 month ago
Best of Imagine Dragons and Lols songs :)
Matías Santos 1 month ago
Feel old yet??
FELIPE game Play 1 month ago
It's my song
Matvei Anicimov 1 month ago
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MarcoPollo Y.Y 1 month ago
GG IZI :3 (siento tu furia desde aca)
MaxxterCoC YT 2.0 1 month ago
Está muy bien hecho para ser del 2014
Crois q 1 month ago
Toka Demetrashvili 1 month ago
Armin 1 month ago
Oye loco wtf vengo de una racha de victorias y con este tema me inspiré más CTM ahí voy grieta del invocador!!!! :'v
MaxxterCoC YT 2.0 1 month ago
Armin ajjaa xdxdxd
John Nikiforidis 1 month ago
Ahhh The Golden Age Of League.
Mika Przyklenk 1 month ago
Badum's Randoms 1 month ago
I wish I could animate this good. :(
Михаил Я 1 month ago
gamers ' anthem!!!
Arthas 1 month ago
RIP the real league of legends..
Erick Cash 1 month ago
The base drop though
Dante Muñoz 1 month ago
wild fire 1 month ago
Legend of the noobs is my name
Poison ™ 1 month ago
Cadê os br??🇧🇷
María José Ocampo Peña 1 month ago
That Is the best song I Evenr heard
jonathan gonzalez 1 month ago
The old Rift <3
Francois Segura 1 month ago
Ahhh I will send ya a the new one to but I will am
metin2_ ماتين 2 1 month ago
Legends never die <3⚡🌺⚡
SrGerardo SubGAMenBoy 1 month ago
Steel Series 1 month ago
Quando o lol era bom.
ninja Assassin 1 month ago
hunter davis 1 month ago
shut up
eduardo cordova merida 1 month ago
i like the song is my favorite
Marissa Sutton 1 month ago
This gives me chills when I listen lmao love it!
Jordan Fors 1 month ago
Oh my god i havent seen this yet and i have chills
Verónica Oroná 1 month ago
La canción medio ganas de jugar Tengo cuenta de league of legue
Tom Blizz 1 month ago
LOL RIP in 2014 2015, later is pure RIP
Charan Reddy 1 month ago
This will never stop inspiring me
gi bl 1 month ago
Việt nam
chreif 1 month ago
wake up
Tugfa 354 1 month ago
faker make skt great again
leslie fischer 1 month ago
Jhoin me we making a caln
Masamune Saitama 1 month ago
(^ω^)(^ω^)(^ω^)( ^∇^)( ^∇^)( ^∇^)乂❤‿❤乂乂❤‿❤乂乂❤‿❤乂乂❤‿❤乂\(^ω^\)\(^ω^\)\(^o^)/\(^o^)/\(^o^)/(ノ^o^)ノ(ノ^o^)ノ(ノ^o^)ノ(ノ^o^)ノ(ノ^o^)ノ(ノ^o^)ノ(ノ^o^)ノ
Huỳnh Ngọc Thi 1 month ago
Cosmic Soul 1 month ago
Where are the gamers here? Like
sonic exe gamer 1 month ago
Cosmic Soul no
kent cannon 1 month ago
Leave clear recent lightly green scientific jacket sing offensive contrast remaining radio.
Awesome guy 32 1 month ago
Theme song for fortnite
Ryan Andros 1 month ago
Quang 1 month ago
Listennnnnnnnn nowwwwwwwww...weeee!!!!!!!!
Joash Esguerra 1 month ago
my favorite game mixed with my favorite band=my favorite song ^_^
OnePump 1 month ago
I remember the fun days where I would play LOL and wreck everyone when I jungled it was pretty fun when I jumped over that wall and take the last hit and steal the kill from the fighters and tank lanes
felipe51277 1 month ago
Para mim não tem jogo mais emocionante em quesito história, se tu por league dentro de todo seu contexto ele é maravilhoso, e essa musica, to todo arrepiado. E QUE VENHAM OS DARKIN
MINUSEV 04 1 month ago
Tequila 1 month ago
27k de personas no salieron de bronce :v
rED hd 1 month ago
But does it feel like this anymore?
Gustavo Guilherme 1 month ago
gol do braasil !
The Jacksons Five 1 month ago
Gustavo Guilherme Essa copa é nossa
savoury dragon 55 1 month ago
Two of my favorite things league of Legends and imagine dragons
Kingminer13579 1 month ago
Almost July 2018?
Kevin 1 month ago
We are the warriors that built this town!!!
fufu nike 1 month ago
Soko Moko 1 month ago
the good old hype days
Lena Dogrider 1 month ago
♥-♥ Just a dream.
Dulce Rocio Ortiz 1 month ago
Nazlı Oynarsa 1 month ago
Türkler toplansın lol bizde oynuyoruz
SCHOOL SHOOTER G A S T O N 1 month ago
2019 anyone?
Daelajosh 1 month ago
august 2018
TrustCSGO 1 month ago
Sooo it was 4 years ago. I feel like it was only about a few months ago.
Pyro Dave 1 month ago
PGE Game leaks and news 1 month ago
it gives me goose bumbs everytime
Makharrón 1 month ago
Ohtia xd
Румпель Ганнибал 1 month ago
perritos cawaii 1 month ago
Harold Lindley 1 month ago
Warriors of Mind. Warriors of Thought. That is what the Kingdom could Find. For that is what they Sought.