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Hiram Abiff 1 month ago
Hiram Abiff 1 month ago
This guy pence is a joke
Mary Plaidy 1 month ago
Quit trying to change Trump. Let Trump be Trump. Everyone is so obsessed with words, they've forgotten that actions speak louder than words. If I was President Trump, I would remind the crowd what his agenda is 1) build the wall and reform immigration; 2) tax reform; 3) repeal Obamacare (forget replace); 4) rebuild the military; 5) infrastructure. I hope he will tell them that if they want these things to happen, STOP THE HELL SENDING FENCE-STRADDLING (closet Democrats) to Congress and send hardrock, dependable conservatives.
RadicalPragmatist 1 month ago
Now that isolationist Bannon is out of the White House, suddenly the trump isn't quite so isolationist anymore. More proof - as if any more were needed - that the trump has no real ethos and is most easily influenced by those who speak with him last. Given that his Chief of Staff is a retired general, and his Sec of Defence is a retired general (both appear to be decent, honourable men), is it any wonder that the trump is now more interventionist? This will not make his alt-right and Russian masters very happy.
Anne 1 month ago
BULLSHIT, you left Libya in chaos. You cant leave them damn POPPY FIELDS
Honcho82 1 month ago
Trump 1.0 = Obama 2.0 = Bush 3.0 = Clinton 4.0 = Bush 5.0 = Reagan 6.0, etc.Wake the hell up.