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Phoebe Adenmosun 1 month ago
I love this Songs
Ben Parker 1 month ago
Keep rockin at what you do it's great and hits the heart. I love it!
Obsidian Dovahkiin 1 month ago
I'm not a Christian but this song is f i r e.
Rebekah Sadie 1 month ago
This Child that you delivered will soon deliver you.
Rebekah Sadie 1 month ago
Angelin George 1 month ago
Nice song
Emily Prentiss 1 month ago
It might be July, but I'm going to listen anyway.
Yinuo W. 1 month ago
I first hear this song on the radio a couple years ago and it sounded so good I just had to search it up. And it led me to this vid, the first video I watched of Pentatonix, and I've been watching their videos ever since.
Leafy Leaf 1 month ago
Mitch is my favorite
Chelsy-Leigh Haupt 1 month ago
I like ur musica i lisin to it everytime you gys are the best ♥♡★☆
Mar Fer 1 month ago
Kevin is a great singer 👨🏾‍🎤
Cindy Blake 1 month ago
R Duckers 1 month ago
An absolute banger!
GamingBird 1 month ago
I still love this song
1155undertaker 1 month ago
I wish I could sing like them
Katelynn portillo 1 month ago
Omg! I can NOT stop listening to this song 💙💜❤️😍😍😍
fritz dalay 1 month ago
Sup Dude 1 month ago
My favorie part was 1:00
Cloie Bonham 1 month ago
Kevin should definitely sing more I love his voice
Tez the COOL CAT and mom 1 month ago
So amazing😀😀😀😀😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Alexzandra Vargas 1 month ago
My 3th grade teacher showed us this she is the awsemest
Karan Kumaar IsNotMyRealName. xD 1 month ago
This makes me emotional!
favour oraseme 1 month ago
Am really sad I can't download your audio so sad please I need help on how to download your music
Lila Kun 1 month ago
Hallow Shadow34 1 month ago
“^” can’t.stop.listening.to.this.song
Kendra Ragland 1 month ago
Love this song no matter what time of year!
sahil sohail 1 month ago
My favourite song
Adrian Verhalen 1 month ago
why is that man lip syncing over that women????
Lola McCready 1 month ago
um, he's not? That's his voice and him singing.
Aldiro Libra 1 month ago
0:43 let the chills begin
sonia alves 1 month ago
stefano marchesano 1 month ago
The guys sound like more of a girl than the girl does
LeeJemy1 1 month ago
Super ale Polska wersja lepsza 💖
Matthew McCafferty 1 month ago
Is this the Russia 2018 World Cup song?
salwa sigo 1 month ago
Fach you
Os Parças 1 month ago
KamFong Lau 1 month ago
💜🙏Thank you Jesus🙏 💜 感謝主🍑💐
Ryan Keogh 1 month ago
Goose bumps❤️
Aleninja 7 1 month ago
So cool I’m aletuberx
Allan Sangarios 1 month ago
the best song ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WORLDY WEB 1 month ago
the blind we see the deaf will Head
ᅳbanna그림그리는 반나 1 month ago
저 여자는 노래부를때 오른쪽으로 입꼬리를 자꾸 올린다 ㅡㅡ
kiki_wove puppies :P 1 month ago
I love dis song
Jose Cuevas 1 month ago
👌👌👌👌👌 I love it
Priscilla Sanchez 1 month ago
Efgg find hjgu
Jasmine Lambert 1 month ago
I have goose bumps
Madi Birch 1 month ago
One day i wanna be like you Pentatonix!
Damonious Of Triangle 1 month ago
Ella Torosian 1 month ago
I am a non believer but this song is buttiful ❤️
Jadelyn's Life 1 month ago
this song and hallelujah is my favorite!! PRAISE THE LORD 🙏✨
Alysse Jacobs 1 month ago
The actual worst Christmas song.
monkey banana 1 month ago
this is the very FIRST pentatonix video that has ever seen. I saw it in gr.2 and IMMEDIATELY was in love with the song. now I literally LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. THIS SONG
Piata Rapana 1 month ago
Lily 989 1 month ago
Anyone here in 2080?
Cristina Velasquez Bazalar 1 month ago
Los amo ❤
Michael Luther 1 month ago
Blessings from the Song!  Sorry the Group split!  Best ever Group!!!
Shenika Logan 1 month ago
I am a fan of pentonix maybe the greatest fan
Kerry Boyd 1 month ago
listening to this in July. This was a terrible idea. CHRISMAS COME BACK!!!
Silva Hysaj 1 month ago
A'Nya Williams 1 month ago
Listening to Christmas songs in July.
logan1111 1 month ago
I started crying bc my sister wasn't able to speak and could only make noises. I finally started listening to this song again and a year ago my sister started speaking to us.
Kiara Fernandez 1 month ago
How come I just heard this!!! It's amazing!!
Sneha Joseph 1 month ago
OnE word-Heart WRENCHING
Sakura Haruno 1 month ago
Oh.my.god😢😭😭 it's so amazing I'm getting goosebumps it's so melodious 😢
Kara draws 1 month ago
Mitch and kevin have such a good voice.
Mrs. UNICORN 1 month ago
It’s summer but I’m watching this
Vernon Gilliatt 1 month ago
Viwe D. 1 month ago
You better sang, Mitch!
Dani magyar youtuber és Volgger 1 month ago
I like it
Travis Dubcak 1 month ago
People might not except u for who you are but god will always no matter what because no matter what u do he will never give up hope on you he will lift u everytime u fall and he will put u right back up on your feet because that is the type of god he is
1qwertype AJ 1 month ago
Love itttt
Oracle god particle 1 month ago
and thanks you so much for all you messages and sign I love you all keep up the good work jk nah luv ya too voices of a angel I love to hang with ya all
Baitoey Rochanaporn 1 month ago
I love this song
Henriette Nådland 1 month ago
Is it weird but my church played this song and showed the video on the projector.
Kara draws 1 month ago
Beautiful <3
Lea 80 1 month ago
N J 1 month ago
You are a great band
snkintl 1 month ago
July 2018 - does anybody else miss Avi?
MrM47T 1 month ago
too good to be true
amkiss79 1 month ago
Can’t listen to this song without crying. beautiful.
Kayla Deck 1 month ago
I love this song 💖
Praise Nnadiri 1 month ago
2:11 When I can't get enough of my ramen noodles
marcelino gomes 1 month ago
Muita bonita gostei
ASHS TEchzzz 1 month ago
who's listening in July 2018?
Milki Valdez 1 month ago
Melanie Soria 1 month ago
Love this song 😍😍😍
alvaro alas 1 month ago
wow beautiful it made me cry
Youssef Fahmy 1 month ago
When you your a little baby you kiss the face of GOD
*《Lps Sunny Side》* 1 month ago
173million views and only 1.1million likes, lets change that!
*《Lps Sunny Side》* 1 month ago
I love this!
Akasia Lutz 1 month ago
You are awesome. 😊
Liem Nguyen 1 month ago
You guys are so amazing like OMG!
Jay Mate234747 1 month ago
No captions? I’m finna cryyyy
Lucia Padron 1 month ago
Joseph Etim 1 month ago
I love it
Esmeralda Jimenez 1 month ago
I love this songs
Sam N 1 month ago
Syd_da_kid 11 1 month ago
Listening in July, this is so beautiful 😍
minato the yellow flash 1 month ago
first time listining in 2018 and its just wonderfull anyone in 2018?
Chris Luke Jugger 1 month ago
really amazing..no words!!!!!!!
JudahMan 1 month ago
thats what I talking about yo