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AllthatmakesFall 1 month ago
First live stream I've seen that didn't look like it went through a drain pipe.
Dank frank Horrigan 1 month ago
Jawbreakers from ed edd and eddy
Grace Carter 1 month ago
Love the show, Andrew. Would love to see episodes on these films: Blind Date, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, Crazy Rich Asians, Notting Hill, Brave, Fantastic Beasts; and TV shows: Doctor Who (S5: E1).
Atomic Bezerk 1 month ago
Do Kevin’s quesadilla and creme brûlée
Evan Glover 1 month ago
Can I make a video idea request for the 600 thousand calorie triple bypass burger from the starving games
Josh Oreilly 1 month ago
๖ζ̈́͜͡G̈́ä́r̈́l̈́ḯc̈́B̈́r̈́ë́ä́d̈́ [β] 1 month ago
They look so good please make it
๖ζ̈́͜͡G̈́ä́r̈́l̈́ḯc̈́B̈́r̈́ë́ä́d̈́ [β] 1 month ago
Can u make microwave wings from regular show
J.A.Ratt85 1 month ago
But Babish. what about the F*&ckin' Chimichangas?! (Deadpool anyone?)
Miitri Launiainen 1 month ago
Start at 5:50
E Z 1 month ago
Wow 3 hrs 😧 I didnt know cooking will take so long
Semkin Bananchik 1 month ago
Make the PeanutButter and Jelly Twinkie from Fred 2 Night of Fred [P.S I Dont really know if its a twinkie or not but it has peanut butter]
Jill G 1 month ago
Please do another live stream!! Best two hours spent of my life
Devony Jaden 1 month ago
I would love you forever if you did something with Hatch Chile!!!!I don't think it's any show or movie, though. :((
Devony Jaden 1 month ago
By the way, if you love the smell of roasting chile peppers.you ain't seen nothing yet!! Roasted Hatch chile is where it's at! Ask anyone!
SpazMoid 1 month ago
You should do the Grilled Cheese Deluxe from Regular Show
David Sastre 1 month ago
xiingli 1 month ago
Babish doesn't have artisan ice?!
Madeline Morgan 1 month ago
Momo I wish you a speedy recovery
Michael Potter 1 month ago
Will you make butter beer from Harry Potter?!?
Jorgelina 1 month ago
Such a great stream, I'm watching it a day after it was live, but it's such a relaxing video, I'm half way through and I'm loving the story times and the cooking in general.
Steven Petifurd 1 month ago
Do the broodwitch from aqua teen hunger force. Just sayin.
grancrackers 428 1 month ago
Maggie McCarthy 1 month ago
I have a chronic illness, and I'm having a bad day where I'm unable to leave bed or barely even move. This is so perfect for me to watch. Please keep streaming on YouTube and uploading the stream. I love feeling like I'm in the kitchen cooking along with you.
morgan riddiford 1 month ago
Maggie McCarthy I can relate just remember it always gets better!
firekracker92 1 month ago
Pro tip Babby. A ziplock bag lined with a clean dish towel works well as a tortilla holding device while you prep even more.
bbstucki 1 month ago
Salt is purely for seasoning in water. Salt actually raises the boiling temperature of water, so it will take longer to boil. The amount of the increase is negligible. Water boils at 100C and turns to steam. Water the same salinity as the sea boils at about 100.5C. So it is a VERY slight increase in boiling temp. But the impact on flavor on something like pasta or potatoes is TREMENDOUS, so salt away!
Jason Young 1 month ago
That is a $200+ knife, holy crap.
Kristian 1 month ago
21:24, I'm actually from Watertown, NY. It's next to Lake Ontario next to the Canadian border. Don't live there anymore but it's a nice little town
Sujith Nakkala 1 month ago
I learned so many things in this, that i would've completely missed in a normal video. Please keep doing these.
RidonkulousMG 1 month ago
What am I doing with my life
rainyblackskies 1 month ago
oof that Sawyer mic was peaking a bit lol
Gargolorz 1 month ago
Ty so much Babish!
organicgrains 1 month ago
Can you do a cocktail series with Greg from How to Drink? Plea ea easeee!!!!
Benji_Skywalker 1 month ago
You can do the food that same and frodo makes, the rabbit stew with potatos
Devony Jaden 1 month ago
Ooooh! Lambas bread!
Braintree0173 1 month ago
If you want to skip all the intro, including reading chat and donations, head on over to 16:10
Justin Loo 1 month ago
Huh, no hiss
Worstenbroodje 1 month ago
I fell asleep watching this in bed and my phone battery died. RIP alarm clock.
Matt Fairbanks 1 month ago
Babish, I'm liking your video to support, but there's no way I'm watching 3 hours of it lol
prahlada Stanley 1 month ago
Going to unsubscribe to this shit.
The Exotic 1 month ago
3 hours stream, long video, long video = best videos
sam ‍ 1 month ago
here from albany!!
Tpayрр _ 1 month ago
Maisie Williams with Babish in one Kitchen. Sounds like a some kind of love story. With, sadly, tragic ending.
Tpayрр _ 1 month ago
Darian Mist 1 month ago
what time is this mentioned at in the video?
Jessica Sander 1 month ago
i sadly missed the live stream but how may I donate. I watch your videos religiously. You are so talented and witty. I am just a home cook but you are amazing Babish. Thank you for all your culinary knowledge sir
Latimer Rogland 1 month ago
make the apology nachos from psych!
zakiah tukes 1 month ago
Nooo not the chicken breast 😭😭😭 that one was the juiciest too it hurt me to the core 2:40:50
PandaBanter 1 month ago
Andrew is so handsome, wish I can cook as good as him
keeponrockin 1 month ago
First I wondered if babish had a mighty outie belly button, then I realised it's the button of his shirt. Ah.
wah panda 1 month ago
oh i missed it ;(
x1PMac1x 1 month ago
Corn Tortillas at 45:40.
st3l 1 month ago
Dude took 3 hours to make 3 tacos.
st3l 1 month ago
+jazxxvi my dude.
jazxxvi 1 month ago
Sorry he didn't just do ground beef tacos on a hard shell with cheese 😑
dooder 1 month ago
Thats how tacos be tho
Jrc383 1 month ago
Make the infamous dumpling recipe from the new amazing Spider-Man game!!
Gabrielle F 1 month ago
“I didn’t write a script so I’m just sort of making things up right now and just trying to do it.” You are a funny guy, Andrew. You never fail to make me laugh!
KatsaPoBane 1 month ago
When you put up your stream schedule, can you add a list of ingredients that you will be using to cook during the stream? I'd like to cook 'with' you. I enjoy cooking. When I can. Very busy schedule.
Valin GC 1 month ago
He said early on that each stream will be of last weeks basics so I imagine the ingredients and whatnot are the same from whatever basics episode precedes the stream. My apologies if I'm wrong but worth a shot
Silber Wölfin 1 month ago
What? Maisie Williams in the BWB?!? Love it.
Devony Jaden 1 month ago
Devony Jaden 1 month ago
What? What yime?
Tzisorey Tigerwuf 1 month ago
Didn't get to watch live, since it was during the work day in my timezone. Watching now, while I make 3 batches of croquettes in order to fit 8Kg of potatoes into the freezer.
Katherine Byrne 1 month ago
This was 1am in my country so yeah, I'm catching up
CL AY 1 month ago
Who missed the live stream because of school? Like if u did(I missed it)
CL AY 1 month ago
*DARN IT!* I had to go to school so I miss the *ONE* channel that I learn cooking from
Pierre 1 month ago
nightninja87 1 month ago
start is 5:45
Mistress Succubus 1 month ago
This was my first Live stream I was able to catch. This gives me some great ideas for cooking.
To Gold Or 1 month ago
Hey have you ever considered about any of the amazing World of gumball foods.(specially the ultimate sausage that Richard makes)
To Gold Or 1 month ago
+El Ma I think he should do it when gumball ends
El Ma 1 month ago
To Gold Or that would need to be a very special event and needs a lot of people to eat it
Brandon Hickerson 1 month ago
Babish, can you do the special order given to Kronk when he took the chef's place in Emperor's new groove?
SteamPunkKing 1 month ago
I actually made the food, and holy crap was it delicious
Vex 1 month ago
You gotta make Ed's sauce
Fennec Besixdouze 1 month ago
This is really bad, tbh. Sorry Babish, you screwed the pooch on this one.
MIKE JING 1 month ago
muc 1 month ago
that intro music is aggressive
Maruba Silaen 1 month ago
Mr. Stew 1 month ago
Free palestine
Maruba Silaen 1 month ago
Maruba Silaen 1 month ago
benthead 1 month ago
This guy is so BORING !!!!!
Ruby Dawn 1 month ago
benthead its a livestream watch the normal video if you don’t want to be bored
benthead 1 month ago
I am sorry thatI wasted the time. The video followed something that I had an interest in. This video is ill prepared, full of far too much verbage, and a struggle to sit through due to the lack of preparedness and professionalism of the presenter.
ToastFaceGamerz 1 month ago
Then don't watch the video and comment
Viraj 1 month ago
Babish can raw me anytime
BLDBTH 1 month ago
Viraj yes officer, this comment here
Carlos979797 1 month ago
Make cookies like squidwards mom used to make
Vincent M. 1 month ago
I commented this on your last video, and until you make it, I will comment it. Fried bat from Anchorman 2. Chicken of the cave.
Furno 1 month ago
Grimm Book 1 month ago
Why no longer live streaming on Twitch?
Pure Lethal 1 month ago
what’s the watch he’s wearing
Stinky Pete 1 month ago
Make the Naco from Kim possible!
PoliceBird Growtopia 1 month ago
sly3055 1 month ago
I missed it. But man I love your videos
Blue Lemonade 1 month ago
This was so cool!
Asia Nguyen 1 month ago
Hot ones would be nice, you really have made it fun, educational and tasty with your meta pop recipes
Trần Minh Huy 1 month ago
This was 10 am in my country
jwinturbo 1 month ago
I watched 5 minutes then went to class
Blaze Piffington 1 month ago
Video officially starts at 5:50 Happy Birthday Chef
Curry Pando 1 month ago
Hotfire 365 1 month ago
you are a godsend
抱枕 1 month ago
Dayne Uyehara 1 month ago
Thank you
Kait Eckles 1 month ago
Curry Pando +
Tina D 1 month ago
10/10 would eat any of those tacos.
Colin 1 month ago
audio is shite
Hussain Alsaimari 1 month ago
Can you make spaghetti tacos
Ryan S 1 month ago
It starts at 2:58
Krista Bonnici 1 month ago
My grandpa is a thyroid cancer survivor
:Pブラックスクリーン 1 month ago
Now that's what I call a strong Grandpa
Nick 1 month ago
Can you do the jawbreakers from Ed Edd n eddy ?
Em And The Girls 1 month ago
Nick Omigosh yaaaas! Please!
Krista Bonnici 1 month ago
Fletcher Schultz 1 month ago
That last weeks basics idea. reminds me of a skit from mr. show. The pre recorded call in show.
Benny Hernandez 1 month ago
Need some real maxican salsa for these tacos 😋😋😋😋😋😋😋
Nancy Biden 1 month ago
Hey from Va
Waheed Abdullah 1 month ago
*please reply Binging with Babish* Are you going to make a cooking video with Feast of Fiction?
corey williams 1 month ago
Am I too late?
Ghost of GG 1 month ago
This was more live than the last time i banged 4 single chicks at once.
Michael Berthelsen 1 month ago
Ghost of GG There are way too many douches who actually post this shit, which sadly makes it NOT obvious that it's a joke.😓
Ghost of GG 1 month ago
thats the point..woooooooshhhhh
Michael Berthelsen 1 month ago
Well, this stream actually happened, so obviously more live than your weird fantasy.
Francisco Sumuel 1 month ago
We both know that didn't happen ;)
Varya Tsyganova 1 month ago
I hate living in different time zone. Have just woken up :(
Hanna Leigh 1 month ago
Same. But now I can pretend my breakfast is tacos
Jake Aivilo 1 month ago
Me too