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Pratik Raghu 23 days ago
'Wick Perfect 4': Half-sold, I guess.
Hugo 2017 23 days ago
would love to see Hans Landa team up with Yuri
Jasmine L 23 days ago
You guys didn't even ask the table on its thoughts of these movies.
Pete Wade 23 days ago
Doug is bald? Brad has no stache? 2017 is ending on a horrific note. Happy holidays Brian, Brad, Dave, Irving, Sarah, and the whole Stoned Gremlins team! Thanks for another year of fun and wacky movie happenings.
calvin damon 23 days ago
That Father Figures cinematographer also shot movies like the original The Stepfather, The Good Son, Reservation Road, St. Vincent, and Sneakers. He even shot Pleasantville and Field of Dreams. That’s nuts
Andrew Dickerson 23 days ago
The rich town from land of the dead is fiddlers green
superchief86 23 days ago
You’re friends with the DT folks? That’s awesome.
culwin 23 days ago
Pitch Perfect 4 - all the Bellas are shrunk to 4 inches tall
ChadzillaReviews 23 days ago
So. Pitch Perfect 3 is pretty much The Hangover Part III?
Matthew Jandecka 23 days ago
DOWNSIZING? I'd rather watch Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.
RiverOfWetness468 23 days ago
The tearful revelation at the end feels like a scene out of Parenthood. Are you implying that Parenthood was dramatically lit? That's not the impression I've gotten.
Stoned Gremlin Productions 23 days ago
You don't think Parenthood had moments that were dramatically lit?
Objectorbit 23 days ago
So much fatphobic bullshit in Pitch Perfect 3. God.
GameStation3 23 days ago
Please reupload the videos on your site!
Kingdom007Hearts 23 days ago
Is there gonna be a midnight screening for darkest hour?
SuperWillHatch 23 days ago
Pretentious Ant-Man makes Downsizing sound a lot better than it looks. Also, Ant-Man as directed by Alexander Payne sounds like a parody trailer that Patrick (H) Willems would make.
Fuck Off 23 days ago
Yay, Brian!
Grabehn 23 days ago
And after 10 minutes I just realised that Suburbicon wasn't the movie were Matt Damon gets shrunk
Tess Horrorshow 23 days ago
Animated, anthropomorphic talking cat vagina. That's a sentence I heard today.
sommer camp 23 days ago
I wan't to fall prey to a cat thank you, no downsizing for me!
Mark Hazleton 23 days ago
lots of catching up.
JohnBlack2345 23 days ago
the look on Brian's face in the avatar!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!
Creeper3455 HD 23 days ago
Pitch Perfect 3: As if Universal didn't ruin your life with the millionth Fast And Furious,a new Despicable Me and yet another shitty Fifty Shades!
29AndreG 23 days ago
That sounds grudgingly biased. There were decent stuff from them this year: Get Out. Split. Girls Trip. American Made. Thank You for Your Service.
Oh No 23 days ago
Holy christ those pictures!
The Demon Curupira 23 days ago
terrible choice for those 2 to play siblings but none identical twins are a thing but most don't even think about it unless it's a girl and a boy. Fraternal twins are basically just regular siblings who happened to be conceived at the same time.
xpstar214 23 days ago
Anyone noticed that Father Figures is essentially an extended version of South Park episode 'Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut'?
CarozQH 23 days ago
*M A T T D A M O N*
Brian Nielsen 23 days ago
Sausage nunchucks.was the DP Brenden Flynt or just a fan of The Toxic Avenger?
Brian Nielsen 23 days ago
Didn't he use a a 3 foot sandwich as a sword? It's been years since I've seen it. Also RIP Joe Fleishaker.
Jonas King 23 days ago
Combat cold cuts!
jordan thompson 23 days ago
If you where looking for a meaning to downsizing, it was Matt Damon's characters living a boring American Life trying to find meaning and purpose and when givin the chance to prolong the existence of human kind he chooses love over life, in basic terms enjoy the little things in life and do what makes you happy
Alex Shannon 23 days ago
There's a local newscaster who's an extra in the Pitch Perfect movies.
Brendan Milburn 23 days ago
13:25 It took you until the 12th dick to realize this was R? I would think you'd figure that out by the 3rd one, at least the 5th.
KEYSERSOZE1965 23 days ago
How is being reduced to only 5 inches tall supposed to make money multiply in value? Are they taking every dollar they have and cutting each one up so a fraction of it is still worth a dollar each?
ricemazter 23 days ago
Having not seen the film, my guess is that your money goes a longer way because the goods you consume cost so much less to produce because they're a fraction of the size. Like, you can buy a full sized house for 200K, or you can get something the size of a doll house for 500 bucks. Everything becomes cheaper, so your money is worth more in that sense.
Stoned Gremlin Productions 23 days ago
It explains it in the movie.
jmjon9 23 days ago
If you really want to get into the science problems you don't have to worry about falling, because within minutes of having been shrunk you'd freeze to death since our bodies aren't built to regulate heat for that size see this video
29AndreG 23 days ago
I’m surprised this movie didn’t turn into the 3rd act to Coco.
29AndreG 23 days ago
So what happens to John Lithgow in the end?
Planag7 23 days ago
You have the right thoughts with Father Figures. but glad I saw that over that fucking Pitch Perfect shit lol (I did see Shape of Water earlier. Loved that c:)
Brian Snowden 23 days ago
Here's a triple feature brought to you by the recently arrived marquee at Family Video: Dunkirk Lego Ninjago Mother Like a roller coaster, that you built in Roller Coaster Tycoon to kill patrons when you're bored
SuperWillHatch 23 days ago
Hey, that's perfect for a The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly themed movie night.
29AndreG 23 days ago
Cedric the Entertainer is in both Haunted House movies.
29AndreG 23 days ago
So which was better: The Hangover 3 or Pitch Perfect 3?
29AndreG 23 days ago
Hey Brad, did you get my tweet of the God’s Not Dead 3 trailer?
29AndreG 23 days ago
Walkin’ in like Steve Busemi from 30 Rock.
wstine79 23 days ago
Brad didn't like Pitch Perfect? Pitch please.
Henry Liebentritt 23 days ago
This movie made me root against its heroes. Yep, same for the first two movies, honestly.
FelisTerras 23 days ago
So, Brad spoils us twice for Christmas.how awesome can you get? Merry Christmas to all of you guys, and thanks for adding to our holiday cheer.^^ Still.I miss his beard.he looks so naked.* sniffle*
AllHailBoognish 23 days ago
FelisTerras You could still see him naked on the Crudies, Rudies and Nudies dvd
duckiedale80 23 days ago
That Dennis Dugan Broken Flowers joke is most likely funnier than anything in Father Figures.
duckiedale80 23 days ago
Father was supposed to be released November last year and January this year. Big warning sign that the movie will suck.
AllHailBoognish 23 days ago
duckiedale80 also, it changed names from Bastards
michaelthemovieman 23 days ago
We've never seen Pitch Perfect 1 or 2. You lucky bastards.
The Demon Curupira 23 days ago
Brendan Milburn that sucks. Amadeus was the best movie I was ever forced to watch in music class.
Brendan Milburn 23 days ago
michaelthemovieman Yeah, I was forced to watch 2 when my choir teacher in High School was sick and I really wanted to punch that movie in the face until it dies. And to pour salt on the wound, we had a choice between Amadeus , Pitch 2, or Nightmare Before Christmas to watch and every dumb teen in the class besides me voted for Pitch 2.
NeoNarcoleptic 23 days ago
Time travel in the terminator movies says that you can't bring back non organic matter, but the Terminators get around it by wrapping the robots in organic matter. So, if Kyle swallowed the gun, yeah that would actually work. I don't know why a terminator hasn't smuggled a future gun through time travel in where it's stomach would be and just rip it out when it gets to our time. But the terminator series is basically fucked at this point anyway.
NeoNarcoleptic 23 days ago
Horrifying idea, but yeah that would also work lol
ricemazter 23 days ago
Or, since Skynet can synthesize tissue, grow a duffle bag made of human flesh, fill it with a ton of future ordinance, and send that back in time with your robot.
ToastyMozart 23 days ago
Yeah, a kangaroo pouch would be really handy for the time-travelling terminators.
jockadoobee 23 days ago
There's an old Terminator comic where a team of cyborgs bring a human back with them, who has a gun implanted into their stomach.
Judicator11 23 days ago
Growing or shrinking in sci-fi movies is one of the least plausible concepts, which really doesn't make sense in any way. Do your molecules shrink? If they don't, none of your biology works. If they do, then you are breaking so many fundamental laws of nature. Heck, you would literally choke on air.
JVOFH123 23 days ago
Judicator11 v xr
Poshboy 23 days ago
Héctor Fernando Peralta So mice don't breathe?
Flora Posteschild 23 days ago
Does everything I interact with have to press together too? Maybe it might work in a completely manufactured and controlled environment, but I'd hate to rely on that theory when eating breakfast in the morning.
Héctor Fernando Peralta 23 days ago
below the size of a newborn I suppose your intelligence will suffer significantly already
Héctor Fernando Peralta 23 days ago
You only need to break one or two laws of the universe to do that, and hope that the process don't immediately reverts resulting in a mini nuclear explosion. and the resulting human will asfixiate by inhaling air with atoms too big to bond with the microblood
F. N. Lorter 23 days ago
If I was 5 inches tall, I’d finally have sex with my Wonder Woman figure I had since I was six. .I probably shouldn’t have revealed that.
F. N. Lorter 23 days ago
SuperWillHatch Nah. I have way too much respect for Gadot to demean her like that.
SuperWillHatch 23 days ago
If you had the magic cupboard from The Indian & The Cupboard, you could make her real. Then you'd be having sex with Gal Gadot. Yowza.
F. N. Lorter 23 days ago
YoDa BaKi Trust me. I did that when I was sixteen. Just until the day comes. I need to stop.
YoDa BaKi 23 days ago
F. N. Lorter it'd be more like you'd have sex on it probably have to put a hole in it before you shrink
Seth Howard 23 days ago
Yeah maybe you shouldn't have.
Wesley Foxx 23 days ago
The general physics as I understand it mean that depending on your body structure, if you're only 5 inches tall and you land correctly, even at your terminal velocity, you probably won't hit the ground with enough force to be seriously injured.
wstine79 23 days ago
Is Brad moving? There's a table in the backseat.
Pete Wade 23 days ago
Hey sometimes you see a table on the sidewalk, and think Damn that is one nice table. Someone is giving this away? INSANE! We just found ourselves a late wedding present load it up!
culwin 23 days ago
He brings a table to all his movie viewings so he can eat during the film.
PeaTearGryfin 23 days ago
Don't judge, for all you know, his coffee table could be a huge fan of the Pitch Perfect series.
Pop Culture Primer 23 days ago
He could just be getting a new table for his current house.
Jonas King 23 days ago
He is a carpenter.