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Algirdas Sukevicius 2 months ago
so true it just happened to me, I spend 1100 dollars on video games and after I bought them, I realized I will be lucky if I get my money back. I take it as lesson learned and not to do it again.
Monica Robins 2 months ago
This was just perfect for me today, thank you very much. The post-office lost the package on my very first sale and I'm freaked out about it. And beating myself up, and telling myself it's an omen or other crazy stuff. The tracking shows that the post office accepted it, but that was it for scans. I sent it a week ago and I have done everything I can do: contacting the customer 3 times, calling the post office customer service number, the distribution center, the local post-office, etc.I can't file a missing mail search request for 7 business days, which is 2 days from now. That's all I can do that I can think of, so why drive myself nuts?? This was just what I needed.
Kellie Williams 2 months ago
U r so Real I luv it ! and no doubt , sh*t happens n everybody's life. I wuz n a hit & Run on Jan 11th. the fool ran the red light , spun me around n the middle of the intersection and jumped outta their car and ran. totalled my bmw but I walked away without a scratch. Things will happen to us all
Raiken Profit 2 months ago
Thanks, Kellie! That's a bummer! Take care.
Trey Ahzze 2 months ago
things happen all the time with me, and people ask why am i so calm. Well, things kept happening one after another.so I can allow myself to get angry.
Kelly Gill 2 months ago
Thank you for being such a positive influence, you have such a great attitude! I really needed this today :)
Raiken Profit 2 months ago
My pleasure, Kelly! Glad to know that my videos motivates you. Take care!
Mitchy Boy 3 months ago
great vid man very true
Raiken Profit 2 months ago
Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the video. Keep rocking!
Upstate Thrifter 3 months ago
Great that your hiking remember the tick spray they are horrible this year in New England. I spray myself everytime I'm going for a hike or jog through the woods.
Raiken Profit 2 months ago
Thanks! Hope you enjoyed watching.
Anna Wellman 3 months ago
What is the drive time?
Rocky Kimpel 3 months ago
Great advice Raiken. After some recent pitfalls, I've learned it sometimes can be a blessing in disguise too and you might need that downfall to force you into thinking up some new strategies you may have been ignoring.
Raiken Profit 2 months ago
For sure. You definitely learn from your downfall. Thanks for watching, Rocky! Keep rocking!
Sultan Shakir 3 months ago
Raiken why are you paying for hotels? When I stay in Fort Lauderdale I get a whole condo for less than $100 a day on AirBNB. Especially if you are by yourself.you can get great deals. Plus the level of privacy is incomparable especially for a YouTube Creator. I never want to stay in a hotel again.
Sultan Shakir 3 months ago
I see. That makes perfect sense. Have a safe trip!
Raiken Profit 3 months ago
I wanted to be at the hotel with the group. Great for networking since many of the attendees are staying there :)
Natalia Miranda 3 months ago
You are the soul advisor!!!! Love it
Raiken Profit 3 months ago
Thank you, Natalia! Take care! :)
brett finkel 3 months ago
What brings you to Lauderdale?
brett finkel 3 months ago
I'm in Lauderdale
oscarkoko91 3 months ago
can you do a video on bookeeping and tax paying, how to do taxes when you sell online. thanks!!
Upstate Thrifter 3 months ago
oscarkoko91 pay up for a professional they will maximize your deductions. Keep receipts for everything, a lot can be written off but let the professionals do the dirty work believe me it's worth it and large firms have your back if you get audited. The firm I use actually has there own lawyers if I got audited so I wouldn't even have to deal with the IRS it's included in their services. But do it legal and by the book and you won't have to worry. Hire CPA!
Clyde Barrow 3 months ago
Oscar. This is like any other business. You take expenses or costs of sales and subtract them from your sales paid or income. The difference is your net profit or loss. There are seperate catagories like cost of goods, fees paid; office mailing supplies, shipping and labels ink ,car mileage, utilities, storage if you have. Get a book on running your own business. And you dont need a CPA to run a one man business. Your first year, you will be in a low profit area. You will be responsible for paying your own socal security taxes on profits though. Good luck.
Julia Seare 3 months ago
Great job!! You are a great life coach, too!
Raiken Profit 3 months ago
Thanks again, Julia! Take care!
laptop droptop 3 months ago
Living the life
Benny 3 months ago
When things go wrong the world is just letting me know that I'm still alive. When nothing goes wrong in my life I'll be dead. People who aim for a world with nothing going wrong in their lives are delusional. It also means that they aren't really living and taking action. Many are half dead anyway.
Len Cantu 3 months ago
Be careful out there RP. Watch out for that Flakka
linda cedotal 3 months ago
Great attitude to have when something goes wrong! Everything happens for a reason, maybe tomorrow great things will happen to make up for today! Good luck and hope you enjoy your trip;)
Raiken Profit 3 months ago
Yes, its always best to keep a positive mind. Thanks for watching, Linda.
Clearing Clutter for Clarity 3 months ago
Sorry your flight got canceled. You're right, things can, will, and do go wrong. Hope your next flight goes well!
LA Henna 3 months ago
You should have just sang the theme song to the facts of life
Raiken Profit 3 months ago
LOL! Thanks for watching!
Amy Elmore 3 months ago
Looking to invest in my business a little more. I want to buy a clothes steamer under $100. Any recommendations?
Breets Shop 3 months ago
Raiken you should be a life coach. You really help me out!
Raiken Profit 3 months ago
Thanks, guys! I really appreciate it. Keep rocking!
Julia Seare 3 months ago
Breets Shop I totally agree! I was just going to make this same comment when I saw this! Great job, as usual, Steve!!
Flerida Tiburcio 3 months ago
You are hyper active, but the good thing is you addressed your hyperactivity in a good path.
Raiken Profit 3 months ago
Thanks, Flerida! Hope you enjoyed my hyperactive videos. LOL
Derrin Eckelmann 3 months ago
As long as the Cha-Ching doesnt stop all is good 🤑👍🏻
Ronda Eby 3 months ago
Hey,so glad you mentioned the cha-ching! Mine hasn't been working since I got my 7S Samsung.;-( REALLY need to fix this because not much is selling and the rare times it does I need the boost.
Angie Camp 3 months ago
Great attitude!
Raiken Profit 3 months ago
Thanks, Angie! Keep rocking!
CodyStroh 3 months ago
I wouldn't know what to do either. I'm landing in FLL 2moro around noon for the Summit. Keep your head up, stay positive bro!