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John Pilgrim 6 months ago
If they can get the FFB to match the first game with nice graphics in VR then this will be the best racing title to date.
Same Olday 6 months ago
Assetto Corsa is perfert with the wheel and Cockpit Cam👍
001Sander 6 months ago
Would’ve liked to see some usage in the roof cam, I think it’s a nice compromise between sim and not having so your view being blocked by the interior. Also, maybe try to find out what setups the fast guys are using.
Metal Gamer 6 months ago
I hope there will be more ACC content in future. It's really interesting to see how console controller racing experience translate to a different kind of game and setup.
Jason Coates 6 months ago
It looks really nice. So gutted that I had to buy another Mac for work when I had that money earmarked for a kick ass PC. It’s gonna have to happen if this game is as good as it looks.
Schindlers fist 6 months ago
Super GT I've decided to screen shot your face and upload as a decal on Gt Sport. I'm gonna have a car full of your face pics
J R 6 months ago
Schindlers fist lol I’d download that
Azzure 6 months ago
What does FF at the bottom of the screen mean?
Metal Gamer 6 months ago
It shows you when you get clipping. When it's at red, it can't give you any more detail. For more information see a video about force feedback clipping. I'm sure GamerMuscle has plenty of videos on the topic.
Azzure 6 months ago
+Alex Hndr What exactly does it do?
Alex Hndr 6 months ago
Force Feedback
Jim Harlington 6 months ago
Noooo, first time I have missed a stream in a while :(
Davy Jones 6 months ago
Game is being developed on Unreal Engine 4 so porting to console should be possible. If the racing is good they'd be mad not to.
AndreVD 6 months ago
you really can use your controller. it feels very nice and gt3 cars will be well drivable with it and still be competitive
Reece Parry 6 months ago
How does the game play in chase cam w/ a controller? Your GT Sport vids got me sucked into using chase cam and now I'm too slow in any other view hahahah
TheEpicCrumpet 6 months ago
Looks quite good actually might consider this, don't have a wheel thoooo, or enough storage space for that matter 😂 anyone know if it's playable on controller?
C.H.A.D Bravo 6 months ago
+TheEpicCrumpet I would say so mate. G920 works on PC as far as I know.
TheEpicCrumpet 6 months ago
+C.H.A.D Bravo oh ok thanks man! You know if the Logitech G920 works with it, it's what I've looking at getting for a while now?
C.H.A.D Bravo 6 months ago
As a wheel user I tried controller and it's good. Alot better then asseto Corsa
Nitin Gopinathan 6 months ago
With my experience on AC, I would say it's not enjoyable on a controller. I haven't tried ACC with a controller yet, but I have a feeling it won't be any different atleast in its current version.
Filip Olofsson 6 months ago
Awesome a new AC game