all about the 👏R E S P E C T👏 in Japan..🗾

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all about the  👏R E S P E C T👏  in Japan..🗾

thanks to Sanrio for flying us out and showing us an amazing time in japan! Headphones:: Chair:: USA & Asia: Europe: Canada: ‎

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Pewdiepie x Sanrio Boi
Yehia Abdelrahman 2 months ago
Japan is TIGHT
Jean Doe 2 months ago
Have you seen a man with a viking beard shouting for attention over Hello kitty and Cinnamon 😂😂😂
Everyday Goodday 2 months ago
I think logan visit another universe japan.
김넬 2 months ago
8:19 best cute part
Anxong Jr 2 months ago
Indeed RESPECT!! Logan paul learn
mika naomi 2 months ago
2:37 I don't know if I'm ready for this responsibility when you realize what tamagotchi had done to you in your childhood
Ram Summer 2 months ago
The vlog is very non-american
ねえちゃんどすこい 2 months ago
You are officially a Sanrio boiiii
Bushman Studies 2 months ago
“You don’t think she’s seeing other guys do you?!” 11:47
gamer for life 2 months ago
👏R E S P E C T👏 count the number of words that just wrote that the number of days he stayed
SUV Tropics 2 months ago
pewds we need more vlogs!
Nevin shams 2 months ago
Oh the cuteness is killing me !!😱
MATYUU 2 months ago
SourSdey Chan 2 months ago
BluMenz 2 months ago
Sidhu Saihejdeep 2 months ago
*R E S P E C T*
Llama Gem 2 months ago
8:13 that Logan Paul reference XD
Pacific State 2 months ago
no worry pewds the video has ads xD
Pacific State 2 months ago
i really want to go to japan <w< !!
whus - 2 months ago
Bearded markiplier waste papers
2 months ago
anime weaboo 2 months ago
よ ?
Bobbie Jo 2 months ago
_sees aggretsuko in thumbnail_ *_INSTANTLY CLICKS ON VIDEO_*
Lopa Mondal 2 months ago
Why don't u come to inda.
Dullahan Dulla 2 months ago
I respect Japan
Sareng Sarenghae 2 months ago
Pewds in japan. I love it.
smh 2 months ago
US vs Sweden lol
Sk8er Gaming 2 months ago
25:44 Me trying to solve my problems
Krisia Gernalin 2 months ago
im so glad i watched this
bleach boy 2 months ago
21:13 me and my friend in a regular basis
Francesco Gatta 2 months ago
What’s the intro music?
Dont mind me 2 months ago
Logan paul has left the chat
jamie happy 2 months ago
I wanna shave that bearrrrdddddd.
Sleeping Rose 2 months ago
*Logan Paul left the chat*
Engin Deniz Ucgun 2 months ago
16:46 I'd smash kawaii felix
Jaime Costa 2 months ago
P J and sofie is here. Good english Felix kjellbergere.
Pooh BearVlogs 2 months ago
PewDiePie do you love me????
ngoc nguyen 2 months ago
can you going to Vn in to DaLat
apple moo 2 months ago
Whats the name of this band? :o
Raven Gaming 2 months ago
I think you'd look fresh if you shaved your beard pewds 25:28
Hero Code 2 months ago
where can i see pewds building the gundam?!
Amazing Alvi Productions 2 months ago
Pewds should do more vlogs
KurtLopez gaming 2 months ago
can you go in philippines and vlog
Matt Porter 2 months ago
Yo does anybody know that song used in the intro? Link me, squadfam
Thien Quang Nguyen 2 months ago
Is PJ a gay????
SHIHO 2 months ago
He is cute
なおくんさん 2 months ago
dazzlespring __ 2 months ago
Mi Koi 2 months ago
Pewds: *Sees other characters* Aww so cute Pewds: *Sees Cinnamon* (Loses his mind) CINNAMON!!! CINNAMON!!
Little Monsta!!: 2 months ago
Ya that was funny😂and you're comment just made my day
Hideo Terada 2 months ago
19:00 what the tattoo artist meant it’s illegal to have a tattoo openly shown in some places in Japan because it’s associated with gangs.
KB M. Litaoen 2 months ago
Logan Paul did a vlog like this but he didn't *RESPECT* at all
Kvmilla 2 months ago
Pewds screaming for Cinnamon like a big fan girl is such a mood.
BeatTheBorg 3 months ago
no matter how much i watch this video i fucking love it
Aoi Ken 3 months ago
what camera is he using in this
ArchytheMad RA 3 months ago
The Snowball trolls xd
Hailahnah Walcott 3 months ago
lol,I actually live in Japan
Little Monsta!!: 2 months ago
Wow you're lucky then😂T_T i wish i was born there too but nvm lol
Yo Yo 3 months ago
*Omae wa mou Shinderu* *NANI ?!*
Yo Yo 3 months ago
*Arigato* 😁
Mz Sneaky Sneaky 3 months ago
Who is the band at 18:02 ?
danka jovovic 3 months ago
Officer Gilbert Kerem bürsin 3 months ago
The fact is Dislikes is Logan Paul fans 😆😆😆
Dominicus Julio 3 months ago
Whats the app that translate
Mary Ann Toberos 3 months ago
When he said see ya tomorrow after the tomorrow an ad litterally pop out! What great timing
Diyae the Killer 3 months ago
Can i immigrated to Japan
Kenzie Robin and Kara XD 3 months ago
SUCK IT LOGAN PAUL!!! Lol I need to relax. Also I can’t stop laughing.
Helen Lumbay 3 months ago
I think those people who dislike's this video we're logans buddies
Asuya Izuki 3 months ago
Jinnie Xoxo13 3 months ago
💓💓💓💓 he is so respectful
Minzbonbon 3 months ago
im fokin drunk and i hate mysel f
fat'n sad 3 months ago
It looks so stupid, But feels so fun
Chocolious Q 3 months ago
I went to Okinawa and all the stores were mostly lawsons and family mart, no 7-11 at all. IT WAS AWESOME
KLYD3N 3 months ago
So this is why weebs wanna go to japan
Hassan Ahmed 3 months ago
what the f is wrong with the kitties in japan
Demon lord power 3 months ago
I wanna visit
Colbi Coffee 3 months ago
I’ve always wanted to go to Japan. not to sound disrespectful AT ALLL but every human being and object there is adorable. I deem to be like them. Adorable Japanese girl: **breathes in japanese** Me: AWEEEEEEEE
minteu ti 3 months ago
Ray Ray The squid 3 months ago
Logan Paul is shook you killed his video!
Francis Dah 3 months ago
Pewds and his trip to accept his homosexuality
Maiza Rafique 3 months ago
8:32 protect pewds at all costs everyone 😍❤️
Maiza Rafique 3 months ago
His love for Japan is out of this world 😍
Maiza Rafique 3 months ago
+Millennial Travel Confessions yes it looks like it absolutely amazing
Millennial Travel Confessions 3 months ago
I don't blame him, once you go to Japan, you fall in love with the country as we did :-)
Tow Wong 3 months ago
*It's all about the respect* 👌
Aquarive 2 months ago
How dare you show human decency
Gaming With Kaley 3 months ago
GXTRA 130 / / GXTRAMODE 130 3 months ago
i rather choose pewds japan vlog than logan
Isaac Au 3 months ago
27:35 a dead body omg
Ahmad Zuhdi 3 months ago
4:48 hole is made to be poked.. LOL Hahaha
Mario Barata 3 months ago
5.5Q views 3 months ago
This my favorite part 7:00
phankook 3 months ago
Your Japan vlogs are so good holy frack
sara 3 months ago
Notice me senpai
Ashlesha Math 3 months ago
When he made slippy tattoo. It melted my heart😍😍😭😭😭
brandon pendaz 3 months ago
The people that clicked the dislike button or Logan and Jake Paul 12-year-old fanbitches
My Boys 3 months ago
Logang where you at?
Vv_ Oscar 3 months ago
I am half asian and i love anime and my fav anime is sao and can not wait for the next seson and asuna is finaly coming back to Boeing a main character
Erine Senotakai 3 months ago
It's my dress now ! HAHA ! LMAO XDDD
Nicole & Kuya 3 months ago
04:08 waiting for panty shot XD
康裕津田 3 months ago
PewDiePie is better than T-Series lololol 3 months ago
shit i went to that big gandum place
ViewJP 3 months ago
the pg gundam unicorn is huge, how did he fits in the luggage at the end
etan abba 3 months ago
Baka gaijin